Back to basics. Honey Joys by Fiona. (Honey Crackles.)

Thank you Fiona!  These were a staple when my girls were at school.  They are delicious.   They featured at every party.   

I am a day late.   I was convinced today was Monday...  I only woke up tonight! 

Over to Fiona... 

Honey Joys – these are fabulous, quick, and have pretty basic ingredients. You can also use these instead of the cornflake LCM bars if you want. I sometimes crush the cornflakes in my hands a bit at the beginning so that they make less bars but are a bit denser and I can pack them down a bit more (particularly useful if I’m travelling!)

Turn the oven on to about 150 degrees Celsius.

Grab a small saucepan and measure out 90 g butter (not margarine!, 1/3 cup white sugar, and a tablespoon of honey.

Pop on the stove and heat. Once the butter is melted, give it a quick stir and continue to heat.

Measure 4 cups of corn flakes into a large mixing bowl. 

When the butter/honey mix is frothy.

Remove from heat, and pour over the cornflakes.

Mix well so all the cornflakes have a bit of the butter mix on them.


Spoon into silicon forms – I’ve used cupcake and bar ones in this batch – the cupcake ones are a good snack with a cuppa, the bar ones when I’m travelling and need a more substantial snack.

Place in oven for 10 minutes. 

Remove from oven and leave on the bench to cool completely. They will not be set until they cool. Then place in airtight containers – humidity will make them fall apart so avoid that if you can.

The school holidays are coming up so I am going to have making these on my list of things to do with the girls.   These days cereals are expensive... I grab some for the kids when they are half price. 

Coming up we have another Aussie favourite, Anzac Biscuits and a post by Kelsey on how to make a basic budget!  

Thanks again Fiona!

Have a great week, see you on Friday! xxx


  1. Thank you Fiona. Great for making with kids on holidays.

  2. Thank you so much Fiona, this is a great recipe. I really appreciate these types of recipes where what is used is more that likely in my pantry.
    Blessings Gail.

  3. barbara dougherty2 April 2024 at 05:23

    Yummy! I have never heard of these. Going to make some for my boys! Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Fiona! In the states we have a similar treat made with Rice Crispies.
    Can't wait to try these.
    Leslie in Ohio

  5. These sound tasty! Thanks for sharing, Fiona.

  6. Thank you Fiona, these look yummy. I make something similar, but they have peanut butter in them. I am going to try your recipe too.

  7. I have never heard of these treats, but they sound yummy!

  8. I have to cook dairy free for allergies at my house, would using margarine effect anything besides taste?

    1. I THINK it will work.... it is worth trying!

    2. The recipe says margarine is fine…. I just dont like it. But i get why other people would. 😀

  9. Thanks Fiona and Annabel. I will make these today, love Clare

  10. Oh yummy! Thanks for sharing 🐦😋 From Cheryl

  11. These look really yummy! Thank you Fiona and Annabel🖤🖤Jennie

  12. These look delicious and I remember eating them fondly as a kid, I will have to make them. Thank you so much, Fiona and Annabel. Love, Bridget


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