Feather your Nest Friday, 27th May, 2022.

It has been a better week!  Lucy is home and I am helping her for a few days.  This makes everything feel right again.   Everyone is ok.   Pheww. 

Where to start?  We had some true nest feathering going on.  

Last Saturday the eggs in the incubator reached 21 days.   Right on time by Saturday evening there was action.   I had four eggs wobbling and chipping.  

I did not know the chicks could chirp while still inside the egg!  It was tough leaving them alone but I had to try.  I could very easily have stayed up all night watching.  In the end I went to bed and work up to three little chicks.

One egg that had started to hatch never made it any further.  Another was just starting and not progressing.  mmm.  I put both eggs to my ear.   I could hear chip chip chip inside one of them.  As one had died at this stage I ended up helping the second one hatch.    I helped a bit then left it and helped some more.  In the end I had another little black chick.  I researched what was the problem that these two didn't make it on their own and it was my humidity was probably a bit low and it meant the membrane was too hard to break through.   But I ended up with four chicks that are going very well.

I set up a brooder... a cardboard box with a hotplate that keeps the chicks warm.  They were soon eating and drinking for the first time.

It is a big learning curve.  I identified a few things that hopefully will give me a higher success rate next time.  But it's a start. And I loved it. It has been so much fun!  

Once the chicks were in the brooder I had an empty incubator.  I cleaned it out ready to start again.   It sitting there doing nothing was irritating me so I posted on my buy, swap and sell group and my produce swap cart group and asked if anyone had any Silkie or Quail eggs.   Within minutes someone posted that they had Quail eggs!   The man sold me 12 Quail Eggs for $5.  He was not chatty.  All his sentences were one word.  So whether they are fresh fertile eggs or not well it's a gamble.  (He knew I wanted to incubate them.)     I picked them up got them in the incubator on Tuesday.  They are just beautiful.  I love speckled eggs!  

Then I thought oh,  what if these actually hatch in 18 days?  I will need another brooder!! And this is how it goes.  Chicken maths.

I harvested Celery.

As the fire is going now I am giving my dehydrator a rest and using baskets to dehydrate over the fire place.

I dry all the leaves because to me they are the best part.  Celery leaves make the most beautiful broth or stock.   A whole head of Celery dehydrates down to fit in one jar.  So good to have.  I have so much growing I can do this once a week.   Some Cream of Celery Soup is on the menu next week too.

I planted more beans and more garlic. 

I worked on coat hangers.

Andy cut and brought in more wood. 

I cut Andy's hair for him.  

I was able to do an Aldi stock up shop.  I was really pleased with that. 

It rained.  This is what we need!  

Lucy's garden has a patch of Dill.   Tomorrow I am going to dig some up to transplant into my garden and some plants for the swap table.

How was your week?  I hope you had opportunities to add to your pantry or garden and build up your home.

I am going to share a video that is packed full of information on how to stretch meals and retain nutrition.  For anyone with a family there is so much information here.  I found several tips I can use that are new to me.   

Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. Annabel I am so happy that Lucy is home and is on the mend. With you there to help, the household will be up and running in no time.
    Those Quail eggs are just gorgeous. I am seriously envious of you getting your own quails. One day I will have some of these little birds.
    I visited a local Community garden. I picked up cuttings of a number of perennial greens. These have either been planted in the garden or the cuttings have gone in pots in the little greenhouse. I will be volunteering in this garden for a couple of hours per week.
    I had a nasty case of black mould to deal with here. The massive amount of rain we have had has led to the humidity being extremely high. Add is a leaking roof(now fixed) and a waterfall coming through the ceiling, and it was a recipe for mould to flourish. The mould has been removed and I am keeping a close eye on where it was to jump on anymore that might form.
    I made a new batch of soap. I made this in the loaf mould and added a whole luffa from the garden. I had to push this down to get the air bubbles out. Initially the soap was a disgusting sludge colour. As it is drying and curing, the soap is becoming more the pale blue that I had hoped it would go. I have sliced the soap into bars. This soap will be a natural scrubby with the luffa through the soap.
    I have joined a new Community group. I took along some leaf coasters that I had made for the swap table. These coasters were wanted by a number of people so they ended up becoming a raffle item. I have been approached by another lady who wanted to purchase some off me. I told her I wont make for money but for trade. We have come to an agreement and I will take her a set of coasters next week.
    The weather people keep telling us that the rain is going to stop. I am so hoping that we will be getting some fine weather. My garden has been loving the rain and the amount of growth has been extraordinary. I however would like just a little bit of dry weather to get some washing done.
    Life is a soggy, sloshy good.

    1. Dear Jane, I have never heard so many talking about mould and in fb groups everyone is showing mouldy furniture, walls, clothes, shoes. I hope you dont get any more. The community garden sounds fantastic. So does the community group. I saw the leaf coasters , they were great. A good trade item! You keep expanding your trading group which is wonderful. You had a busy week with the soap making too. A pale blue would be lovely. A great use of the Luffa too! Very productive! Love Annabel.xxx

  2. Dear Annabel, you are a real life wonder-woman! Whenever I feel tired I think of you and get some more done. Very happy to find you, exactly on the other side of the world. I know you allow me to consider you my dear friend.

    Thank God Lucy and all your family is well. Also the chicks are wonderful - a new skil you will master. As I like to say when I start learning new things - when was the last time you did something for the first time? Sending smiles and love from Laura_s_world in Romania

    1. Dear Laura, Well I am doing a lot of things for the first time! If the Quail eggs hatch this will be really new. Also this week I have another new thing planned... I am going to have a small greenhouse! Well if the new week goes ok! This will help me with seedlings I hope. You are a Wonder Woman with how you keep going and being positive. Thanks Laura, Love Annabel.xxx

  3. Such wonderful news that everyone is home and on the mend. Thank you, Jesus. The humidity content in the incubator is very important for hatching. We didn't know about that years ago when we first used one. The quail are so tiny when first hatched. I have a special one that is quite tame and still enjoys being petted. We are harvesting green onions, lettuce, and cilantro. I've been busy canning a variety of beans and also canning ground beef as well as chicken breast. Another side project is helping a family with homeschooling in trade for breeding our cows. How's that for a trade? Your crochet is beautiful as always. I used to post regularly but for the past several years I just seem to be too busy to do much online. However, I do keep up with your blog and keep you and yours in my prayers. Much Love, Ginger

    1. Dear Ginger,
      I really hope the Quail hatch it would be amazing. You had a great week with your harvest and canning. I love your trade! That sounds like a wonderful collaboration! Thank you for commenting I really appreciate it! With love Annabel.xxx

  4. I am so glad to hear that all is much better this week. I pray that Lucy is back to her old self soon! Those quail eggs are really beautiful.

    I made yogurt cheese for the first time and it is delicious! Our salvage grocery store has 3 quarts of plain organic yogurt for $1 at least once every month. I wanted to take advantage of this great deal so I did some research and came up with a plan and a recipe to season it and dove in! It was so easy to make and is just wonderfully delicious like Boursin cheese. I have other plans for this cheese like making spinach dip from it in a few weeks when our son's family visits. I made a quart of cheese, probably two pounds, this time for about 70 cents with seasonings.

    We have had a lot of rain this week for which I am thankful even though it really messed up some plans. Our tomato and pepper plants are looking great and have set blooms so we are hopeful.

    Have aa great weekend!

    1. Dear Lana,
      There are so many uses for yoghurt. That is just an amazing price! The cheese sounds beautiful and useful.
      A lot of people seem to be waiting on weather to clear up but your tomatoes and peppers sound promising! A great week Lana. With love Annabel.xxx

  5. Glad everyone is on the mend. The chicks are so sweet.

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl.xxx

  6. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    I'm so happy to hear Lucy is home and hope everyone else is doing well now, too. You had such a good week, Annabel. The new chicks are adorable! Your crocheted coat hangers are also so pretty.

    This week I planted loads of zinnia and balloonflower seeds in my back yard, and used the rain barrel to water all of the veggie and flower plants. There are tons of berries starting to turn color, I hope we get a good harvest from them. My husband moved a lot of good soil around to give me places to plant and also to help with some bare spots. I did a baking day, put the crockpots to work and froze some future meals, and used greeting cards from my stash to send out to family members. We also invested in some paint to touch up our exterior trim and did an Aldi stockup trip for veggies, fruits, and some pantry items. Today I am doing a pickup of medicines, baking things, and hopefully some chicken at the price club.

    Price-wise, in my part of Oklahoma, gas has been higher than ever ($4.20/gallon) and I am glad we get good gas mileage. We are also now able to work from home 2 days a week, which saves on gas and wear on our car. (I also like being able to have a nice lunch with my husband on those days!) Grocery prices are definitely higher, too. I haven't noticed any supply problems recently.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.

    1. Dear Kathy, It is really good you can work at home some days. I have been thinking of people who comment long distances to work. At some point with the gas prices there would be a time where long miles to work would become too expensive for the job to pay. Here I know of many who travel an hour to work and an hour home. Your garden work was very good. Improved soil helps everything! It is amazing what you can achieve with a baking day. When I get home I am going to need some baking days myself. Very happy you did an Aldi stock up. A very good week! With love Annabel.xxx

  7. Always so fun and enlightening to read your blot. It is like a chat with a good friend. Now on to advice….Dill does not transplant well as it has a long tap root and once established does not like to be disturbed. But, I am hoping you have success. Dill along with fennel are super easy to grow from seed.

    1. Thank you for telling me this! It was the tap root that confirmed to me what the plant is. Sheep have eaten down the tops a fair bit. I will try and dig up smaller ones and get the whole root if I can. I will try anyway! Many thanks! Love Annabel.xxx

  8. Dear Annabel,
    Glad to hear you have four little chicks, but so sad about the little one that didn't make it. I'm glad you know what was wrong though for the future.The black one is adorable! I hope you get quail. they are precious with their little topknots. Your hangers are lovely. The edging on the blue one is beautiful.
    Busy working on finishing planting the garden. We have had a couple of nice rainstorms which is wonderful. Blessings, Laura

    1. Dear Laura,
      I am glad you got helpful rain. It is great you have finished planting the garden. I hope it is a big success! Thanks so much Laura, With love Annabel.xxx

  9. Congratulations on your new chicks! I had ten quail chick hatch out for my first time trying about a week ago, and they have already grown from the size of my thumb to the size of the palm of my hand, and all have feathers now instead of fluff. They are so cute! I was surprised, too, that the eggs rolled around and there was chirping coming from inside before they broke out. It really is a learning adventure, and the grandkids and I are so enjoying watching and caring for them.

    1. Dear Chipmunk, This is so nice to hear about the Quail! I am determined to hatch some even if this lot are not success I will try again. I also think these things are so good for the Grandkids! It was like a magic trick or something seeing chipping eggs roll around. Many thanks, Love Annabel.xxx

  10. So glad you found Mary's Nest!
    Well done, Annabel, on your incubation success. Such lovely little chicks.
    I have most of my garden in. I'm harvesting herbs, chives, and rhubarb. So excited to pick our first strawberry this afternoon! Also I dried a large amount of bananas in the fruit dryer. These were only 25 cents a pound!
    I have a praise. After weeks with severe back pain, I'm enjoying good health! I took 2 homeopathics daily plus therapeutic exercises.

    The Lord bless you all,

    1. Dear Leslie,
      I thought this information on Marys Nest would really help families trying to stretch meals, especially meat. Amazingly helpful tips.
      It is so great you re harvesting so much! What a deal on Bananas! Absolutely unheard of price here!
      I am so happy your back is so much better! That is just wonderful! With love Annabel.xxx

  11. Thank you Annabel, I look forward each week to hearing your news. It’s raining up here on the south coast of NSW. and whilst I would love another sunny autumn day I now have indoor time to do some stitching and maybe pick up my knitting. I glad you had a calmer week and things are settling down again. Our celery is a bit slow at present, so I’m using my dehydrated leaves from last season. Thank you also for the link for meal stretching. No matter how old we are we can always learn new ways. Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you so much. Marys Nest is quite amazing. She has many many tips and all are keeping the nutrition high. I love that. Indoor time is good. I am totally ready for some quiet winter days inside. With things to work on it is a beautiful time. Soups, sewing, needlework ... I am happy! With love Annabel.xxx

  12. Dear Annabel,
    I am so glad that Lucy is home and doing well. Also, so happy that you get more time with the grands. 😉
    You had a very productive and beneficial week.

    We finally finished the organization of the downstairs food storage areas. I do have one room, that stores medicinal and other types of long term supplies, left to organize.

    Gardening is on the agenda next week, as well as, continuing to stock things. John started his six week list re: Patara's video.

    Still praying for Laine. Whenever, she is comfortable with shared updates, please let us know how she is doing.
    With love,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      Thanks for praying for Laine. My most recent update was she was seeing the specialist for her treatment plan and trying to gain weight and strength for this to begin. I will try and get more into next week. You have been really busy organising and stocking and now adding gardening into the mix. I have been listening to Patera also (for anyone reading this is Patera rom Appalachian Homestead. Be busy and make use of the time as she says! With much love Annabel.xxx

  13. Annabel, those speckled eggs are beautiful. Just like a fairytale!

    My big job this week was cleaning the balcony. It was covered in dust from a construction site in front of my home! But it was satisfying work and I enjoyed getting some extra sunshine and fresh air.

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

    1. Dear Mrs. Kiwi, I can just imagine the dust from a construction site! Probably the noise too! Having your balcony lovely again will be very nice. I hope the construction is all finished so you dont have it messed up again! With love Annabel.xxx

  14. Dear Annabel,
    I am glad your family are all ok and I hope things will settle back into normal for everyone soon.
    How exciting to be hatching chicks and quail! My dad wants to raise some quail and Colton and I want to start raising rabbits so we said we would do a swap if anything comes of it.
    This was a big week for us in that we officially became completely DEBT FREE! We have worked hard at this and it has come at the right time as the cost of every day things keeps climbing. It is good to know that our money is entirely ours now.
    I also got quite a bit planted in the garden. With the pregnancy and then loss I did not get anything in when it was planting time, but now that I am regaining strength I am determined to grow something. I got everything in before a much needed rain, so that was a blessing too.
    My father-in-law has given us the acre our house sits on and so now we are plotting what to do with it. First thing is Colton welded a gate using some metal that we had. This will lead from the chicken run out into the pasture so now I can let my chickens free range. This will help save on feed and give me better eggs.
    I am saving all scraps for either the chickens, dogs, or compost pile. Colton used our chipper/shredder to shred some leaves into the compost pile. There has been a fertilizer shortage so I figure I need to be more diligent with making compost.
    My mom texted to tell me some of their renters moved out and left tons of stuff they didn't want. She asked if I wanted to look through it and of course I said yes. I came away with lots of both clay and plastic gardening pots, plant stands, a crockpot that I will use for melting wax, a heavy bird bath, and some other useful household items. Oh, and a telescope and globe! John is especially excited about those.
    I hope everyone has a good weekend. I think I am just about caught up on posts, Annabel. I have missed reading them!
    Lots of love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, I love the idea if your family does one thing and your Dad does another then you can trade. Good idea. Rabbits and Quail are both big producers.
      Congratulations on being debt free! Well done. That is just wonderful. Yes it is getting harder. I think your set up on the ranch is a good one and a great place to raise your boys too.
      Everything you can do to improve your soil is. so good. We have a lot of potential fertilisers we can use and your chickens would be helping out there too.
      It is great to have the acre of land! Land I think is probably the best and safest investment. I hope you can really turn this to a huge advantage.
      Good for your Mum! I would have rushed to have a look too! You got amazing and even educational things! I know you will use the pots and the bird bath would be just lovely! I bet that was a lot of fun too!
      I have to say Kelsey I am so happy you are caught up and that you commented. I think of you so much. You have been through a lot and you are sounding really good. I am so pleased! With love Annabel.xxx

  15. Dear Annabel, It is so good that Lucy is home, she must be relieved to be there. Your chicks are very sweet. I saw Japanese Quail in the pet shop, they are priced at $12 a bird. I read that they can produce up to 300 eggs a year. Wouldn't that be so helpful. I ordered pickling lime which arrived this week. I will attempt to waterglass some eggs in the Spring when my girls give me up to 10 eggs a day. At the moment I am getting 1 every second day which is just enough to get us by. I have a big crockpot that I will store the eggs in and think if I fill that it will get us through this autumn period of less eggs. My husband has had a busy morning carrying and cutting up wood too. It is a good feeling to have it all there. Love Clare

    1. Dear Clare,
      I will look forward to hearing how you go with the egs. It would be amazing to have eggs shelf stable for use in times like now... my hens have all gone off the lay! I am thinking I bet your fire is going today... it is really cold here (Tuesday) and the fire just creates a beautiful atmosphere. I think Quail are good for people with not much space, council restrictions... I see restaurants feature Quail eggs quite a bit. They are beautiful. Also the eggs are bigger than I expected. I think two would equal a small hen egg, 3 would equal a larger one. I hope you have a good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  16. Dear Annabel, thank you for posting for I think it must have been a very hectic and stressful few weeks. I am so pleased Lucy is home. I am glad you are able to help out, as I am sure she must need to rest etc which would be hard with three young children. I think Chloe might be due soon too! So you have a lot going on. Thank you for writing such a beautiful and uplifting blog. I love seeing your chicks, aren't they adorable! I love how you are dehydrating celery- how cool that one whole celery fits into a jar. I also love the leaves. Those coat hangers are truly magnificent, what incredible gifts. I love dill, but haven't had any success here. I have been grateful to buy another point of lay chicken and I bought a heap of children's books for $7. They worked out to be 50c each, most of these I will keep. But they are great entertainment and also good for quiet time. I feel like I have been busy lately and feel just as tired, and I am not sure what I have been getting done...we had the family over for a roast on Thursday night and this was lovely. I need to keep up with some planting tomorrow! Lots of love and will continue to pray, Lily XXX

    1. Dear Lily,
      From digging up the Dill and reading... it is like Parsley and I worked out I could grow Parsley in a pot as long as it was a really deep pot. You want it to be 12 inches high or more. This is because of the long tap root they send down. So maybe you could try that with some Dill.
      Yes the last weeks have been exhausting. There is emotional exhaustion, bad sleeping and busy exhaustion. I have taken a could days to slowly catch up.
      I am happy you have another chicken! Also the books were a great deal!
      A roast meal with the family would be so nice and I bet they loved it. Thank you for your kindness and prayers Lily. With love Annabel.xxx

  17. Annabel I am so glad Lucy is home and you are able to help out the family for a few days and everyone is well again :) .

    How beautiful are your new baby chicks and hope your quail eggs hatch too in the incubator and sounds like you are going to have a menagerie there. Are you planning to sell some of the chickens as a side form of income ?. Good that Andy was able to bring up some more firewood for the winter and you made some more beautiful crocheted coat hangers, were able to dehydrate some lovely celery and plant more in the gardens.

    This week was more about sorting out and cleaning items we didn't need in the home and sheds to take to the men's shed to sell and some paid gardening work.

    In the kitchen -
    - Baked 4 loaves of wholemeal white bread in the bread making machine saving $13.96 over buying them locally.
    - Cooked all meals from scratch.

    Extra earnings & finances -
    - We did two paid gardening jobs making an extra net of $200.
    - Paid an extra part payment off our mortgage.

    Organisation of home and sheds -
    - We went through items in the home and sheds that we no longer need and cleaned them to sell. We took down 4 DJ stereo speakers, 2 x cd /dvd players, 1 graphic equaliser amplifier, a wood chipper and leaf mulcher, a set of vehicle ramps, a set of two of ATV buggy loading ramps, a 16pce dinner set and a bit and an octagonal table down to the men's shed to sell.
    Glad the home and sheds are now more organised and uncluttered and we have things we don't use out of the home that will hopefully bring some income back into the home.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :).


    1. Dear Lorna,
      First I want to continually top up our own flock. Next.. Chloe is in need of laying hens and Allie my niece is after Guinea Fowl. So already I have orders to fill. If I get good at this I will use poultry to trade/sell. I feel being able to produce our own adds to our security too.
      The mens shed is a great way to sell your items. I hope they sell well. It is funny how we often keep things and they are string around never used but with a bit of effort you can clear the space and bring in money to put towards something needed or pay down a bill.
      You are bringing in regular extra money with the gardening jobs too. Over the year this must be adding up to a great extra income. Getting ahead on the mortgage and savings accounts is just fantastic especially now when so much is going up and you are still getting ahead.
      I hope you are having a good new week. It is blowing a gale here but raining which is good! With love Annabel.xxx

  18. Your hangers are beautiful. Do you sell them?

    1. Thanks so much Anne. No I dont, I am making myself some them adding a heap to my present cupboard. They are very easy to do though. Thank you! xxx

  19. I spent any spare time I had this week out in my yard. I planted loads of flower seeds and repotted a few of the plants. I rearranged the porch furnishings and decorated them to look pleasant, all using what I had. Meals were all made at home except the dinner out on our anniversary. We brought home some of that meal and pieced it out with extra items that were leftover to make a second complete meal. We've combined errands and I haven't been in the grocery store for over a week...I still have a wee bit of grocery money left in my budget but I'm trying to hold on tight until June 1 before spending any more.

    1. Dear Terri, Happy Anniversary! I am glad you went out for a nice dinner. Having your porch look lovely would be so nice. Our weather is the opposite so we would blow away on our porch now but in summer we sit out there so much and usually entertain out there as well. Having a nice setting makes it like an outdoor room. I hope your flowers all come up! With love Annabel.xxx

  20. How exciting to have the possibility of quail chicks! I do hope you have some success with the hatching. I think quail are enchanting - sometimes when we are riding our bikes in the forest, a family of quail will cross the trail, and the chicks are impossibly tiny, like little rolling balls of fluff. Years ago, my husband and I lived in the Marlborough Sounds and quail were common. The local people called the babies "quailings" (as in ducks and ducklings), which I thought was delightful, and we still use that word.

    I really like your covered coat hangers. I was given a couple, and they are so useful, as clothes hang beautifully on them. Maybe I could try making knitted ones, as my crochet skills are non-existent.

    I'm so pleased Lucy is better and things are getting back to normal for you all. Have a lovely week.

    Linda in NZ

    1. Dear Linda,
      I have seen Quail in the wild but never the chicks! If I get any to hatch I think I am going to be in for a shock how little they are. Thank you re the hangers. I really like the padding as for knits and stretch knits you dont get hanger marks and lumps and bumps in things. Go for it with the knitting! I am not a good knitter... but either will work equally I am sure. Also a good project to use up small amounts. Many thanks, love Annabel.xxx

  21. Dear Annabel
    The sage green shade you’ve used on the second coat hanger is a beautiful colour, I’ll go looking to match that.
    We both got covid this week and am grateful to say that I’ve had it lightly and it’s now out of the way. I bartered a jar of jam for some tests that a friend had spare which I thought was a good swap. Hopefully normal sleep pattern will return when the cough goes. I had plenty of food so we have not been stressed.
    The quail eggs are so pretty and the chicks will be so much fun.
    I used the last bit of sunshine before winter to tidy up my bee hive hardware and put it undercover today.
    I watched Mary’s video, she’s a common sense presenter. Patara has got me thinking about the 6 week scenario. Another site asked the readers to think about how we are going to rebuild on the other side of this coming mess. It’s one thing to look after our families but we are all folks with good hearts and foresight so we need to think about what skills and knowledge we can offer to help others.
    Give my best wishes to Lucy, her Angels were looking out for her, and Kato too.
    Love Kate xxx

    1. Kate you are so right. Rebuilding is something we need to think about carefully.
      Annabelle, I am grateful that your family is on the mend.
      Praise God that Lucy is past the worst and you can help her.
      You do such a wonderful job of preparing while caring for all in your family and encouraging all of us. It’s truly a calling for you and I am so thankful to be on the receiving end of your leadership.
      So much evil in the world, but we just have to keep trusting God and preparing as he leads us. I am grateful for the blessing of the stockpile he has pushed me to store. I am grateful for the joy it now brings me. I am grateful for this place with friends who believe as I do, preparing for that which we cannot predict.
      I am grateful to know I will see so many of you in His Kingdom. Much love to you all. Patti in California

  22. Dear Annabel,

    I'm so glad to hear that Lucy is home...hopefully she is doing much better! I'm sure the girls are so happy to have her back.

    Your celery is beautiful! And the quail eggs look lovely. You did a great job with the incubator! I love the hangers.

    I've gotten a few rows planted in the garden, so we're making a start! Also trying to get a bunch of decluttering done...perhaps hold a yard sale in a week or so. It's that busy summer time...have to remember to take a break once in a while! Ha, ha. Hope you're having a lovely week!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      A yard sale would be great! Your kids are of an age they might be in on it and help it be a big success! I am glad you got started with the garden. I know that your rows are big ones too! Many thanks re Lucy! With love Annabel.xxx


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