Feather your Nest Friday, 2nd June, 2023.

We are officially in winter.  Yesterday, the first day, was actually beautiful with sunshine and today was sunny until late afternoon when rain arrived.  I had just planted out some seedlings so that was amazing timing!

The rain has the farm looking beautiful and we are getting pink sunsets.   It is lambing time too.  I wonder if I will have any orphans come to me this year?   I can see we had a lot of garden growth through Autumn because there was both sunshine and rain.   All my Rosemary bushes are blue and gorgeous.

We had a significant gain this week.   As you know my cows are a motley crew of orphans I raised and wild cows I tamed.  And now they have had calves.   (We settled on six.)   To make a long story short there still remained four cows in the scrub that no one was ever able to catch.  We have an area of thick scrub,  hills, rocks and we tried multiple times and our hard core farmer friend (with mates and with dogs) still could not get these cows.   A few times we made progress but in the end they would jump fences and back into the scrub they would go.   Opps this already isn't a short story.   I will skip a lot and say that FINALLY they are in the right paddock with our tame/pet cows!   This is largely due to they got used to vehicles and other cows and became less feral over time.   AND they are pregnant due to a bull being on the property for a couple of months.   So going by this they would be due to calf in November/December.   It is crazy but cows have monthly cycles and gestation periods the same as we do.  Just so you know.  😊 
Now to tame them down much more.   But four more is a lot and if they have calves that is eight more! 

Being colder I made Pumpkin Soup and also Pumpkin and Cheese scones.  That took care of lunches for the week.

I went into town and did a stock up shop.  I also went to the nursery.   It was a really beautiful day.  Beans are something that will grow through winter so I got four punnets which were free because our nursery has a club and points system and I had a bunch of points to use up.

At the swap tables I got three Aloe Vera plants and a box of apples.  I just ran out of fresh apples a week ago so this was fantastic.

In the last few weeks we have had trouble getting prescriptions.  Also cough medicine.   Because of this if I go somewhere I go to the Chemist and see what I can get ahead on.   I keep basic children's Panadol and things appropriate to each Grand childs age.   Also...   even with over the counter medicines there is usually a limit of two.  A few weeks back I tried to get a packet of Panadol, a packed of Aspirin and a packet of Nurofen.  I was only allowed to pick two.   So building a supply of things takes doing it in small increments.  I have built a medical cabinet for years.  I had 300 masks on hand when no masks were available!  But now issues with prescriptions are a concern as Andy depends on some.

I filled the freeze drier with frozen peas.   Each day for the next week I am freeze drying frozen corn, carrots,  mixed veggies, beans etc. 

These came out tonight and the light is poor but they come out looking almost identical to when they went in.  But they are shelf stable for many years.   This means I can use more freezer space for other things.

The chooks are laying well.  I made little baked custards...

So delicious.  I have eggs for Mum, Lucy and also some for Chloe... she has chooks but hers are on strike.

Tomorrow Mum and I are heading off to see Lucy and her family.   Chloe and the boys have colds.   So today I made them both a meal.   This is a very easy, family pleasing, meal.  It just needs heating up and some pasta to go with it.  I pan fry a bunch of little meatballs,  add about the same number of cherry tomatoes, pour over some pasta sauce and sprinkle with cheese.   It is so easy and freezes well too for an instant meal.

I made four tins of biscuits as well.  Two are gluten free and two are regular.  

In the sewing room I worked on some more napkins and pillowcases.  Thomas and Sidney have their first pillows.   Sidney has a low profile kids pillow and Thomas has a smaller junior pillow.   I made them each a pillowcase covered in tractors then I used up various bits and pieces and made some sheep and farmyard themed...

The large green check was from a tablecloth,  the other gingham was from the op shop and the sheep and farmyard fabric were left over from when I made farm themed pot holders.   

I am really happy as these are just perfect for my little farmer boys. 

So that is my beginning of winter.  Autumn was beautiful,  I loved it so much.   I am hoping winter gives me lots more time to sew and slow cookers full of soup.   We have to work with the season we are in.   I know many of you are busy planting and working hard in the garden.  

How did you build up your home, pantry or garden this week?xxx


  1. You’re becoming a major cattle rancher!!
    I was able to get ground beef (mince) on clearance for $1.40/pound US. ($4.65/K AU) and so I cooked it up and added sauce/spices to make sloppy joes. I pressure canned it and got 8 pints! https://pin.it/6BzQ7RN. That makes a really quick and easy meal option to heat and either put on buns or bread!
    I have a friend who is having her first baby (a girl) and so I made this quilt, using scraps of fabric and batting and a vintage cotton sheet for backing. All I need to do now is sew on binding! https://pin.it/104urzD and https://pin.it/7jI0ctF. No OOP cost at all!
    And my strawberries are coming on!! https://pin.it/40ERyV8. Nothing like the taste of fresh from the garden produce!
    Gardenpat in Ohio

    1. Dear Gardenpat, That is an amazing price for ground beef. It is so useful and versatile. The quilt is just lovely and a beautiful gift for your friends baby. A quilt is an heirloom. I love the use of the vintage sheet for the back too! Fresh strawberries are delicious, I hope you get heaps and heaps! Have a great and restful weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  2. Good morning! Happy winter to you! It’s late spring here and my roses are beautiful this year! I gave them a heavy pruning, and it was a very cold and snowy winter in Michigan , so perhaps that’s why?

    Do you have dairy cows? I was curious with all of your skills if you are making cheese, butter and getting milk? They are lovely looking animals and obviously well-loved! 💕

    My rosemary never flowers. Lots of green needles, but those blue flowers are gorgeous 😊 Hope all of the bluebirds have a wonderful weekend. Donna

    1. Dear Donna, When Rosemary flowers like this it is amazingly pretty. I really would love a dairy cow. I would LOVE to be making cheeses etc. This is something I am considering and if supply chains worsen any I will certainly dive into that. I have options since Lucy lives right next to a dairy farmer. Also near several other dairy farmers. I think I would like a cow more than a goat. Anyway I would love it!
      Thank you for your kind words! With love Annabel.xxx

  3. What is the purpose of your increasing cow herd? Are they milkers or destined for beef dinners?

    1. Hi Anne, I aim to be a good steward and increase wherever possible. So for free I have gone from $0 herd of cattle to potentially 15 x $2000 you do the math and still increasing. I also love them. This gives our family options especially in hard times. I am keeping cows to breed more. At some point some steers may be traded or sold. This could provide income in uncertain times. No these are not milkers they are beef cattle. I would dearly like a milking cow... and am thinking on that. I thought a milking goat but I actually think cows are so nice natured I might be better with a cow. Each asset I can establish is to me better than money in the bank. If I get some orphan lambs then the same applies... increase, increase increase! xxx

  4. Congratulations on the many cows and calves. I know how hard it is to corral unwilling animals. Love your farm-themed towels. The tins of cookies and the thoughtful casseroles will be welcome blessings.The custards and the scones look so yummy! I am so excited for you Annabel, on all your freeze drying veggies.
    I saved quite allot by baking breads
    and cooking from scratch. My grocery savings mostly consisted of 10 lbs. of chicken for $7.99.
    My family and I received quite a surprise yesterday. My banty hen had hatched 4eggs! Once she went broody, I placed fertilized eggs under her. But I hadn't planned on her hatching so soon. So glad I had my daughter, Molly, help me make a small caged area on Monday under her rabbit hutch. Just in time!
    Meanwhile, I have been able to sell eggs. I used my egg money to buy a huge bin of thread at my neighbor's yard sale for $3. Most of it should be good enough to use.
    Blessings to all,

    1. Dear Leslie, I have heard the expression about something being as hard as herding cats. Well that is a good comparison!
      It is lovely you have chicks!! And that they have a protected area just in time! Also it is awesome you could sell eggs and it sounds like you got an absolutely huge bargain on the threads. Here a spool of cotton is about $5. I think many times the older cottons are better quality. I think you did great! Have a lovely weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  5. Beautiful stories and pictures Annabel! I love the pillow cases, I’m sure the boys will too. Your week sounds really lovely, so full of the best kind of things. The meals to drop off look delicious and the biscuits are cute!

    May was such a busy month for us, with some lovely events. We had the last May birthday this week so I did lots of baking and cleaning etc. We went to a playground, then at home they played musical statues and made Lolly kebabs to take home. My kids are typically invited to parties at a venue, like bowling, trampoline park etc and they love it. But with a bit of effort at home they can still have a great time with some friends.

    I found some great grocery deals in the last two weeks! Boy is it nice to say that lol. I’m well stocked on potatoes, carrots and onions ( all under $1/kg), and added tea bags, toothpaste, tomato paste, coconut cream and tinned tomatoes to the pantry. I bought mince, ice cream, weetbix and plain biscuits for no-bake slices. So I’m really happy with those additions. It also meant I needed to rearrange my storage area as it was a disaster zone! Followed by cleaning the fridge. Things are starting to look neater!

    We have a long weekend for the King’s Birthday. I need to move some plants, bake for guests and hopefully have some craft time.

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your trip to Lucy’s with your mum.

    Jen (NZ)

    1. Dear Jen, Well done on the birthday parties! I love the idea to make the lolly kebabs as part of the activities and to take them home. I think that would be a big success. Yes you sure can have a great party at home or even in just a regular park or playground. Well done on those deals! Under $1 a kilo for basic veggies is amazing. All the pantry items were fantastic too.
      We get the Kings birthday on Monday also. I hope this week has been another good one for deals! With much love Annabel.xxx

  6. Rick Peerboom
    Hello from Florida. I enjoyed first reading your blog, Annabel, that I printed it for my almost 97 year old Mother-in-Law Donna, in N. Indiana and she fell in love with it and all the worldwide Bluebirds!
    She’s asked if I could ask all if you if you might indicate your relative location. Some, like Laura in Romania, are easy for her, but so many just use “anonymous” but leaves her in the dark. I usually convert money and poundage for her and such. You would be doing an old lady currently in a recovery nursing home and hoping to get to go back to her stepson’s one of these days a very big favor. Thanks Bluebirds one and all.
    Blessings to all, Donna and Rick USA

    1. Thanks Rick, I will try to remember to include this in a post now and then. First of all hello to Donna and thank you so much for pointing the blog for her! I hope Fonna is soon back at her stepsons and feeling much better. So for her information and in case she doesn't know we are in the south East of South Australia. If you look at a map Naracoorte is our closest decent sized town. This would still be considered very small by most peoples (in the world) standard but it has a hospital and two supermarkets. The area is farming and vineyards. It is very pretty and we are surrounded by big gum trees. Thank you again Rick. Love Annabel.xxx

  7. I didn't buy any grocery items this week. I was too busy to go look for deals. And we didn't go hungry because I used what was in the fridge and freezer! And we ate well! Steak, pasta, falafel, soup, sandwiches, fish, salads.

    I made my grandson 2 pair of shorts. From the leftover fabric I made him a bag to hold his crayons and coloring books. I also made a soft football (American). The bag and ball would have made very nice presents but I couldn't wait until his birthday in the fall to give them to him! Lol.

    I ironed a stack of lovely embroidered table linens I purchased at a church rummage sale. I heard a woman there say most of them were her wedding gifts from decades ago. I used to hate ironing but ironing those lovely linens that I bought for only a few dollars each made me feel very blessed. I'm looking forward to using them on my table!

    I have half my garden planted. My husband graciously agreed to dig the holes so I could plant my seedlings today. He'd been sick earlier in the week but he said he felt he could help. That saved me from aching joints for the next 3 days!

    I made 3 drawstring bags to add to my present stash. They could be presents themselves but I will probably fill them with treats.

    The weather is finally warm and pleasant and I'm loving it! The doors and windows are open and a most pleasant breeze moves through the house.

    (who lives near Lake Michigan)

    1. Dear Margaret, I love table linens especially napkins. They sound lovely! Also you made lots for your Grandson and I am the same I usually can't wait to give things until birthdays! You added to your present cupboard as well! Last year I made drawstring bags... they were a great way to wrap things then the bag is a gift as well. I do have a lot of Christmas fabrics so I might join you and make some more. It was very helpful that your husband did the digging for you! I think it would be beautiful to live near Lake Michigan! With love Annabel.xxx

  8. Hello Bluebirds. Firstly Rick and Donna I am from Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia. We're about half way up the east coast of Australia. Our climate is sub tropical. Today is a warm 25C, about 77F. It is the third day of Winter here.
    I have been helping out my daughter who has had a few medical and dental appointments. I mind the baby whilst she is in the consultation room. This usually turns into a most of the day time as I help her to get a few things done at home.
    Like you Annabel, I have been doing a bit in the garden and have been planting out in any vacant spots. I transplanted my strawberries out of their raised garden. 18 months ago I planted 6 plants. When I dug them up to transplant, 6 plants had become 22.Winner!
    I continue to potter in the garden and am spending quite a lot of time watering. It has been very dry here. We have overcast weather today and are hoping for some rain.
    My fluffy butt girls are going through a bit of a slow down in their laying rate. We are still getting four eggs a day from our six girls. I gave the fluffy butt hut a big clear out and remade them a new nightly roost. The first night they were confused with two on top of the hut instead of in it. I had to move them into place. We have a bag fox problem here in Hervey Bay so the girls hut needs to be closed up each night.
    I love the sound of that meatball dish. We have the cherry tomatoes starting to fruit up so I will be making up the recipe then.
    Have a lovely week all. Life is busy good.

    1. Dear Jane, Thanks so much for replying to Rick and Donna. I just cannot seem to do well with strawberries. I might have to see if you can advise me.
      The cherry tomatoes in the meat ball dish are perfect and I would do more tomatoes than meatballs to really bulk it out. Its simple and delicious.
      It is so wonderful you can help Katie when she needs it and it would make a big difference to the whole family. Have a restful Sunday ready for a new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  9. Annabel you are such a kind mother, grandmother and daughter. The food will be so welcome particularly to those who are ill. I love the look of the biscuits, the pink icing looks great. Have a good week.

    1. Thank you so much Penny. I am terrible at icing so I went with drizzle it across... and this looked better than usual! Thank you!xxx

  10. Hi! Enjoyed your update! Husband is now harvesting beets so I am getting ready to can pickled beets for a day or 2:) Garden is growing wonderfully here in the middle of USA! Can you fill us in on how Laine is doing? So miss her posts and hope she is doing well. Than you!!

    1. Pickled beets are delicious! I just emailed Laine today. I havent heard from her for a few weeks. But last time she was doing well and had been visiting sons and their families. I hope I can let you know more soon.xxx

  11. Dear Annabel, Your cows look so healthy and beautiful. Well done getting the wild ones to join your growing herd. I hope one day one of them takes a biscuit from you. My major achievement this week was to get brave and wash my daughter's Debutante Ball dress myself. I soaked it in the bath with woolwash and then used Sard Wondersoap on the hem and underarms. This saved me a lot of money. I dried it hanging in a door way with a towel underneath. I am getting one big brown egg and one small white egg every second day which is better than none. The rest of my girls are still on strike. I too loved Autumn and was sorry to see the remainder of the leaves fall off our trees this week. The weather here is very variable. Yesterday I had to shut my fire off as it was mild. The day before it was very chilly all day and I had the fire going all day. My husband is off to take a big load of wood to his parents today. Love Clare (Victoria, Australia)

    1. Dear Clare, Well done on washing the dress. Hand washing and hanging carefully to dry like that is the best way. Last year my girls went on strike for weeks. I am trying everything I can this year to keep them going longer but I dont know if it will work...just feeding them up generally, warm bedding, more greens. But I think they all have some time off in winter. It was the same here yesterday I had to open the doors as the fire was too warm!
      Have a very good new week. With much love Annabel.xxx

  12. Your rosemary is so beautiful! Mine was about 4 years old but I pulled it out because it was all woody and looked like it didn't make it through the winter. I have planted 2 new starts in its place. Mine never flowered like yours, though -- maybe just a little bit at the top, but that's it.

    I am so curious about those wild cows! That amazes me -- did they just get separated from their herd at some point, or did the farmer who cared for them pass away with no one to watch them? I have never heard of wild cows! We live near a place that has wild ponies and went to look at them last summer.

    How nice that you prepared meals for your daughters. I know they will appreciate that!

    We are having lots of really warm sunny days (85+ degrees) so my plants are doing well. We're heading into summer and my greens have slowed down. I have most of my plants in containers this year. My raised beds were very cheap and have collapsed, so I am not using them this year. Last year my mom bought me 2 Birdies beds for my birthday. I have only planted in one of them so far. Need to get more soil for the other one. I have my 7 Earthboxes filled as well. Otherwise, most of my plants are in hanging baskets, vertical planters, and upcycled pots. I bought a few plant starts this year, but have started most from seeds. I try to plant new seeds every day.

    My son has baseball games a couple of times per week. I am going to make some snack packs for us to take along, so we're not tempted to buy from the concession stand. Those little purchases add up!

    Did very little shopping -- we've been trying to eat out of the freezers and pantry. Where I live in northeast Tennessee (US), there is no state income tax, but we have a 9.75% sales tax on almost everything you purchase -- including food. There is supposed to be a break on food tax starting in August (until October, I think) so I plan to use that savings to restock. Found some crazy stuff in the deep freezer that I didn't even remember having....like sliced yellow squash from 2021. The chickens enjoyed it! This week I plan to make an inventory of what's still good in the freezers so we can eat it with purpose. My husband is very good about eating the frozen leftovers, but doesn't like to have to search for something appetizing. If I have a list on the freezer showing what's available, he will happily eat it.

    1. Dear Dianna, Before we took over ownership here my parents owned the property and my brother had a lot of cows here grazing. Before we took over the cows were rounded up and moved out. At that time we kind of knew because of the scrubby areas it would be easy to miss some. Some turned up and I said to my brother well thats ok he can keep trying to catch them all for a few months. And they did some guys were out chasing cows but in the end they gave up on a few that were just impossible to get. So I kind of inherited them at that point. We never thought we would ever get them either but you know me I dont give up easily! haha It did take a couple of years!
      I absolutely love container gardening. Well done on starting so much from seeds. How great about the tax break in August. I think taking advantage of that is the way to go too! Having a rotation of what's in the freezer is really good also. Have a great new week. With love Annabel.xxx

  13. "We have to work with the season we are in." Now there are words of wisdom!

    Here it is late spring, and it's been pretty mild thus far. While it's mild, I'm getting outdoors and getting loads done. I have planted herbs and have tomato plants and found my first tiny golf ball sized green tomato on the plants! I have my fingers and toes crossed. Hoping that this year I actually get to grow and harvest tomatoes.

    My son gifted me volunteer eggplants and onions all of which have grown very well on my patio in pots. I am finally starting to get things growing! I don't plan to stop here but to add any and all things I can acquire. I found a volunteer tomato plant in the compost and plan to move and repot it this coming week. I noted some other plants coming up and am curious what they might turn out to be!

    Here in our state in the US we have a government program that delivers foods to the homes of students for summer meals. My son's two boys are both in school. They received 9 bags of food items! It was all individually packaged things like cheese sticks, juice cups and boxes, applesauce cups, little packets of broccoli and cauliflower, dried fruit snacks, cereal and cereal bars. He brought me four of those bags. My son said he'd run out of room to put anything in his kitchen after emptying bags at his house. I shoved the veg and perishables into the freezer, added the shelf stable stuff to my pantry.

    I plundered about the yard and discovered some unused bricks I'd been gathering were just enough to go about a tree that I'd mulched around trying to prevent weeds. I used cardboard under the mulch and then my scavenged bricks to create the border.

    And finally, I've been eyeing an unfinished bed about a tree that I haven't been able to finish putting landscaping block about. I've decided if I shift the size of the bed a little, I can actually finish that bed and then I'll be ready to start another.

    All in all, it's been a wonderful week. I am so happy to be outdoors with my hand in the soil!

    1. Dear Terri,
      What an amazing programme with the meals for the students! That is incredible. The volunteer eggplants and onions sound beautiful. What a bonus they were along with the tomato. I also have little patches of tiny seedlings that I am pretty sure are not weeds but I am watching them closely to see what they are! I still have no clue but maybe Celery as that is what was there before. You had a very productive week. Lots of hard work in the garden! Have a lovely Sunday and new week! With love Annabel.xxx

    2. Annabel you have had a busy week with all the wonderful sewing for the boys lovely pillowcases, to freeze drying and adding more apples and other items to your pantry, to the lovely additional cows you got into your yards and all that wonderful cooking for yourself and other family members too .

      This week we spent a lot of time away from home at medical appointments so not a lot done but it did give me time to pick up some bargains I saw on grocery and other items we needed in the home at cheaper prices in some of my favourite haunts.

      In the kitchen
      Cooked two loaves of wholemeal white bread in the bread making machines saving $7.24 over buying them locally.
      Cooked all meals from scratch.

      In the home -
      - We went through a few areas to declutter some more and will send some items down to the men's shed to sell for us.

      Finances -
      - Deposited more money in our home emergency fund and bills account to build those up again after paying off our mortgage.

      Op Shop finds -
      - Found a set of 2 vintage 70's pottery egg cups, a set of 4 vintage 70's flowers egg cups, a limited edition morgan and finch rabbit egg cup and white porcelain egg cup at an op shop in perfect condition and paid $5 for the lot. As the men's shed said they can't get enough of them to sell I sent them down to sell for us and they will make a 20% commission on them and I figure I will make around $28.00 odd when they all sell less the men's shed commission. An extra side gig that I have been doing to earn a little more money for the household.

      Purchased 24 tins of wet cat food from the Reject shop for $1 ea saving $18 over the cost of them in the supermarkets.
      Bought 3 x 2pk of bravecto flea and tick liquid and 10 x worming tablets for the cats from vet supply online using a 5% off promo saving $25.03 over what other online stores were charging with postage.
      Purchased from petpost online using a 10% welcome discount 5 x 3kg packs of Royal Canin kibble saving $58.74 over buying the same products online with postage from other stores.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful frugal week ahead.

      Lorna (South West Queensland Australia)

    3. Dear Lorna, I love your extra side gig! Side gigs add up. Also when you travel there are new places to check out and I think country areas are gold mines for op shop finds.
      I do hope everything was all ok with the medical appointments. Even with those you still got your bread baked and good deals. Thank you for your kind words re my sewing and cows! I am winning... today the new cows did not run away they actually came towards me. Progress! With much love Annabel.xxx

  14. Dear Annabel, you had a very productive week, as usual. I love your sewing and cooking, and the cows are beautiful. You are an excellent cowgirl now! I, once again, admire you so much🌹 for all the hard work and your good heart. We are in a beautiful period of year - the garden is full of flowers, colours and happy birds songs. My busy weekend turned out to be great - dance until dawn at the wedding then a long trip and visiting family and the city of Cluj Napoca, that is a wonderful one. Then back to work from 8 to 5, planting and cooking. I have planted some cucumbrrs, zuchini and more letuce and onions in the container gardens, picked elderberry flowers and made cordial with lemon, picked and dried for tea strawberry leaves, mint, raspeberry leaves and elderberry flowers, harvest the first strawberries and made jam - turned out delicious. I started an embroiderry project with my Mum last knitting project, I sew it slowly remembering all what My Mother did, said, knitted, taught me - I will post some on my Insta. PS. I did not buy a new dress for these events - recycled some of last years and felt good about it. Airdried clothes on the washing clothes out in the sun and the plants for tea out in the shade. The roses look beautiful, it pays to use compost and nettles tea on them and all my chickens are doing great, thank you very much. Have a beautiful great week all of you, with much love, Laura_s_world from Romania

    1. Dear Laura, Thank you so much! It sounds like you had a wonderful time away. Also the garden sounds wonderful and it is great you got even more planted. I look forward to seeing your embroidery. Very much actually as your knitting is so beautiful. I am so glad your chickens are doing so well. You are developing a very self sufficient back yard! With much love Annabel.xxx

  15. I love the sewing work you've done, and of course the cows now tame! I've been reading a bit from your previous blog, and decided to try the Vicky challenge! I dutifully wrote down my savings per day and was amazed by the savings over one week!
    We did our own garden work. Besides pruning roses, I got three beautiful bouquets! I line dried several loads of clothes, and made miracle cleaner. We drink our coffee and eat at home as well, which I'm counting. I had a few things sell in my online shop, which adds up. We've been eating from our pantry and freezer which can save a good bit. I'm waiting to stock up on food using my son's discount card. The Vicky challenge is teaching me how quick the savings can add and how little changes can make a big impact!

    It's getting quite warm outside here so when the heat kicks in, I sew inside! I sewed a few things this week, some zipper pouches a pincushion and some bowl fillers (decorations). Those are all gifts for the cabinet! Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us!
    Stacy (near DC in the US)

    1. Dear Stacy, You deserve some kind of medal for reading so much of my blog! The Vicky challenge is amazing. It taught me a lot. I added up my savings daily then weekly, monthly and yearly for three years. It is mind boggling how much money you can save/generate. I found it very motivating. Also from that I still make a point to notice the prices of things as Im out and about. Most of the time I am staggered lol.
      Well done on the sewing. It is very good to have a quiet activity inside in the cool while it is hot outside. I love that you are filling your gift cupboard too! Well done! With much love Annabel.xxx

  16. I do like your cows, food and sewing - just all of it! Thank you for writing so much over so many years(I’m rereading right back to the start!) I’ve been using my slow cookers a lot more now - you’ve motivated me! I dug out my Dreampot which was hiding in a cupboard- it works without electricity- after you’ve done the prep and boiled on the stove. It makes beautiful chicken,and lots of meals- so I’m rearranging the kitchen to leave out so I’ll use it more often - one thing leads to another haha!,
    It’s very wet here in Western Australia- raining really hard!

    1. Thank you so much! It is a lot to read back and up to now but my favourite part is how we left the city and came to the farm. I think the Dreampot is a great idea. Anything to save electricity which is past ridiculous now! It is four days since you commented.... and it has been pouring here... plus hail. Oh and thunderstorms! And still raining...
      Thank you for your kind comment. Next time add you name in the text as I am so glad having you from WA, with much love Annabel.xxx

  17. Dear Annabel,

    Your rosemary looks so beautiful, I can practically smell it from here! Love that you were able to round up those cows...that's no "small potatotes" when it comes to an increase in investment size!!

    I had a busy week this last week planting a bunch of the garden. It got super hot, but was still frosting occasionally at night...in fact, it got down to zero one night! So, I didn't dare plant anything that could be harmed by cold once it sprouted. Then Thursday night the rain started and we've been in "monsoon" weather ever since. It will be quite a while until I can get out and plant the warm weather crops!!! In the meantime, I'm working on inside tasks, which sorta slid by the wayside when I was planting.

    Just love those pillowcases!

    Lots of love, Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      I am wondering if you are getting smoke from the wildfires? I hope not. It sounds much cooler there. It is exciting you have been planting. I hope the weather cooperates and it all thrives.
      Thank you for your kind comment on my cows. They are taming down! I am wearing them down! :). With much love Annabel.xxx


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