Bluebirds on the Ground. An update from Vicky in Ohio.

This week we have an update from Vicky in Ohio.  She has been very busy!   I am going to point out all her beautiful trays of seedlings sitting out ready to plant.   She does not mention that she grew these all from seed first.  She got her timing right and didn't plant them too soon as they did have a late frost.  So she did so well!   They look amazing!  Now over to Vicky...

 Hello Bluebirds, 

Where I am things are up and down. Some of the shortages have been easing up and shelves being restocked, but the prices are higher so when something we use is on sale I make sure to stock up on it because it used to be the stores sales cycles were about the same, but within a few weeks of each other so that if I missed one sale I could go to another. That's not always the case now. The price of meat is still high so recently during a few good sales I made sure to stock up on enough to last us and since we just put in the gardens I bypassed some of the other sale items putting meat at the top of the list and used the bulk of my grocery dollars for that. The price of eggs have come down here, but milk has gone up, butter is still around $6 or more, vinegar is $7 a gallon, canned vegetables are $2 or more, even the cheap bread at Aldis went up .50 a loaf.  Across the board everything is higher.  Our electric will be doubling in cost next month and even the things my husband uses for repairs are costing alot more or are out of stock. Paint, oil, etc. Even being frugal it can be challenging at times. 

We planted our yearly gardens and I will be restocking my cellar with my canning.  Behind the fence is our oldest garden that needs to be left alone for awhile and the hubby needed a place to park his junk so we found the wood fencing pieces for $19 each because they were mismarked, but they had to give them to us for that price. The other garden we plowed up by the road for additional planting, but it just looks like dirt right now because it's where we mostly planted seeds. I can share better photos of that later. 

We are always on the look out for wood so a cherry tree that had to come down in our yard because of some rotting is now in our wood pile. Plus networking is fantastic! Two guys we know drink a lot of coffee. I have a lady that brings me cans of coffee that she doesn't want so we give them to the two guys and they just brought us some really nice sized pieces of ash wood so we will cut them and more wood for the wood pile. All it takes is just one really cold winter to make you realize the more wood you have the better! 

We added 21 chickens to our flock. We raised them from babies for the first time so I'm really pleased because we only lost one tiny one. We sell and trade eggs. 

Roadside finds are starting to pop up here and there so some pieces of chicken wire that we picked up is perfect to keep on hand even for craft projects if someone doesn't garden or maybe trading. Sometimes it's just the little things that can make a big difference. A little garden, a little junk, a little of this and that. Something is better than nothing. 

For right now, because there is so much going on in the world,  we are keeping our goals simple, the ones that are the least stressful because right now the world can be a stressful place. Everyone seems to have a cause or agenda and wants to fight about it. My 89 year old aunt just passed away and I remember her telling me if you ever do one thing keep your place in the world. To her this meant not to depend on others or the government, especially the government, but to do what you can, when you can. To stay grounded and focused. And this we can do. Even if it's just growing a small patch of green beans or tomatoes. Keeping our hands busy and our pantries full. 

Thank you Vicky,  your garden and new chickens look beautiful.   You have inspired us all! xxx


  1. I’m afraid that it’s been ages since I last commented, and do apologise. I kept meaning to but life has a habit of intervening. May I say a huge thank you to yourself Annabel and to all of the ‘bluebirds on the ground’ who have taken time out of their busy lives to keep us all up to date on what is happening around the world. Here in the Uk food prices are continuing to rise over and above the rate of inflation and I am very grateful that my husband is still able to work our allotment, and that we have a good pantry.
    My very best wishes to youand to your lovely family.

  2. Thank you Vicky for your update and the wonderful photos of your gardens! I really like the phrase of keeping your place in the world (or what it means) for that is a really good way to live. Hilogene in Az

  3. Thank you, Vicky, for the update. We're in south central Pa. and things are pretty much the same as you're finding in Ohio. Cookie

  4. Vicky your garden always inspires me. You do so much with it and work so hard in it. Your golden Fluffy Butt Girls are such a beautiful colour. I love the advice of using what you have and building on your resources whenever the opportunity arises. Being as self sufficient as possible and building your community is another piece of information that I am taking from your post.

  5. I love your gardens Vicky! What a deal on the fencing too. We are still planting because our last frost was on Friday so I know what you are talking about.
    The garden is a peaceful place and no one will usually bother you there because they are afraid you might put them to work! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful post, Vicky. Your plants and your gardens sure do look healthy and lovely. Good for you and hubby for all you do to live your lives as your Aunt suggested, too. We all should.

  7. I am stunned and a bit envious of you trays of plants. I had mixed luck with seeds. My tomatoes were good but everything so. But I willl try again next ;year. Once again. WOW!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing, Vicky. I am happy you did so well with your chicks and seedlings. I live in northwest Ohio. Butter fluctuates from $2.99 to $3.99.
    Milk is the same per gallon. I have been making our vinegar, so I haven't taken notice of it's price.
    Having chickens saves so much! We are blessed with many eggs daily. I have one broody hen and a broody duck. Looking forward to baby birds!
    Thanks again for sharing your large garden. Great price on the lumber.
    Thanks for posting this, Annabel.
    Blessings, Leslie

  9. Thank you for your post, Vicky. I am in northeast TN and seeing similar prices here. Kroger often puts 1 lb. butter on sale with a limit of 5; I buy the limit every time and put them in the freezer. We are new chicken parents -- we have a small flock of 6 right now (may be reducing a little because I suspect a couple are roosters). I enjoy them so much. I imagine we will really love them even more when they start laying!

  10. Thank you so much, Vicky. Your stores are mirroring ours (OK) - there is product available, but maybe not the brand one would usually buy, and weird gaps in supply sometimes. Your plants and garden are wonderful!


  11. Vicky, your aunt was very are you. Bless you!

  12. Vicky, what a beautiful garden you have started. Oh, the chickens. I know fresh eggs in Oregon are going for $4. a dozen. Milk runs about $3.50 a gallon unless you get organic and that’s about 3 dollars more. I’ve quit buying bread so I try to stay away from that isle. I heard strawberries are coming in and heard they will probably run $40. a flat.

    I needed to replace backyard fencing and for about 75 feet they want about $4,000+ to install. As long as my lil fur babies can’t get out of the yard I think I’ll wait. I need to get my house painted so that is at the top of the list. The wood from that tree will keep you nice and toasty this winter. Take care . Phyllis from Oregon

  13. Dear Vicky
    I have garden envy! Your seedlings are excellent. What an inspiration you are.
    I wish you a very bountiful harvest to share with your family and friends.

  14. Thank you Vicky, for the update and the photos. Lovely chickens and lovely garden. I know that means a lot of work and you are busy and wise to do that. I love your auntie's words, I will remember them always. With love, Laura_s_world from Romania

  15. Thank you, Vicky, for sharing!


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