Feather your Nest Friday, 8th October, 2021.

I am tired at the end of the week!   There is a bit to report! 

Some of the ways I build up our home,  pantry and garden included:

I have been letting all the chooks and ducks free range during the day.  There is so much grass.  Also we had rain and they all just love it.  I think the rain brings out insects and worms etc as they are all extra busy.   The nicest thing is the view.  Wherever I look the chickens make the farm look so nice!

I look out and think oh my goodness this is my life!!  I love it!  

One day it lightly rained for hours and hours.   Usually the ducks hang around with the chickens.   But this day the ducks headed off on their own.   I think they were having such a good time they ended up a long way from the house.   Andy saw them having a great time way off in the paddock. 
Late in the afternoon when I went to put everyone away the chooks went straight into the yard but the ducks were no where to be seen.    Oh no, I thought the worst.  
Before it got dark I decided to go for a drive and see if I could find them.  As I went past the hen house there they all were sitting at the gate, waiting for it to open and let them in.   They looked completely innocent and wondering why they were shut out.    I opened the gate and they quaked and waddled in.   Pheww I thought I fox had got them.  

We gained two calves!!   One is a larger calf, black with curls.  I called him Johnny after someone that helped us out.

The other is tiny.  The smallest calf I have ever seen.   I called him Elvis.

I have been working through the produce I was given last week.   Lots of it went into the meals.  I made lemon butter and one bottle of lemon juice.

I dehydrated a tray of leeks. 

On the local buy, swap and sell a lady was offering free succulents.   I was given a big bag that had so many in it they just needed separating.   I gave about half to Chloe.  She messaged me later and said she got 22 plants from them. 

I potted mine up to get them started again.

This week I added some more flowers to my collection.

Some are an experiment to see how they dry.  

When we came here three years ago there was absolutely no garden.  The soil is quite sandy.  We get some scorching hot days in summer...  so now I have flowers and it is not perfect or anything as I have had many failures but I have flower beds! 

So the big news of the week is I got my puppy!  

Her name is Molly.  She is a Border Collie.  

I have been visiting her for several weeks.   So she already knew me.   I love her! 

This is THE FACE.   That's what you get when she isn't too sure...

And this is flaked out..

At this stage Scout is polite but not too sure!  She is warming up. 

I did a bulk herbs and spices order online so I have been filling jars with new fresh supplies.  They smell so good.   This really bulked up my herb and spice cupboard. 

I made dried apricot balls which are delicious.

So it was a good week.   I hope it was a good week for you too.   Some of us though are under extreme distress being under the most severe and longest lockdowns in the world.   Also facing loss of livelihoods, separation from their families, loneliness and isolation.   We cannot avoid all things but we can be prepared, as best we can.   So keep working on your pantry and keep working on your preparedness. 

How did you do this week?  We love to hear!  xxx


  1. Your flower beds are looking beautiful and colourful. I love how the ducks were the happy little wanderers on the wet day. Elvis and Johnny are very valuable additions to the biscuit led flock/herd.
    This week has been a busy one. I finally picked up my new electric trike. Her name is Rosie. She makes getting around town so easy. I like that we have an alternative source of transport. Bluey and I did an experiment. He drove up to our local Aldi whilst I rode. I easily beat him into the carpark. I took one of the many, well maintained by paths and he travelled the roads. The trike has an insulated zippered carry bag in the large basket on the back. It's excellent for shopping.
    I have been sewing for the little girls and for young Spencer. It is warming up so hats are a needed item. Spencer has one made to fit him. I will measure the little girls heads when they get here and then make them new hats.
    Bluey and I pulled apart the vintage spare bed. The steel wheels have been removed and will be replaced with rubber wheels with brakes. The bed itself is being painted gloss black. We picked up a free chest of drawers that need a little bit of work. These will also be painted black.
    We had a huge storm come through earlier in the week. We got through OK but there was a lot of vegetation blown around. The veranda was a mess and took a lot of effort to get back to a lovely living area again. Bluey ended up using the ride on mower to mow over the rubbish and pick it up as mulch. The yard is now looking good and just a little greener than it was before the storm.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane, Rosie was on my dog name list! We must think alike! Your trike with good carry bag and insulated bag will be a big asset.
      The hats you make are really nice. Everyone could have one or two of those.
      I am glad you got rain. Nothing does so much good for the garden as rain. You did a lot with the spare bedroom and the veranda. Huge amount of work! Well done! Good week! With love Annabel.xxx

  2. Annabel, I love your stories; the comparison between your calves; your sunshine in jars; your flowers and gardens; and Molly!

    I find that this is a time of knowing that only the Almighty’s ways matter, and that He values each one so much that He gave everything for them!! ..... It is a time for petitions in the courts of heaven, and of having His ways brought forth on the earth; of thoughtful notes to acquaintances; of sowing seeds of life for those around us; of cups of tea and heartfelt chats about the deep things in life; of supporting local and roadside businesses; of working for the good of our employers; of encouraging people in their divine purposes; of talking to strangers; of seeing basic needs and giving!! This is a time to live, and to share life with others! Our lives are stories to those around us!

    1. Dear Rachel, Thank you! Yes this is a time to re asses what is important and invest in those things and to generously help and build up others! We had a beautiful day today and being in the garden is so good. Have a good weekend to you! With love Annabel.xxx

  3. Hi Annabel,
    I have always enjoyed reading your posts and they have given me a sense of peace, especially over the last few years. I haven't commented before but wanted to say thank you for all of your preparedness posts (and all the animal, gift and craft ones too). We live in Melbourne and my family and I have just recovered from covid. It has been a difficult few weeks but we are very much counting our many blessings. We were pretty well-prepared and had a lot of what we needed in our home. I had batteries in the torch when I had to check the heater unit outside one night, sanitiser and mask supplies, lettuce growing in the garden, a bundle of flannel hankies, established food, bathroom and laundry pantries and a wonderful trusted doctor who cared for us from afar. Granted, the cars weren't full of petrol (we couldn't use them anyway) and we did need some medical and vitamin supplies delivered but we were prepared in many other ways so it was all okay. It gave us peace of mind that many things were in place at a very trying time, even if we didn't have everything completely sorted. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog - your words and wisdom really made a difference to us.
    Many thanks,
    Manda x

    1. Dear Manda, Thank you so much for commenting and telling me you have been reading. I am so sorry to hear you have had covid but so glad you are all recovering. You were really well prepared! The soft flannel hankies are so good when unwell. You have done well and been through so much being in Melbourne and having Covid on top of that.
      Look after yourself and I hope you will soon be feeling so much better. With love Annabel.xxx

  4. That lemon stuff looks so good. I would love to watch that puppy play.
    I retired from our little hospital in August. My coworkers are struggling. People are still dying. Our county has 35,700 people in it. The hospital is at full capacity. No where to send patients. The regional center is full. Next nearest hospitals 100 miles away. Also full. (This is leaving no room for people with nonCovid illnesses like heart attacks and strokes.) They are triaging patients for transfer based on survival potential. (Like the military has to in crisis of war.) There are no mask requests/requirements in place here. With the safety information out there now, I guess they expect people to make their own decisions to stay safe. We certainly need prayers and kind thoughts sent this way. I know the isolation of lockdowns and devastating effects on everyone are awful too.
    Going to clean out my little garden today. Only onions left. And weeds…. Also time to plant a bit of garlic. We are in fall here but beautiful weather. Walking my 2 miles in shorts. Still hanging out laundry. Helps my mental health as much as my physical health. Take care of yourself folks.
    I understand if you need to edit/delete this but wanted to let you know what is going on. Need to do a bit of shopping today for loss leaders and fresh fruit/vegetables. Not seeing shortages on food here, but prices definitely up. Meat but at least $1/pound. I haven’t seen canning lids available anywhere since March so that’s not good. If you purchase a case of new jars they come with new lids and rings, but most people already have or are gifted unused jars.
    Escanaba, Michigan

    1. Dear Sheila, I am so sorry it is so serious where you live. So many people under so much stress. I hope you are able to stay well through this.
      I appreciate the info from your area I think it is good for us to know. I think going for your walks and being in the garden is very good, as you say for physical and mental health!
      Many thanks, Love Annabel.xxx

  5. Molly is so sweet! And Elvis is just adorable! You had a great week. I read bits to my husband and we chuckled about the ducks.

    This week it has rained and rained and rained almost nonstop now for five days. There is a danger of flooding for many areas and those areas have not recovered from the last rain we had like this. Our big pantry stock up was 10 pounds of extra lean organic ground beef which has been vacuum sealed and frozen. Other than that we have stayed home out of the rain. But, sometimes it is cozy just to be at home with delicious meals and books to read in between chores and laundry.

    We made extra chili for our nextdoor neighbors on Monday and some for the freezer. My recipe always does 5 meals for us, one to eat and four to freeze. So after the one meal I packed up a full half gallon for the neighbors and 3 meals for the freezer. It did not make sense since our meals are only about 3.5 cups and the half gallon was over 4 times that amount. But all we can say is that God gave the increase. My Mom always said that when we feed others there will always be plenty and she has always been right.

    I just do not know how all this Covid mess is ever going to right itself except that God intervenes. A dear friend says that when you are in the midst of a trial we need to ask God what we need to learn from it and I still don't know except that Christians have wandered so far from God that it is time to turn back to Him and confess our sins. It is like a nightmare that we can never wake up from and will never end. The vaccine has torn families apart including ours. Two years ago if someone had told us how life would be now would you have believed them? I would not have.

    Have a lovely weekend in spite of it all. There is always some joy to be found if we look for it.

    1. Dear Lana, That is a lot of rain! It is really good you got a lot of ground beef, you can do so much with that. It is lovely that you shared some of your cooking. I agree with what your Mum said!
      We are seeing this division here. I have seen some things that have just boggled my mind and as you say if anyone had told us this is how things would be now we would never have believed any of it. I think the only thing to do is keep on and pray and wait it out. One day at a time. I dont think we are done yet I think we have a way to go. But that means we have a mission and things to do. Keep as you are doing Lana! With love Annabel.xxx

  6. Sorry I've not contributed lately. Having some health issues that have put a temporary halt on much progress. After a couple of stints in the hospital, including a heart cath, I've been ordered to take it easy for a couple of weeks. So I'm mainly taking notes and making to-do lists so I'll be ready to get back in the swing of things soon. I did get a batch of chicken broth canned and added various things to our stockpile. Annabelle, congratulations on your new baby calves and on MOLLY. What a FACE is right and I can tell she has you wrapped around her little paw. Your photos bring me lots of warm feelings and smiles. Have a good week, all.

    1. Dear Pam, I am really sorry to hear you have been so unwell! I hope you are recovering and doing better. DO take it easy and do what you are told. We cannot mess around with our health.
      Many thanks for your kind words! With love Annabel.xxx

  7. Molly is so cute. I do so love animals and, especially, dogs. She looks very smart.

    Our 11 year old Golden Retriever just went to the Vet and had blood work done. Doesn't look too good as some of the blood work came back signifying possible lymph cancer. Currently, she has no external lymph nodes swollen.

    As you know, we lost her brother two years ago to lymph cancer. He was my boy and I am still missing him so much. We are too old to get another, although our lives will be missing their company and love.

    We continue to plug along stocking up and planning. Next week, we are forecast to get our first snow and freezing temperatures. John dug the potatoes yesterday.

    I had some extensive dental work this week, so that put me back a couple of days. I did manage to assess the food storage room, order more bulk herbs, catch up the budget book, order more bones and meat, deep clean the kitchen and tend to family that needed my attention. I failed to get to the cucumbers, zucchini and plums, so checked them to make sure they weren't getting beyond use. I, so, hate wasting garden produce, but it seems it is getting harder for me to get to it each year.

    Have a wonderful weekend Bluebirds. Many blessings to each of you.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda, I am thinking 11 is a good age for a Labrador. It seems to vary so much. I hope she carries on and is well for a long while yet. It seems to have come around quickly that you are expecting snow already!
      Oh dental work is awful. And takes recovery time. I am glad that is out of the way.
      You still achieved a lot! Hopefully the remaining produce will keep for you, I know how end of season is with much produce and little time!
      With much love Annabel.xxx

  8. Dear Annabel, It was so nice reading your beautiful, encouraging post this morning! I'm glad you found the ducks safe and sound. Molly is a beautiful puppy and seems so sweet. Your flower beds are gorgeous. Lots accomplished!
    It has been cool enough for us to start walking in the park near our house. We are both thankful to be able to get out walking together.
    The mosquitoes have been really bad here and the worst part is they are spreading West Nile Virus.. I learned that a dear friend of my older daughter's is very ill from it. I've stocked up on mosquito repellant for us and have also been buying some for a group that helps homeless teens.
    I keep adding to our pantry with the thought that we would have what we need and also be able to share with others who might be in need. Still getting some things from the Buy Nothing Group and passing some things on to them. The stores here in the Phoenix area (Arizona, USA) are trying to keep the appearance of being stocked by spreading things out with boxes and cans only one layer deep on the shelves. I have spoken to workers in the stores who say they are not getting what they have ordered. We went to a shoe store to get some of the shoes that my husband finds most comfortable and wears daily. We were told they were also low on stock due to supply issues. My husband found two pair that were what he wanted. One was on sale and we were able to use coupons on both. So, we have been able to get most things we need or want. The prices keep increasing, making me feel like buying things now is a good investment.
    My garden has basil, a grape vine, a few sweet potato plants, mint and asparagus that have survived the heat. I'm happy that most of the rose plants are doing well, too. I bought a few new flowers to add some color. The selection of vegetables was slim, so I bought a bag of seed starter soil and plan to get some some planting done for a winter garden. I did get a tomato plant to give them a little head start and was pleased to find a container with 3 plants in it. I will carefully separate them, hoping to get 3 plants for the price of one.

    Wishing you and the rest of the Bluebirds a lovely weekend!
    Love from Arizona,

    1. Dear Elaine,
      Thank you! It is lovely you can go walking together and make the most of the cooler weather.
      Mosquitos spread so many bad things! Be careful of that.
      Thank you for your observations at the store. Good thing your husband found his shoes. I am hearing what you are saying from far and wide now. I think yes, buying things now is a good investment since prices are still increasing.
      Your garden sounds lovely! When I am at the nursery getting seedlings I also watch as the odd container will have 7 seedlings instead of six and so on! A free extra one!
      Have a good weekend! With love Annabel.xxx

  9. I love your flower beds and your puppy is just the cutest little thing!

  10. Molly is gorgeous Annabel!! How exciting! Plus a couple of calves thrown in there a well lol. What a week! I like your cheeky ducks wondering back in their own good time lol.

    I just love the succulents, they are such a good find. Even small ones are very expensive here.

    We took a short trip back to our home town this week, first time we’ve been there in a year. It was great to see friends and family. I also went to a bulk supplier and did a big shop of dried fruit, seeds, herbs etc. I make granola, both gluten free and regular, so it’s much cheaper to buy the ingredients in bulk. We won’t need any new supplies for a while!

    I was also given a box of food by someone who had a houseguest that bought lots of ingredients and packet mixes that they didn’t use. She said they’d just be going in the bin otherwise but she knew I don’t like wasting food so asked if I wanted them. Ummm…. Yes please!! So I’m working through that box and aim to use it all up by the end of the holidays (one more week).

    I’ve ordered all major Christmas presents now, so just some stocking fillers to add. So very much on track to have that all sorted by the end of the month as planned.

    We are looking forward to a relaxing second week of school holidays here, very little planned. After a trip away I think that’s needed!

    Enjoy your weekend with your new family members!
    Jen (NZ)

    1. Dear Jen,
      Thank you! Succulents here are $10 for the tiniest little specimen you ever saw! Plants full stop are really expensive. It is so nice you went home and saw family! Also your bulk shop sounds fantastic! I just did bulk herbs and spices. The difference to the quality, freshness and price compared to the supermarket was HUGE. So it sure pays to compare and do it this way! You would have had fun putting it all away.
      The box of goodies you were given is great, it would be like a challenge to incorporate them into your meals. A bonus for sure!
      Well done on getting the Christmas presents organised. I think its a very good idea to be ahead. A restful week now will be nice. I bet you will be cooking at the end towards the new term lunch boxes but that is fun too. Enjoy the last week. With love Annabel.xxx

  11. Always a delight to see your animals and hear about their capers. Your flowers are great and after only three years...imagine how your farm will look in three more years! I wonder , what with so much on your plate, do you ever take a day off? I suppose not with all those mouths to feed. The result is quite impressive.

    1. Dear Rita, Well a day off still is after feeding and checking all the animals, letting them out, putting them away, collecting the eggs and usually watering the garden. But I grew up on a farm and animals dont take the day off they need to be checked everyday. I never in my whole life really knew Dad to take a day off. If something big was on like a wedding them he would work beforehand and then take the day off. I try to have quietist Sundays to plan my week. Many thanks... my garden was originally going to be blues, purples and white. In the end I had to go with what grew so it is a little random! with love Annabel.xxx

  12. Oh Molly is the cutest! The photo of her flaked out is delightful. Much fun ahead!

    1. Thanks Penny. Each day has been beautiful with her! xxx

  13. Hi Annabel! Love the new puppy and calves. What a face on that new puppy;) It was a good week for us here in the desert Southwest of the US. Temperatures were lovely. We were able to fill up extra petrol containers as well as bbq propane tanks so we are in good shape there. I also bought and received some N95 masks (first time I have bought any, we have been using the more common paper masks this past two years). On the positive side, we went to see the new James Bond movie last night, it was great, exactly what I have come to expect, action, scenery ;). It has been a few years since we went to a real movie in a movie theatre.

    1. Oh the movie sounds like fun to go to. I saw how Kate and Prince William went and so dressed up for the new movie! Good work on the masks, fuel and propane. Very good to have. xxx

  14. Dear Annabel,
    Awww, Molly is just too cute, love her little face. Scout has nothing to worry about as the first dog is always Alpha and in charge. I had a Yorkie and a Collie/Samoyed/Keeshond mix at the same time and the Yorkie , who was first, was fully in charge.
    Scout is a sweetheart and Molly and she will soon become good friends.
    Your flowers are just beautiful and I hope the one ones you have hanging dry well. I enjoy pressing flowers as well as drying them to cheer up the winter months.
    It's still unseasonably warm her in the Midwest US, but that is fine as my last tomatoes might still have time. Love seeing you chickens, ducks, and little calf. You truly have a wonderful place.
    Blessings, Laura

    1. Dear Laura,
      Thank you! Scout has taken to Mollie now and they are best buddies. They horse around all day it is so funny.
      I could be pressing flowers! I forgot about that! Mum and I used to press so many in those big thick old phone books. I will look for suitable ones and press some too.
      I hope your last tomatoes mature! They will be a bonus! Thanks Laura I love it here so much and love the animals! With much love Annabel.xxx

  15. So lovely! I'm curious to know - what do you do with all your calves (as they grow into cows)? Do you eat them or are they pets?

    1. Hi Gigi,
      The cows grow up here to hopefully have calves themselves. The bulls/ steers are eventually sold. At nearly a ton they cannot be pets. We know of people who have lost their lives this way. I save them from orphans. It costs me approx $100 to raise a calf. In two years they are worth several thousand dollars. There is no where else I know of that I can get that kind of increase on an investment of time and care plus $100 in formula. I love my animals as you know but a one ton overly friendly bull is dangerous so I cannot keep them more than a couple years.
      My cows I think will live their years out here. xxx

    2. Good to know, I was wondering what happened to the animals…your cows are the luckiest in the universe, loving at a retirement farm, with biscuits ;)

  16. Oh, how precious! Molly the little Collie 💖 I love her, too :D. She got a wonderful home. Those ducks! So cute. Your flower beds and surrounds look like you've been there a good long time. It's so pretty.
    Awww, Elvis and Johnny...love them.
    Love from Cali, Mary

    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you! The two calves are doing well! It was a week of increase! Many thanks, love Annabel.xxx

  17. Molly! I am so thrilled for you and that you named her Molly! Our Molly left us Thursday night. She was a classic Westie--friendly and self-confident. She was about 15-1/2, we'd had her for nearly 14 wonderful years, and she was only sick for a few weeks. We were so very blessed to have her. The vet came to the house and put her down in a very kind and respectful way. It's hard for us right now, but things will get easier. We still have a 6-year-old male Westie (lots of mental health issues, LOL) and he is missing her, too. Don't mean to hijack your blog, but I am absolutely thrilled you named your girl Molly! I know she is going to bring you as much joy as our Molly gave us.

    We're trying to stay busy, and it helps. I pulled up the garden and composted most of the plants. Still have some general cleanup to do, but I'm making progress.

    I cooked double once this week and froze another ready meal. We're eating one frozen meal this week because I know what makes it work is to keep rotating.

    I didn't really need groceries this week, and it's a good thing--few deals at the grocery store. I bought frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.48 lb. and scored 2 pounds of butter for $1.99 each. Butter in the freezer is like having gold!

    1. Dear Maxine,
      I think butter in the freezer is a good idea too!
      I had decided Molly was a beautiful name a while ago and then you lost your Molly. I am glad you are pleased as I wouldn't want to upset you using this name. She is going so well and is so good!
      You did very well with the week and the good deals too! With much love, Annabel.xxx

  18. Annabel how lovely is your new Collie, 2 new calves and the fact your ducks came back to roost after having a merry time free ranging :) . Lovely you were able to fill up your herbs and spices containers and cupboard, make lemon butter, pot up all the succulents and dehydrate some leeks.

    I am commenting each week but it appears every second week my comments aren't going through for some reason even though it says it has and will appear once it is approved. It is a mystery :) .

    An interesting news article of the world prices of food increasing too found here - https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/06/04/food-j04.html .

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $76.20 in savings last week :).

    In the kitchen -
    - Made 2 loaves of wholemeal white bread in the bread machine saving $6.98 over buying them locally.
    - Made all meals from scratch.
    - Baked a batch each of coconut choc chip biscuits and a batch of peanut biscuits saving $11.72 over buying them in the supermarkets. We have been enjoying them all week.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 2 grocery and 1 fuel voucher from racq saving 3 and 4% off the face value of the cards saving $15 on usual prices.

    In the gardens -
    - Picked broad beans from the gardens, double shelled and blanched and froze them for meal sized portions in the freezer for a total of 1.36 kg or 18 single meal portions.
    - Planted a punnet of 10 capsicum seedlings I bought from BigW for $3.95 saving $41.05 over buying them in singular plants in Bunnings.


    1. Hi Annabel,I love your flowers they really pretty and your puppy is so cute lol iam doing lots around home doing more mowing,planting more herbs in the garden and doing a bit of sorting and cleaning here at home I am on holidays soon and then hopefully I will start a new job after that if all goes to plan,On Thursday john told me to fill up my car as petrol is going up I went past a 7/11 and it was about 180.4 I just kept on driving ,and found cheaper. I wana leg of lamb and is it ok in the freezer how long will it keep? I saw a leg of lamb for $30 think I will keep looking ,,everything is so expensive and in in of a haircut too:)
      Have a nice Sunday

    2. Melissa, I'm not Annabel, but OF COURSE you can freeze a leg of lamb. You might want to wrap it in plastic wrap first, to be sure that you exclude all of the air. Then wrap it snugly in foil or freezer paper and be sure to write the date on it. If the roast has been cut into smaller pieces and will fit into a zip-loc bag, just put it inside the bag, poke a drinking straw through the top, close the bag up to the straw and suck out all of the air. Then pull out the straw and finish closing the bag. If the roast came to you on a plastic tray and wrapped in plastic wrap, remove it before wrapping for the freezer. There will be air in the empty spaces, and air is what causes freezer burn. If you've already popped it into the freezer this way, it will be OK for a month or two, but not for longterm freezing. Note: If you remove food from the freezer and detect freezer burn, just cut off the affected part and cook the rest. Freezer burn isn't dangerous, just unappetizing.

    3. Dear Lorna,
      Thank you for the link! There are so many things going on right now and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Food and goods at good prices are a great investment now!
      Your choc chip and peanut butter biscuits sounds so good. What a great deal on the Capsicums! The beans ready to eat in the freezer is really good too. I am sorry that some comments have gone wayward. I dont know what is up with that, I am happy this one came through! If I dont get your comment I notice and think about emailing you to just check all is well. I hope that is the end of that glitch! With much love Annabel.xxx

    4. Dear Melissa, Maxine is right you can freeze lamb vey well. Wrap well. She has given very good instructions. A good pice of lamb is expensive but if you do tons of veggies you should get a few meals from it. (Depends on how many you are feeding of course) With love Annabel.xxx

  19. Oh my goodness, little Elvis and Molly sure are cute! I love looking out at my yard too (especially when the chickens are out) and think "This is my life! I love it!" This week we got the tomatoes planted and also some eggplants. I still need to plant the zucchini and cucumber but I'm waiting for the last of the snow peas to die off before I can clear them out and use that garden bed. It's amazing what rain does to a garden because we are usually dry and sandy here too but there is so much greenery and life! The potatoes are all shooting up and we are doing our best to keep them covered for a while yet. Friday was a very productive day in the garden: I repotted a lot of plants, including some aloe vera that had over grown its pot. I now have little pots to give away as gifts. I also planted parsley, basil and calendula. Looking forward to having them fresh in the garden again. The oregano, mint and rosemary just keep growing all year which is great for the pantry. We also did a bulk buy of mince and now the freezer is full with beef patties ready to be made into burgers or rissoles. We are also making good way on being prepared for Christmas with some orders in and little gifts put up for the kids.
    Have a great week Bluebirds and Annabel
    Kirsty x

  20. Such beautiful things. 💕 The puppy is darling. I hope everyone has a great week. Lovely ladies I could use some prayer this week. The leukemia is extra hard this week.Hugs! If you could lift me and my family up it has been a difficult week.
    Sending big prayers and hugs to all the blue birds.
    Much love
    Patti from San Diego

    1. Dear Patti,
      I am so sorry you are not feeling good. I will be praying for you. Would you like to email me it is brinkzi21@hotmail.com you can message me anytime. With much love Annabel xxx

    2. Dear Patti and sorry you don't feel well and big hugs to you and your family :) . You will be in our prayers for comfort and feeling better shortly.


    3. Dear Annabel,
      Thank you for the prayer.💕Prayer changes things I will send an Email tomorrow. My computer would not open Email tonight. We had a border collie when Kristi was younget .They a sweet dogs.
      Much love,

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  21. Annabel
    Sorry I am late to the comments! Molly is very cute :) I also love the name Elvis for your calf. I think you need a Priscilla next!
    Have a lovely week.
    Heidi xx

    1. Dear Heidi, Thank you! OK I will name a female calf Priscilla I didnt think of that but good idea! Hope things are ok there re fuel and shortages... With love Annabel.xxx

    2. Thank You Lorna,
      Big hugs Patti 💕


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