Feather your Nest Friday, 23rd June, 2023.

I think we crammed a week and a half in since last Friday.   But in a good way!   We had a lot of rain.  Earlier in the week we had a full inch overnight.   I woke up many times because of the noise level but I didn't mind.   The forced,  mostly,  indoors time saw me crack on with sewing, crochet,  cooking preserving. Because I am thinking of "Saving like Nana did" this had me thinking about how Nan was never bored.  This weather Nan would stoke up the fire,  put soup on and get a whole lot of spinning and knitting done.   Different seasons lend themselves to different work and there is always so much to do.

I finished seven silk pillowcases, a stack of pot scrubbies and some wash cloths.  Now I have moved on to the the silk I dyed blue.   I also made a few more napkins.

On Sunday I made GF Blueberry muffins and headed over to Mum's.  

I quickly packed some crochet to take with me.

So I was crocheting and Mum was knitting as we talked.   Fast needles and fast talking.    Actually Mum has been knitting up a storm.  For those not a member of The Tuesday Afternoon Club I will show you a couple of her latest projects.

Also hats,  a blanket and another vest for the Great Grandson farmer boys!

On the way home I stopped to take a photo of Kangaroos standing in the paddock and a rainbow.

Actually it looks like they are standing there admiring the rainbow also.  

Now we have had a couple of months of rain we have water across the paddocks, ducks and a watercourse that runs the whole length of the property.   I LOVE this,  to me it is completely exciting.   Dad would be over the moon.

Happy, happy, happy! 

I took a trip into town as there were errands to run.   Even though there were quite a few empty shelves especially in fresh produce and some far out prices....     example...

OK these are out of season.   But still,  I have never seen these prices...  almost $90 a kilo for Blueberries.  Thats $40 a pound.   

Anyway despite this I came home with a car loaded up.   From the swap table I got almost two buckets of Lemons/Oranges.

There are Lemons and there are Oranges but most of them I am not sure!  Orangey lemons or lemony oranges?  If anyone knows please tell me.   Either way...  I am going to make Lemon Butter  and I am squeezing a couple every day into the drinking water for the vitamin C.  

AND I was given 8 huge bunches of Parsley.   It was thought to be drooping but I just said yes and got it home into a big sink of cold water. 

Because the freeze drier was already full I stuck them in water until tomorrow and it looks pretty good.

At the thrift store the lady recognised me and told me some really nice big jars had come in,  since my haul last week.   Again I said yes please! 

I predict some of these will be full of Parsley over the weekend!

I have to share a photo of my Grandson,  Lucy's little boy, with his pet sheep who obviously love him! 

There is a lot of talk of a housing and rental crisis which we are seeing ourselves in the local towns.  Every week another big building company goes broke to add to this situation.    A lot of news on "the cost of living crisis" and a "retail recession."   Interest rates are set to rise again and apparently we already have "the steepest and largest monetary tightening in the nations history."   In town two more shops closed and another (cafe) mysteriously was just shut at lunchtime on Thursday.   There is just a vibe of concern.   Banks are leaving the country towns.  Even chemists/pharmacists have worries in more ways than one including hundreds of medicines are in shortage.  There is actually a global medicine shortage.  A chemist in Australia was in the media this week saying she had turned away twenty customers before 10 am due to not being able to fill their prescriptions.   I really want to encourage you to be very watchful.   Being watchful doesn't mean being depressed it can help you be prepared!   She looks well to the ways of her household, after all!   That is a big job and more important than (even we) realise.  So I hope you had many opportunities to build up your family and home this week!   I would love to hear!  xxx


  1. Hi Annabel, for drug shortage information in the US, I use this link…it at least alerts me to the issue then I ask the doc/pharmacy, I would trust Australia has a similar website. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/drugshortages/

    Hilogene in Az

    1. Thank you for the info.

    2. Thank you Hilogene! We do... but the page with the list says "under routine maintenance"mmm so I keep trying. There is a dedicated website though which has some interesting info. Wishing you a lovely weekend! xxx

  2. Dear Annabel,
    What a lovely productive week you've had. Lucy's little boy is so adorable. I think he looks a bit like Harper. The pillowcases are beautiful as are the napkins and your Mum's knitting is just incredible. A wonderful way to spend the day knitting and crocheting with your Mum. My Mom taught me to knit when I was four years old using large needles and I've been knitting ever since. Crocheting is something I learned by watching Youtube.
    Everything had been so dry here in south central Pennsylvania and we finally have gotten some rain this week. Yesterday it rained all day and today and tomorrow should be the same. We have really needed it and are so grateful for it. Both the container garden and raised bed are doing well. So far we have harvested arugula, some zucchini,radishes and loads of basil. From the basil I made a large jar of pesto which went into the freezer for winter and one for now. Two loaves of bread got made and from the heels of the bread I made croutons for hubby for his salads.
    I made alfredo sauce using cauliflower instead of cream and it was delicious. Some of that also went into the freezer for later use. Baked gluten free, low histamine cookies from tigernut flour and 5 dozen no-roll crackers using tigernut flour and cassava flour. We used fish emulsion and fertilized the gardens.
    Craftwise, I made some note pads using printer paper which I stamped with a rose and stamped across the top "Stop and smell the roses.". The are easily tucked into an envelope with a birthday card, which I did. I also made folios that have pockets to put note cards and can be given as a gift. I embroidered on the tea towels I'm making. I got together the fabric and rubber shelf liner to make jar openers. I gathered my supplies to make pot holders and napkins, and will be sewing up some aprons that are already cut out. Since it will continue to rain this weekend I will be busy at work in my craft room. Wishing all the Bluebirds a good week ahead. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, I think I was about the same age when I started knitting. Mum had to "turn the corners" though. Crochet came next. I know I used to take my crochet to school to work on in recess and lunch. I am so glad you got some rain and the gardens are doing well.
      I just love Pesto and it is great to have some for during the winter months. It is better than any vitamin pill probably!
      I like the sound of the folios full of cards. A beautiful gift, also the notebooks. We are on opposite sides of the world yet the weather sounds the same and we are both sewing! This is such a good to to build up the gift cupboard! The jar openers are really good, I bought the grippy fabric but havent made them up yet! Have a lovely weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  3. Dear Annabel
    The rain yesterday was overwhelming, we had 85mm to add to 45mm last weekend. Our waterways are also having a big flow.
    In relation to your observations about medicine shortages, I’m writing up what I’m finding out about medicinal plants and looking out for relevant books in second hand stores so if the internet goes down I’ve got a basic idea. I’m testing out comfrey cream on a painful bruise this week. Making salves and knowing specifics of plant nutrients etc should be useful skills if things get more discombobulated.
    Enjoy the good cooking weather,

    1. Kate, if arnica grows in Australia, arnica cream is very good for bruises. I don't know how to make the cream, but you might find it in a book.

    2. Dear Kate, Wowsers on the rain! It just keeps coming! Kate I swear by Martin and Pleasance brand tissue salts and their Arnica Cream. Thanks Maxine I totally agree on the Arnica and we have good options here for it.
      I also swear by comfrey. I also am working on my essential oil knowledge and collection and think this is powerful stuff. And lastly Homeopathy... I have been trying to increase my remedies collection and learn more. I agree with you that we must have the info we need on hand if the net goes down or the power goes down... amounts to the same thing. Something I do is write on everything what its for and how to use it, in case I forget. I need to keep working on this whole area too. With love Annabel.xxx

    3. https://mommypotamus.com/arnica-cream/ This is a link to make your own arnica cream or oil.

    4. Thankyou Maxine, I’ll have to get some arnica plant now😉
      The bruise was on a crushed little toe so I wanted to try the comfrey in case the pain was more than the bruise. It certainly gave quick comfort for walking again.
      Annabel, I took up using wild oregano oil from your advice and that’s now indispensable for colds and flu.

  4. Thank you for the wisdom and beauty you provide for us. As a knitter, I am particularly charmed by the image of you and your mom knitting & chatting. My listening ears improve whenever my hands are busy.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Dear Annabel and Lovely Bluebirds,

    How fast a whole week flew by! The big little shepherd is very cute !!! Your Mum*s knitting is beautiful - I love chatting and knitting - we did that with my Mum, too.

    I am sure the kangaroos were admiring the rainbows - animals have a beautiful soul.

    We had some busy days and hot weather. The plants were watered every night and they are looking good - especially the tomatoes, zuchinies, sunflowers, the blackcurrant, the herbs and all the roses, hydrangeas and for the first time I have beautiful lavender and white lilies.
    The blackcurrant shrubs were planted in honor of my grandfather - Richard Stefan - whom I have never met but everybody is talking very nicely about him. He was a great father and a good husband. My Mum was taking after him, so maybe I, too. Years ago I found a sepia photograph of him picking the blackcurrants back in my golden childhood garden and now I try to replicate the patch I remember being there. I think he and my grandmother would be proud of this year*s harvest and keeping their memories alive. Now I am looking for receipes to preserve for winter. Definitely jam, maybe some wine....if someone has a good ideea, thank you.

    My winter pantry is slowly growing, lettuce, tea, strawberry jam and some sausage went in. We did mimimum shopping these days, using up what needed to be rotate. My husband managed to work two full time jobs this month and he took the opportunity, although he is very tired. One more week! Jobs are hard to find, my son is looking for a summer job now that school is over.

    With the sewing machine I made some modifications for my husband*s denim shirt and I modified a flower dress for me - I bought it at a thrift store, even it was much bigger than my measure but I fell in love with the beautiful fabric, so now I have a brand new dress and he has a new short sleeved and good collar shirt.

    A lot happened everyday and everyday I am thinking of you. Sending much love from here, Laura_s_world from Romania

    1. Dear Laura,
      Your garden is sounding so beautiful! Lavender and while Lilies are a great addition! I think jams are good because they can be used so many ways ie today I used jam to fill pastries as I had some pastry over. They look quite fancy! I know last year you did quite a bit of dehydrating. I think any fresh herbs, greens etc are all valuable dehydrated as they can be dropped into soups and casseroles. I am not sure of your freezer space but in summer I make apple pies and other fruit pies and crumbles and keep them for winter.
      Well dont to your husband! That is really hard work. He took the opportunity! I think that is amazing. I hope your son finds some summer work also.
      The dress sounds lovely and good job you can take it in to suit you and also good work on your husbands shirt.
      I stayed up late last night because of what happened in Russia and was thinking of you and all nearby. I hope the crisis is averted now. Because of you and news of various things I now know my geography much better! I have looked to see your town as well. This gives me better understanding.
      I am sending much love and prayers also. With love Annabel.xxx

  6. We’ve had rain here in central Ohio too which has been lovely for our summer garden! With it, I’ve been inside keeping busy. I made a batch of blueberry muffins the other morning using some of last year’s frozen berries to make freezer space available. The recipe said it would make 12 but it actually made 17 so that was an added bonus! It’s now been about 7 years since I stopped buying paper muffin wrappers and bought reusable silicon ones. That, for me, was a wise investment of a few dollars that has saved me dozens of dollars!
    I bought a bushel of ears of corn - 5 ears for $1. and shucked, blanched and froze them for winter. For my $9.60 investment, we now are set with enough corn for us. On a free clearance app, I bought a 2-1/2 pound (1 K) boneless ham, pre sliced, for $3. (Instead of the $10+ marked). I also bought 11 packages of boneless stew beef for $2/pound that I am pressure canning to add to my shelf stable meats. And a grape vine that someone gave me that looked dead and I didn’t get around to planting for over 2 winters, is planted in a half barrel this year and bearing grapes!! https://pin.it/43cZwVT.
    I was also able to quilt 4 baby quilts for clients which added money to our coffers. All in all, a good week.
    Gardenpat in Ohio

    1. Dear Gardenpat, It is so good when the saved produce comes in so handy. The muffins sound so good. I saw the corn deal you posted and that was amazing! Your deals were fantastic! And the grape vine! That is pretty wonderful, it was determined!
      The baby quilts (I saw on FB) were lovely and the quilting just makes them. What a week! I hope the new week will be as good! With love Annabel.xxx

  7. Annabel and Dear Bluebirds,
    Annabel you had a very productive and great week. So glad to hear you got the rain. Your oranges and lemons look amazing. Your Grandson has grown so much, so adorable.

    We have had to concentrate on the construction of a retaining wall. I was blessed yesterday with being able to purchase 7 shrub rose bushes for the wall, I was so excited thinking of all the rose hips I will harvest next year, free vitamin C.

    We only shopped clearance at our grocery store this week, trying to minimize other bills. Husband was fortunate the one day he stopped and found pork steaks and chops on clearance and a couple loaves of bread from the bakery. When we went together there were no meat mark downs, though we were fortunate to find mark downs in the bakery sections, everything is half off even sale prices.

    I baked 2 pies on Sunday, one lemon meringue and one cottage cheese pie with blueberry topping, I have some topping left so I will use it for cookies. Those disappeared and went home with my son along with all the leftovers from that meal.

    I worked on crocheting pot holders and dish cloths with my free cotton yarn, it's a pretty teal color. Made another batch of home made fabric softener.

    I started using the bars of soap I had made from slivers of soap bars I had saved. I had come out with 21 bars, I love it better than the original bars, it is so luxurious. (I keep a canister in laundry room to drop the leftover slivers of soap in and when it is filled I either make body wash from them or soap bars.)

    I spent a couple hours dead heading rhododendrons and roses so that I have more blooms next year. It felt good to be out working on them.

    I have been rewinding cotton crochet thread I had acquired at thrift store, instead of being on the cardboard they are a lot smaller, (I have a yarn winder.) so it is part of my craft room clean up and trying to make more space. Well along with organizing.

    I do pray all the bluebirds will be able to keep working on their pantries. From medical on, it is important for us all to have items we may need.

    1. Dear Rosanne, The additional roses to your garden will be lovely. Also good job on the soap! The pies you made sound just beautiful! I think Lemon Meringue might be my favourite of all pies.
      Going through the cottons you probably made many plans. I have been going through mine... the odd bits and ends I mainly use to crochet flowers as embellishments. Getting yarns at the thrift store is great, now and then I find some. A yarn stash is important! Have a very good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  8. I have been attempting to become more healthy. Last year I had a hip replacement as I could hardly walk. In September I joined a gym, our insurance covers the cost of a gym membership. I had to pay for a personal trainer but felt I would either hurt myself or not work hard enough to improve. Where last year I could hardly walk without a walker I am now working towards 7500 steps a day. Before I could hardly stand long enough to cook a meal now I am able to can and process food again for our preparedness. Hubby went yesterday and refilled all our propane tanks for the outdoor stove. I have a good supply of jar lids as I have been buying when I see them. Slow and steady wins the race. I am very envious of the freeze drier I have been looking at them for a while but really had no where to set it up in our small house.
    Thankfully neither my husband or I have any prescription medication which surprises our doctors but we have always worked at staying healthy. We thank God everyday for that blessing. Nancy in Vancouver WA

    1. Good for you, Nancy! Your hard work is paying off. This is such a great story and wonderful motivation for all of us to stick to our goals. It really does pay off! xx Jen in NS

    2. Dear Nancy, Well done!! Yes slow and steady works! You have achieved great things and are reaping the benefits!
      I thought I had no where to put my freeze drier. But I kept thinking about it. I re zoned areas... some places in my home were decorative more than hard working. Maybe you have a place like that. They do make some noise so I say have away from the bedroom but mine is two rooms away I I hear nothing.
      I truly believe avoiding medications where possible is so much healthier. You are doing so well, very inspiring and motivating. With love Annabel.xxx

  9. We ran into those wild prices in Hawaii last week. $10 and up for a pint of blueberries. We were desperate for some good food so we bought them. Listen even if you bought a candy bar you paid a mint for them. I'm so glad to be home picking my own strawberries and I can't wait till my blueberries start to produce.

    1. Having your own strawberries is the best thing! Blueberries are my favourite. I hope you get a fantastic crop Vickie! xxx

  10. Your grandson is just adorable--that smile is heart-melting! And those waterways are wonderful!

    Those scrubbies are so practical and look so cute besides. Can you please give us a pointer to the pattern?

    1. Thank you so much Sue! I just made up the pattern. I do a circle of cotton and a circle of scrubbier and crochet them together. I have used both 8 ply and 5 ply cotton, I think thicker is better. I also have crocheted scrubby yard in with cotton together and made two circles this way. They work really well! I made them about 5 inches wide. Sometimes my two circles aren't the same size and I will do a narrow row to even them up! It is very flexible. I hope this helps. With love Annabel.xxx

  11. Oh, wow! I would like to stand around and see who will pay that price for strawberries and blueberries! I'd be curious. Interesting, the lemons/oranges or whatever!

    Your farm is beautiful, and the rain too! Beautiful little boy and sheep. They can sense innocence! andrea

    1. Thank you Andrea. I saw no one considering the Strawberries or Blueberries and the Blueberries looked past their best to me. But I am rich in citrus! Children and animals are just beautiful together, they love each other.xxx

  12. Dear Annabel,

    I have such fond memories of my grandmother, great-aunt (her sister), aunt, and Mom all sitting around, visiting, and each one at work on some handwork project. It made my sister and I want to do it, too, and we've never stopped! Visiting is so fun when your hands are busy. Your little scrubbies are so cute, and I bet those silk pillowcases feel divine. Your little grandson is so cute.

    It's been busy, here, too. I've only gotten half of my garden planted, as it's been wet since the end of May, but I've been keeping myself occupied getting some flower beds weeded out and replanted/mulched, cleaning house, etc. I see the forecast is for more rain for the upcoming week. I'm thankful for it, but I wish it would come gradually, instead of all at once! Ha, ha. I will try to get some peppers and cherry tomatoes in pots today, and that will be something off of my gardening list that doesn't depend on clay soil drying out.

    Hope you and all Bluebirders have a wonderful weekend. I'll have that rainbow and kangaroo image in my mind all weekend!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, You are the most amazing knitter! It is nice hearing your sister is a knitter as well!
      I hope there is still plenty of season left to plant your remaining veggies. I try to understand how the snow gives you a cut off point... where things slow down here we havent got such a deadline. The peppers and tomatoes in pots will advance them so that is great. So it is raining there and raining here constantly also!
      I am glad you liked the photo. My drive to Mums is like that all the way but most times the Kangaroos do not nicely sit still!
      Have a very good new week. With love Annabel.xxx

  13. Hello from Florida,
    My oh my, you Bluebirds are amazing! What you’ve accomplished!! Cookie is way out in front and made me sit back for a breath of air after reading it all! Well done, all!
    Annabel, I hope that Op shop lady doesn’t get in trouble letting you get all those jars!! I love it! An empty pressed glass decorative jar fills me with such anticipation! Just like a packet of seeds! Had garlic sprouting in the kitchen which is planted out now! Also successfully rooted my first rose! (Take a bow!) some heavy rains but everything is happy!! My wife finished sodding our little mobile home front yard and also reworked our sprinkler system that was down! Handy girl to have around
    Your grandson is a cutie and I suppose he knows how to get around Grandma!?! I used to have a jersey cow at my grandparents’ who always lowered her head for a scratch when I was under 5. Sweet memories!
    All your crocheting and sewing are amazing!! You are my hero! I’d exhausted at your house or Cookie’s.
    Thanks all Bluebirds for your most looked for comments every week! They make life sweeter!!
    Love from me in Florida and M/L Donna in N. Indiana

  14. Hello Annabel and everyone,

    Wow! Those silk pillowcases are beautiful, and I love your crocheting and your mum's knitting! The napkins would make any table so pretty. Your land looks beautiful all green with the stream running through it.

    We have had a busy few weeks with doctor's visits and new meds. My husband had a strong skin reaction to one of the new chemotherapy drugs - he is ok now and has three types of medication to help with it, but he has had a rough time of it lately. Treatment this week was delayed to give him more time to recover. I'm happy to report he is finally showing some more interest in eating (prayers in action!!) and up and about. Thank you everyone who is praying for him, and a big hug from me, too. It helps!!

    Most of my work at home has been outdoors. The gardens were fertilized (and already look stronger and healthier), and I tackled the site of two former raised bed gardens (lots of weeds and brambles, and probably houses for bugs). Everything was cleared, packaged up, and disposed of and the mulberry tree was trimmed. Later I am going to move the dirt to where the new gardens are - that spot under the mulberry is perfect for a small sitting area. I also fixed the front door bolt that was sticking, and unclogged a drain in the bathtub (I'm not handy at all, so both of these things made me so happy that I could do). The carpets were also shampooed, and we had my dad over for a nice Father's Day picnic and drive out to visit the horses. It was a great day for all of us! Now to get some baking done this weekend.

    Crafts-wise, I finished a Christmas stitch and a patriotic stitch, and finished knitting my fingering-weight shawl. Now I'm working on some vanilla socks and another Christmas stitch. And my auntie sent me a beautiful quilt in the mail as a surprise! Such pretty colors and I put it up on a quilt ladder in my living room so I can see it every day.

    I hope you all have a great weekend.

    1. Dear Kathy, I felt concerned and tried to reach you via FB. I am so glad your husband is doing ok now. Yes he has had a hard time lately. We keep praying!
      You did such a lot in the garden and well done on the handy woman work! You did very well! I think it feels very good when we do something that is normally not in our comfort zone! The day with your Dad and driving out to see the horses sounds just lovely.
      How beautiful to have a gift of a quilt from your Aunty! That is an enormously special gift. Well done on the stitching and finishing the shawl. You got a lot done! I hope you have a very good week and your husbands appetite is good. With love Annabel.xxx

  15. Lovely post and yes, prices here in Canada are just as crazy.

    What lovely crafts you managed to get completed, and what a cute grandchild.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. We have to do a lot of good deal spotting and gardening. I have been preserving all weekend! It is very rough on families with growing and hungry kids! xxx

  16. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and productive week. Your silk pillowcases did not disappoint, they are gorgeous! And those pot scrubbers, are so pretty ( Id hate to use one on to scrub a lot)! I wish I could find such pretty yarn in The USA! We use cotton napkins at our house, I need to make the double sided ones! Information we have received on food prices Down Under are apparently spot on, seems cruel to make people pay such for fruit…is our world going backwards? So glad you got the lemons. Your grandson is adorable! Thank you again for the motivation and news of what is happening!
    I am in SE Kansas. We have had nice rains for about 6 weeks, yet, we are still in a drought. Our garden is up and doing well. We ve picked peas, and green beans. Potatoes are starting to look like they need dug. I have my fingers crossed that we ll have some to dig; last year, there was nothing there, shocking ! I have canned a few green beans, hope to freeze more. With the temps still somewhat cool, I ve been painting the deck doors/ soffit and making granola- dry canning and freezing quarts for later in the Summer when it is too hot to turn on the oven.
    Have a good week, and thanks so much

    1. Hi thank you so much. You can buy the yarn on Amazon. Also the cotton on Hobbi they have lovely colours. Yes I do believe things are going backwards and the "cost of living crisis" is pretty much world wide. I really hope you do get some more rain. I hope you get a great crop of potatoes! You have been busy putting up food and good job on painting the door. Something like that usually makes such a big impact! Have a good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  17. Hi Annabel, young Master Sidney is just adorable. You have the most gorgeous little people in your life.
    You now have me thinking of making some pillowcases or cushion covers out of the gold Jaccard fabric, I was given last year.
    My daughters family is now Covid free. This is the best news as baby Toby was not a well little boy, which was a real worry. Spencer is starting to get back to his usual self with Katie and Jared absolutely exhausted.
    We have had the most mild of Winters, with day times being tshirt and shorts weather. I have spent a lot of time in the garden getting areas ready for planting. I have also been direct sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings I sowed the seed for earlier. The sugarloaf cabbage and the Wombok hearts are starting to form up. Pak Choy, Choko, Mizuna and lettuce are regular harvests. Tomatoes are just starting to ripen up and come inside.
    I stopped working on the blanket for Spencer and started a new blanket. A friend of mine asked if I could make a blanket for the shop attached to the Hospice. It was wonderful to know that my work was considered worthy enough. So a new blanket is currently being crocheted. It is on my rush list as our Winter is so mild. We generally get much cooler weather around July. I want the blanket made so that someone can purchase it for this Winter.
    It has been a week full of this and that and getting things down.

    1. Dear Jane, Thank you. I remember that fabric. It is stunning and would have cost a fortune per meter I expect. It would make stunning cushions. I am so glad the family is feeling better. That was a rough week but you both helped out so much.
      A blanket for the hospice is a great work to do. I know you will get it done in no time. Lets have a very good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  18. We had loads of rain this week which has made the grass green and the potted garden flourish. The rose that had nearly died is now flush with pretty green leaves once more.
    I was diligent in examining my tomatoes and rescued rose (a different one than just mentioned) and managed to catch Japanese beetles and green horned worms to stop them from decimating my plants. I am trying to root the lower roots I removed when pruning the tomatoes. I counted twenty tomatoes this morning on the four plants producing. I harvested my first bit of herbs: sage, dill, chives, mint. I planted sprouted potato peels that I had removed from potatoes I was paring for supper one night.
    My son gifted me with peppers, carrots, eggplant and cucumbers from his garden. I carried him his gift and a handmade card which he enthused over.
    I added to my pantry via good sales, some store specials. I used up bananas that had gotten ripe very quickly and made a big batch of chocolate chip banana nut muffins which I shared with my son's family. They love these muffins but never think to make them for themselves.
    The kitchen cabinets were ready for delivery at the manufacturer so those have now been paid for in full. Now I am waiting on the contractor to come do his part. We still need to buy bathroom flooring and a shower kit for that room.

    1. Dear Terri,
      I have never tried getting the pruned parts of the tomatoes to take root but I fully intend to this coming season. Let me know how it goes for you. Good job on beating the worms and beetles.
      With your own herbs and the lovely produce from your sons garden it added up to a great variety!
      So nice you could share the muffins and that you found some good sales. That is the way to shop. How exciting about the new cupboards!! Have a very good new week, with love Annabel.xxx

  19. Annabel, you amaze me! So many good things going on at your lovely farm! The silk pillowcase and scrubbies are fantastic! I'm in the sewing room this week too, but due to much needed rain and warm temperatures! I made a clothespin bag and almost finished a doll quilt for my online shop. I'm counting many fun things in my Vicky challenge. My Mister asked me yesterday if I was going to "write that down"? Yes I will! He changed brakes on the car, and I counted that too! I'm thinking of ways to build my pantry that don't require salt in preservation. For now, we're buying a little extra each time we shop of staples. More research is needed to find canning recipes! Many thanks to you for encouraging us each week!
    Stacy near DC

    1. Dear Stacy, Thanks so much. I love that you are both now counting the savings! Work on the car is usually worth a lot! I would count it for sure! I am not one to use salt. So for canning I only do fruits. This leaves me with blanching and freezing, dehydrating and freeze drying for veggies. Dehydrating is VERY space saving. Have a good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  20. I am so encouraged by everyone's work and dedication to getting ahead! Those are some very expensive (and sorry looking blueberries!) I also read your meal planning like Nana post and loved it Annabel! So many great ideas for that never ending chore of preparing dinner.
    This week my husband canned over twenty jars of olives which we picked in April. They've been brining all this time and now that they are in jars, I feel like our little olive supply is good again for a couple of years! I've been trying so hard with my budget, and sticking to it whilst also trying to get ahead with the pantry/freezer stockpile. Soups are on the menu here as pumpkin is very cheap. I miss the summer fruit but the oranges have been delicious, and we've all been enjoying them fresh and in citrus cakes.
    Winter holidays are coming up and I've been putting aside a few snacks and treats for the kids in the last few shops. This is something I do for the Christmas holidays, but decided the winter ones would also benefit. This saves a big blow out on the first day when cold and hungry kids are looking for something to fill their bellies! Pies, pasties, chicken tenders and more have all been made/bought and stored in the deep freezer.
    Yesterday I filled the little seed greenhouses with my spring vegetables. It's still freezing here but they're protected in their greenhouse and on my deck so hopefully they'll take off.
    Thanks for all the encouragement and motivation Annabel! I love coming by here each week and reading what everyone is up to!
    Blessings, Kirsty x

    1. Dear Kirsty, Thank you so much! You have encouraged me!
      We love pumpkin soup. Also pumpkin scones and roasted.... and citrus is just perfect in winter. Amazing work on the olives! It is a great idea to get ahead for winter holidays. I think everyone is hungrier in winter too. We did a lot of pancakes, waffles, toasted sandwiches and cooking days and made Honey Gingerbread and sausage rolls etc. Once kids are teenagers its like a full time job feeding them!
      So good you are using your greenhouse... I have a little one too and what a difference they make! On the deck it would have the added protection.
      Have another good week. You did a lot and you added to your pantry! With love Annabel.xxx

  21. Hi Annabell,
    I was wondering what sort of silk you used for your pillowcases? I found some Habotai Silk on Spotlight. Do you think this would work well? I have been wanting some silk pillowcases for my girls and I- but the prices are crazy. I thought these would make amazing gifts also. Thankyou for your encouragement 💛 Kirsty


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