Feather your Nest Friday, 26th November, 2021.

It is less than a month to Christmas Day!  I hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful day.  Because so many of you celebrate Thanksgiving I have come to really appreciate it and did think of all the things I have to be thankful for much of yesterday. 

It was a busy week!   Our weather has been very cool, so far.   This is great but there is a downside which is some of the veggie plants have just sat there not really growing as they do in warm weather.    To try and remedy my pumpkin patch Andy dumped a big heap of compost for me with the tractor.  I used this to plant another dozen pumpkin seedlings that I grew from seeds I saved.    They are looking really good!  

I added compost to raised garden beds and planted more spinach, capsicum, cumbers and zucchini.

One of my hens has been sitting on ten eggs.  I knew if there were to hatch it would be Sunday or Monday.   On Sunday I heard chirping!!   I investigated and found ONE little black chicken.

I got such a surprise as most of my hens are brown... but I have two grey and one black rooster plus three black hens.    At this stage no other eggs had hatched.    
The next day another chick appeared.    I got two chickens!   This breaks my previous record of one chicken.   I have a  Bantam also siting on eggs... they are due in another week or so.   I hope I can beat two!   But still I was thrilled with two chickens! 

Today I saw a snake near the hen house.  So tomorrow I am moving these just in case.  I would have done it today but I need to set up alternative accomodation. 

My Grand daughters were here for three days.  They went home this afternoon.    Watering the garden, collecting eggs etc is all fun for them.   They collected, cleaned and packed four dozen eggs for Mummy and they collected and packed a dozen for Nan Nan Pat (my Mum.).  Each egg was inspected closely as any damaged egg goes to the dogs and they wanted them to be damaged so Scout and Molly would get some!

The girls love the goats.  It is a bit of a circus, the kids playing with the kids.

They played "how many kids fit on a stump" type games! haha

My neighbour gave me a huge bag of fabrics... almost all velvets.   They are beautiful.   The bottom piece is 8 meters.... the rest are a couple of meters each.  It is so much beautiful velvet.

I was really thrilled.

I mostly kept up with my little bit of sewing every day.   I made some more cleaning cloths...

And bundled some more up ready to give as I completed three that went together.

In the evenings I finished more wash cloths... the muslin ones for babies...

Then some in towelling.

My tomatoes plants are looking really good.   The veggie gardens that get the afternoon sun are doing best.  I need to tie a lot of plants up over the weekend they are beginning to sprawl.

Now to think about the Christmas tree.  I helped the girls to make Angels for their tree and they made one for ours.   

They loved this.  The conversation was lovely as we worked on them.   What type of angel should go on the tree or should it be a star?  What type of angel appeared to Mary?  What did the star that the wise men saw look like?   We sang Christmas carols too.  It was beautiful.   Their little hearts swelled with pride over what they had made. 

So I had many blessings.   It was a very good week.

We have been building up our pantries and gardens for some time now.   I was very happy to get a whole turkey added to the freezer.  I can't wait to cook it!   Some things you can get ahead of by watching world events, weather warnings and so on.   Some things you can know quite well but the reality still somehow comes as a surprise.   We had two friends tell us just tragic things this week, one of them being in our closest small town.  The powers that be, the media... are whipping up an effort to divide people into two groups.   You can probably guess what those two groups are.  What we saw in our little nearby town was pretty ugly.  What happened to another friend is so terrible and in the same vein.   Suddenly things have reached even here, the bottom of the world , out in the country.   Suddenly Covid reached our local towns listed as exposure sites.   This is new territory for us.   I want to be careful, cautious and wise and unafraid.    
But truthfully I wish it wasn't so.   Don't we all!   

How did you get ahead, build up your pantry, garden, gift cupboard or any other area this week?  I hope it was a week full of opportunities!  xxx


  1. Dear Annabel, Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos. I love your toothless princess. Precious. Congratulations on your chickens. My neighbor borrowed my heat lamp today as her chook hatched some ducklings and she wanted it on hand just in case. My week hasn't been the best but it wasn't without it's blessings. I was able to drop choc chip biscuits at the door of two of my niece and nephew on my way through their town 3 hours away for a medical appointment. Doing that made me feel good because everyone is having a hard time lately and choc chip cookies do make you feel better, even if it is just temporary, they were both grateful. I was also blessed from two different friends with loads of towels and flannelette with which I make my wash cloths that are not as professional looking as yours Annabel, the ones photographed above are beautiful. One of the sheets has cows on it. I love it. it will make cute ones. I also got 5 hours unexpected cleaning work today with different friends, which was really great as bills have been multiplying on my bench somehow. With everything that's going on going on I am finding it hard to remain positive. Thankyou for today's blog. It is a great thing for me to do - look back over this week and report to you the best bits. Love Clare

    1. Dear Clare,
      It was so lovely to make the choc chip biscuits and drop them off as you were going past. I do really think these are the kindnesses that really make a difference. For both parties!
      The flannelette and towels are just what you need! I was noticing how expensive per meter flannelette is now in the fabric stores. Yikes! Sheeting is the way to get it!
      The extra work is a bonus for sure. Especially this time of year. I am glad looking at the week you can see some good things. Actually some very nice things! I am sending you my love and prayers Clare. With love Annabel.xxx

  2. Dearest Annabel
    I love seeing your photos and the girls are growing fast!
    Much love, Heidi xx

    1. Dear Heidi, Thank you. Harper has hit the taller (and toothless) stage, they have both shot up! Even sometimes in two weeks I am surprised how they grew. Have a lovely weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  3. Dear Annabel,
    Your little black chick is simply precious. I'm sure Harper and Scarlett have a delightful time at your home. So nice to hear your garden is doing well. We woke up to a light dusting of snow again.
    The Christmas angels they made are lovely.
    Vitacost sent me a 20% off coupon so I did a big stock-up As we will again be spending a lot of time at home this winter I have been starting to make a list of things I want to do (baking, projects etc.)
    Yes, we must be prudent and careful, but try not to be fearful. We need to find ways to put some joy into every day. Blessings, Laura

    1. Dear Laura,
      When things were going well the goat got into the raised bed and ate two tomatoes! But luckily I got there before it was worse!
      It is great you did the stock up. I love winter for projects! We go into summer this week which is my least favourite! We just have to go with the season we are in and here are good things with each one... for me and summer it is the fruit!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  4. She just could NOT be any cuter!!! Lovely post, Annabel. xoxo

  5. Dear Annabel,

    Your granddaughters are lovely. It's so wonderful that you are able to spend such "quality" time with them, making such good memories and imparting life lessons along the way.

    That velvet material is just amazing, and I love the cloths with the picture of the refreshment table all set out.

    I am so sorry to hear that the craziness/ugliness has found its way to your doorstep, so to speak. It is a tough situation that none of us seem able to avoid, try as we might. I hope your friend is okay. Praise God He has overcome the world, as at times it almost feels like evil will win the day---luckily that is IMPOSSIBLE in the end!

    Today I made the Advent wreath at our church. This is the third year, and I'm starting to get a bit of the hang of it. Lots of greens, clipped from around the neighborhood, a grapevine wreath as the base from our grapes, a few dried flowers and some white twinkle lights, and a purple ribbon that is reused each year...It is amazing what loveliness can be had from such humble beginnings. (Not patting my own back, but just remarking on what a bit of effort and some gathering of what is at hand can do in the end!)

    I hope your week will be lovely and that your area will be spared any further division. The media has a lot to answer for!

    Love, Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      Stuff is crazy. It has mainly been my saving grace to be out in the country. But it is all creeping up on us now. Also I am seeing a lot of people saying hang on... this division of society is not good! Now they are saying a fourth vaccine is next in a few months time for the new variant. No doubt if people dont have that they will be considered unvaccinated.
      An advent wreath sounds just lovely! I know you would make it beautiful. There is much to celebrate, as you say we know how it turns out in the end! With love Annabel.xxx

  6. The girls are just too sweet. Lovely on their angels. I do believe you live in a zoo - you have enough animals to start one! LOL
    The chicks are so cute - hopefully they stay safe.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Cheryl, Thanks. I never mention some of my animals lie the parrots and Budgies! There are more! haha!
      The chicks are moved and doing really well and in a snake proof cage. I was glad to get that done! Have a lovely weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  7. There were just two of us for Thanksgiving this year since our son's family traveled to Massachusetts to have Thanksgiving with my daughter's family. This gives an opportunity for the little kids to spend time with their older cousins, which is so important for future family ties. I was able to get an extra turkey for the deep freeze. I am hoping to buy two hams in early December, one for Christmas and another for the deep freeze. We are experiencing much higher prices at the grocery stores and, of course, at the gas pump. I've felt like the supply chain was going to fall apart "someday" and now that it has, it still surprises me that it is to this extent. I LOVE the little black chick! Reading about what is going on there and praying for you here.

    1. Dear Brenda, I am glad you got an extra turkey. So much can be made from one turkey! I am doing the same this week, supplies permitting.
      Now the new variant has gone from news here this morning to already arrived and tested here. That sure was fast. So I am expecting... here we go again... at Christmas... I am really keeping my eye on the shelves.
      Thank you for the prayers. I felt quite shaken up last week. I am trying to be pro active this week! With love Annabel.xxx

  8. Hi Annabel,
    We just saw this news article and I thought to forward it to you. I don't know if you are already aware of this spider, but if not, I knew you would want to be
    Pretty scary. We think brown recluse and black widows are bad. Stay safe, Laura

    1. That is all we need! I had two spider bites a few years ago and wont ever forget. We have snakes that are our main worry here. Have a great weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  9. Hi Annabel. Your photos of all your work, and of the little girls, put a big smile on face. So much simple, but lovely beauty. The little girls angels are just divine.
    We have had my son, his wife and two little girls, 5 & 3, with us for a week now. It has been wonderful. There have been a few little hiccups but these were expected. We are all gradually finding a rhythm and routine in our days. It is just wonderful to see my son starting to slow down and smile once more. He has been busy in the shed getting all the machinery fixed and working again. We will be selling most of these soon. Christmas will be paid for.
    I am now having to find time in my days to get some sewing done. I have taken a leaf out of your book and am finding 15-30 minutes a day for sewing. I have finished two pages and a front and back cover for a sensory book for Spencer for Christmas. I have also finished a hat for him and one for Katie. I have one more to make. The little girls have both put in a request for a tshirt nightie each. I plan on getting these done today.
    The little girls love to 'Craft'. I gave them a box with all sorts of odds and ends in it. They got hold of the sticky tape and they were busy for an hour making a huge pile of Christmas decorations. There is no sticky tape left so no crafting until some more is purchased. The glue sticks are apparently no good for holding things together.
    We have been getting a lot of rain. There has been some flooding in low lying areas. The water drains away rapidly so the flooding doesn't last long. We have gone from L3 water restrictions back to L1! The raised garden beds have been allowed to go to seed. The seeds will be saved and the garden beds completely emptied. We have garden renovations that will be done whilst our son is here to help with the work. The in the ground garden has loved the rain and turned into a jungle. I have paw paw and watermelon seedlings up and ready to plant out if I can find some space in the jungle. The sunflowers are just finishing off their blooms. They are the giant African King variety. I will keep some seeds for planting and the rest will be a treat for the chooks.
    The family have gone out to purchase mattresses for the little girls bunk beds. Their furniture and household goods arrive next Tuesday. Bluey has been getting the shed sorted so there is space for the household items to be stored until they purchase a home of their own. The little girls are currently sleeping on their camp beds. They are both looking forward to their bunk beds arriving.
    I have taken advantage of an empty quiet house and have swept and mopped the house. I am having a coffee and will get some sewing done.
    Life is exhausting, busy and oh so good.

    1. Dear Jane, it truly sounds wonderful having you son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters stay with you. I love that you gave them a crafting box, they wanted to be just like you. What wonderful times you are having. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face too. Love, Lily.

    2. Dear Jane, Your Grand daughters being keen to craft ... they have landed with the right Grannie! With your supplies you will have them doing so many things. They will love it.
      Even if you sneak a bit of sewing here and there I know you will still get things made. Your garden will be looking amazing with this rain that is fantastic.
      Bunk beds will be great for the girls. They will love it. Christmas is going to be very exciting at your place... including a very special first Christmas! I can see life is very busy but good! With love Annabel.xxx

  10. Annabel your wash and cleaning cloths are just divine and the little chicks so cute :) . It is ironic you have one chick per older grandchild to cuddle.

    So sad what is going on in society and most of it unnecessary when you think that everyone has a right to choose whichever path they take in life or in any decision they make in their households :) .

    Finding the same in our garden with the lack of sun things are growing far slower than usual.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $552.55 in savings last week :) .

    In the kitchen -
    - We baked 3 loaves of wholemeal white bread in the bread making machine saving $10.47 on prices locally.
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    Clothing ,shoe repairs and hair cuts -
    - I repaired the soles on two of my ugg boots and 1 working around the home shoe by gluing on the soles with shoe repair glue saving $69 over taking them to a shoe repairer to fix and that is including the cost I paid for the glue.
    - DH darned a tear in a pair of tracksuit pants saving $25 over hiring someone to do it.
    - I replaced 3 buttons on two work shirts for DH saving $12 over hiring someone to do it.
    - I cut DH's hair with the hair clippers saving $30 over taking him to the barber.

    In the storage room -
    - Finished sorting our food stockpile and now everything is in organised categories with all the shelves cleaned and dusted and bulk buckets sorted in order of dates.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 2 x 600ml bottles of Norco thickened cream for $1.50 ea from IGA saving $4.25 on usual prices. These are now stored in the freezer for future use.
    - Bought 3 x pkts of prescription cat dry cat food for DH on a 10% off sale online saving $20.40 on usual prices.
    - Saved 10% or $31.43 off our yearly online medical order with Pharmacy Online using the code 10BLK (until the 29th of November).
    - Saved $350 by buying a new laptop for myself through Harvey Norman on a Black Friday sale.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :).


    1. Dear Lorna, True, the girls are least had one chicken each!
      Yes you would think people are adult enough to decide and get on with it. I couldn't care less if people had the v or not. What the heck.
      Your DH is pretty handy with his sewing! That is awesome!
      I would love to see your storage room. It is great you are organised and know where to put your hand on everything. Usually well organised means more space too. How nice to have a new lap top! That was a great saving! As usual you were very productive. Have a wonderful new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  11. Gorgeous pictures of Harper and Scarlett! I really love the way you spend time with them, it is so meaningful. They must love coming to stay!!

    Yay for the new chicks! How exciting. Your sewing is lovely, it must be nice to see the bundles of cloths come together.

    I’ve had a good week, I got some more jobs ticked off and am enjoying seeing the list shrink. I’ve been working really hard to remove things from our house than we no longer use, it’s a big process but I’m starting to notice that the areas I’ve done are much easier to manage. So I will keep pressing on with this.

    It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow so I’m about to decorate his cake. I’ve never done the chocolate dripping down the sides look so hopefully it works!

    Have a lovely new week
    Jen (NZ)

    1. Dear Jen,
      I really notice how life is hectic. I try and plan to be able to sit with the girls ie making the angels... and talk with them. Car journeys are good for talking too I notice. But it is amazing and beautiful what comes out. They beg me to tell stories about when I was a kid and there are funny things my Dad did when he was a kid. They never get sick of these stories!
      Good job on your list! I have been ticking off thing son my lists then I find more things to add on!
      I am sure the cake will be beautiful. I just notice how with kids their hearts seem to swell over things Mum made especially for them... be it cooking, sewing or whatever. He will love it! With much love Annabel.xxx

  12. Dear Annabel, I love how you had the girls stay for a few days. I love their beautiful big smiles. They look very happy! How wonderful you sat and crafted together and made the angels together. This won't be forgotten. I sometimes get teary (in that bittersweet way) when I recount to the boys of holidays that I had with my grandmother where she taught me to craft. They will always remember these special times. I love how they play with the goats- so cute, and how they wanted to give the eggs to Scout and Molly. I have started crocheting another tea towel, I think I might try something else after this, but I like the way I can see progress quickly lol I have also made up some seed packets. I planted our some more passionfruit and divided some plants. I enjoy being out in the garden and every bit counts at the moment. Lots of love, Lily

    1. Dear Lily,
      My Nana taught me a lot of crochet and I still use it all today and remember learning. So I know these things really stick with us.
      You had a nice week! The seed packets sound very nice and it is nice to have a crochet project. Time in the garden is well spent and I agree every bit counts! With love Annabel.xxx

  13. Annabel I am sure that the girls loved learning from nana whilst they were with you. Love the velvet. six of my raised garden beds have a major problem with nut grass, it came in soil that my husband picked up from a local supplier. It has meant that my seedlings that I had just planted in those beds have been removed as we try to get the problem sorted so that I can grow things in the cooler weather.

    We do have one bed that is not as badly infected with nut grass that I had already planted up well before the nut grass showed its head - I planted cherry tomatoes that I had raised from seed myself and they are going great guns - looked down from the veranda and spotted a whole lot of green tomatoes that are a good size along with some flowers. We also have a passionfruit vine in that garden bed that is taking over the space. The rain and warmish days are really helping things to get a growth spurt.

    My husband is working out retirement plans, he has the opportunity to drop back to 3 days a week which he thinks he will do late next year. Meanwhile we have a list on the 'fridge of things to be done before he retires. We are currently part way through getting a front fence and gates built. We will be looking after our daughter's dog early in the new year and the fence and gate will mean that he can have access to the yard, mind you I will be out watching him because he is the sort of breed that I think will entice someone into stealing him.

    I have a change in medication coming up in a couple of weeks and have been warned by my new GP that life will be rough for at least 6 weeks. I am making plans so that I can stay at home as much as possible, I have a few things that I would like to do but it depends on how I am travelling. Meanwhile I have ordered some books to read for those days when that is all that I can manage to do.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      I hope you can get this grass problem sorted out... the soil should not have come with anything in it. Bit of a set back but I hope you can get it sorted.
      Cherry tomatoes are fantastic. You did well growing the seedlings yourself too. I think it sounds like you will get a great crop.
      It is a big plan to work toward your husbands retirement... a good idea to get big things done. I am sorry that you might not be so well with changing medication. I hope it will be a worthwhile change though. Staying cool and comfortable with nice things to do will hopefully make it go faster.
      Have a good new week Lynette, with love Annabel.xxx

  14. My husband has been watching some of the news from your area and we were both sorry to see the mess going on there. I'm so sorry. It's been difficult enough here in the States for many too but seems to be tempering down a bit. I don't know that this is lasting but it's been restful.

    Have just sent home my family who were here for Thanksgiving holiday. In three weeks we will do something similar again for family Christmas day. We try to work around schedules of divorced children's partners as well as our own so we rarely have a true holiday with all who are in the state.

    I have one gift that is not yet shipped, one to buy and three to add to but hope to finish completely by end of this month. For unshipped things I can only pray they will come on and try to find back up items. Then I shall begin again in January and start there instead of waiting until end of summer! That is how I used to do but circumstances have conspired to keep that from happening. I'm going to wrestle circumstances to suit me! lol

    I see a lot of those snaggle toothed smiles in my life just now. It is a precious sight to be sure. Lovely girls. I know you enjoyed your time with them. My grands who visited here this weekend are not country children but they love to roam and wander and stay out of doors almost exclusively while here. I can imagine if we had proper farm animals they'd be even more interested.

    1. Dear Terri, I know our news is hitting the channels world wide. I have friends ask me "is this actually true?" and more or less always it is. Most of it I never would have believed could even happen here.
      It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. And you are doing well with Christmas. I think playing outdoors is so good for kids. Yes animals are a natural attraction and kids and animals play which is so gorgeous really. Have a very good new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  15. I enjoy all your lovely photos and progress on your property with the gorgeous animals and produce.
    Your sewing is not only useful , creative and often thrifty but also such an enjoyable hobby.
    Looking at the cleaning cloths and washers, have you researched the damage that Microfibre is doing to the environment, it is already found in some of the food chain.
    Please be careful and stay safe.

    1. Thanks so much Margaret. No I really dont know anything like this about microfibre. I figure the fact I dont use paper plates, towels etc and use all reusables and I compost and all that kind of stuff Im fairly careful but I will look into it.
      Have a very good new week. With love Annabel.xxx

  16. Praying for you from across the globe .... the world is in upheaval. Thankful we have the LORD to protect us under His wings. You are doing the right thing, getting prepared and keeping your grandchildren and family cozy and safe. Precious memories can still be made during these times. Gid bless you and keep you.

  17. Hi Annabel

    You beautiful Grandaughter's are growing up so quickly and at a wonderful age to be teaching things to. My DD is heading for her orientation day at High School tomorrow....that is so scary cause I remember reading some of your posts (elsewhere) rocking her in the bassinet not long after she was born and learning your pearls of wisdom along the way. A little over a week left of primary school to go. I was able to get some 2nd hand formal uniforms (only needed 3 times a year) from a lady I know that was selling her daughters and this was a real savings as new for the 3 pieces I would have paid over $150.00 and I paid only $60

    Today I decided to not dwell on the flooding we have been having here (yes major flooding enough for cars to go under) and turned up the Christmas music and started our inside decorations. Tree will be later in the week when DP comes home but I am sure we can put up the small tree. Tomorrow I am hoping to be wrapping possibly as it is looking like more rain.

    The flooding will once again see shelves bare just as they were starting to get a little better. Thanks to your great advice and having lived rural I am fairly well prepared in the food department.

    I so love seeing the photos of the animals and the chicks are just so cute and cuddly. I will say that I love the cute little goat (has mischief) written all over it's face but oh so loveable.

    Stay safe and well
    Aly xxx


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