30 Days to better Preparedness. Day 6. Utilities.

 Today we have an easy task.   I am trying to mix up days with less work with days with more... which means tomorrow has more!  This was Mum's lawn yesterday,  covered in hail!   This was funny since I was just saying how Spring like it is. 

The rough weather caused other issues which I will get to in a minute. 

But first, our job for today.  Do you know how to turn off the utilities to your house?   Turn off the power? Turn off the water?  

One night at our old house I was in bed thinking wow it sure is raining heavily.   Then I thought mmm there wasn't a cloud in the sky this evening.   Then I realised the rain was INSIDE ...  !!!  I got up and ran towards the noise and the kitchen floor was covered in water and more was gushing out of the cupboards! 

In my nightie I ran like heck out to the front yard and turned off the mains water tap. 

Our dishwasher hose had split.  This simple thing flooded the front of the house.  Had we been away rather than home it would have filled our cellar of supplies and wrecked everything. 

Often the man of the house knows this stuff but we need to know too.   If you don't know how to turn off the power and water find out and you are done for today!   I am not familiar with gas since I have not had it but consider what to do if you suspect a gas leak in your home. 

Yesterday I went to town for a big stock up shop.  I got everything on my list.  I was very lucky because over and over I got the last two.  I buy gluten free flour I got the last two.  I would say I got the last two about a dozen times!    On the way home I was the second on the scene of a giant tree coming down right across the road.

The first was a truck in front of me.  

I asked him if he saw the tree come down but he said no it but it is a pretty busy road so it is lucky it didn't land on anyone.   

Not one to waste an opportunity I asked him if he hauls interstate and he said yes.   So I asked him if it is true there will be a truck strike this week?  He said yes! 

So for the Aussie girls this Friday the truckers are protesting particularly on the border points into QLD and NSW and Parliament House,  local councils etc.   They have complied with mask wearing, with endless testing which often takes up a lot of their already very long days.  Now even more is being demanded of them and they have had enough.  I don't blame them.   Since basically everything is trucked including fuel we need to be aware of this.   Maybe it will be short lived with minimal disruptions but we don't know.  So consider this. 
We also know from the US and the UK ladies the truckers have had the same kinds of issues to the extent that a lot have just given up and now there are shortages of drivers.   This has led to some pretty serious shortages on the shelves in some areas.    

Tomorrow we have a lot more work!  See you then.xxx



  1. Friday is the Toll Ipec strike, about 7,000 drivers out for at least 24 hours. The border blockades will start at 9am next Tuesday, 31st August and the word is to prepare for up to two weeks! We are set, but many won't be and the panic buying will be crazy, especially if main stream media decide to actually report on either of these events.

  2. Dear Annabel, I also know of someone who went away and came back to a flooded house. What had happened was they left the water pump switched on (house on rainwater) at the power point and a leak occured so a continual pumping pump filled the whole house with water. Just something else to consider turning off. Good on our truckies, hope a lot of others get behind their cause. I hear the bikies are going to join them. I have been to the shops to stock up this morning and there were a few people down there doing the same as me because they had heard of the strike too. Like Cath says, the media is very quiet about these events, I wonder what they are up to? People have had enough of the nonsense going on, me included. And unless people stand up for their rights, we will lose them all! Lots of love Tania xxx

  3. Wow, Annabel! I'm glad that tree didn't hit you! Very scary!

    Interesting post, but I'm not sure exactly how to respond about utilities. However, I have a couple of ideas...most of them learned the hard way, LOL.

    Besides knowing how to turn off the water to the whole house, everyone should have shut-off valves under every faucet and at every toilet. This will enable you to turn off the water to just that faucet or toilet. The trouble with these valves is that they aren't very durable. Once they've been turned on and off a few times, usually over a period of years, they will probably need replacing. We've owned houses for 50 years and on several occasions, we've had the shut-off break in our hands when we attempted to turn it on or off. Fortunately, replacing these valves is an easy DIY, and they aren't too expensive. (In the US, there are several kinds. Take the broken valve with you to the hardware store to be sure you get the right one). Because we owned rental houses and replaced more than our share of toilets and faucets, we eventually made a rule for ourselves to replace the shut-off valves whenever we replaced a toilet or faucet.

    Washer hoses also deteriorate over time. My sister's burst when she wasn't home and ruined several rooms of hardwood floors. We always replace the hoses when we replace the washer. If you are lucky enough to have a washer that is, say, over 10 years old, it would be a good idea to replace the hoses now. (Our last washer lasted 29 years and was only on its second set of hoses, which I now realize was like playing with fire). Spend the extra to get the metal mesh hoses, which hold up better than rubber.

    Every adult should know how to turn the electrical breakers off and on. Don't depend on your spouse for this--they might not be at home when the need arises. If they aren't labeled, figure out which switches and outlets operate what, and label the breakers. There will also be a main switch in the box that will turn off everything. Label it, too, maybe in red. And if you smell gas or hear hissing at the meter, get out of the house and THEN call the gas company.

    You know, Annabel, I know all this stuff, but I don't think about it often enough. Thanks for reminding me! (Can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow, although I'm still cooking and freezing from last week, LOL).

  4. Great presence of mind Annabel to ask a random truckie. Such hard work those good folk do.
    Cath you are exactly right about the msm being off to lunch on nearly everything.
    To all the readers, remember to be the sunbeam to those around you who will need a bit of light in the chaos. Our task in our lives is to be the best we can in the most trying of circumstances, such grace and kindness are always remembered by those who receive it.
    Kate xx

  5. This is a good one to know! We had a pipe break while my husband wasn't home and it took us a minute to remember where to turn the water off. I think it would be a good idea to do a drill once every few months with the family to be sure everyone knows what to do. Blessings! Praying for you all from the US.

  6. My heart goes out to a lot of the people in services that kept going through all of this. The truck drivers in our part of the world were stopped from using restrooms in the beginning from some reports I heard. I spoke to several guys that delivered a few items to me and their hours went crazy and yet at the time we were busy clapping for our NHS. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful nurses & doctors but it's been tough on many people. I had news today a friend has gone in to our local A&E with suspected blood clot. A nine hour wait to be seen/treated.
    We at the moment are seeing frozen veg & bottled water shortages where I live.I don't think we have many weeks left before things get worse. Hearing Scotland having 'rise in cases' and may consider shutting schools again!
    Well done on the shop Annabel- it means you can keep away from the panic in the stores.
    Looking forward to the next challenge tomorrow :)
    Love Heidi xx

  7. I do know how to shut off the utilities and thank goodness since we had a similar flood except it was the hose to the water filter under the kitchen sink. We always shut off the water if we are going to be away overnight. We live a mile off a six lane interstate and we can tell the truck traffic is down because it is quieter outside. Yesterday I saw that limits are back on paper goods. Here we go again. Less people are working here, too. Hubby went to drive thru for two chicken sandwiches over the weekend and the restaurant was closed because they had no one to work. We are seeing this all over.

  8. I thought of you when I heard about the trucker's strike. Yes, one of the huge supply chain problems here (among many) is that truck companies are having a hard time getting truck drivers. I was watching a video recently by a long time prepper who talked about prepper burnout. He said that he has experienced it through the years because you wonder if you are doing the right thing when life is normal. He said COVID changed all of that and most recently, the change in political leaders. He is one of those people who think war on U.S. soil is possible. You have been consistent, I truly believe it is because you hear from God and obey.

  9. Some I knew some just asked. Another good one for me !!!! Thank you.

  10. Fedex in our little town is very short on drivers & the ones they have a quitting. One deliveryman told my son they had three full trucks on their lot with no one to deliver the packages. For some reason they're delivering rural first but those in town are not getting their deliveries.

  11. I have located and photographed the electricity and water mains shut off 🙂 They are both in new places in our renovated basement, easy to find and to access.

    The BBC news is reporting serious shortage of truck drivers in the UK too, with shortages of milk, chicken and petrol being mentioned… but the headline was that ….Macdonalds have run out of milkshakes! 🙄 I am keeping a sharp eye on what’s happening here in Norway, and keeping on stocking up (but not on milkshakes 😂😂)

  12. Lost my comment I tried to post, so I will try again.
    I truly wish that people would see the whole. For instance, in the U.S., there are over 80 million Patriots supporting a return of President Trump. Eighty million people that could all strike, stand, say no, and fight for freedom. Stand your ground or the minority Communists will win.
    Anyone forcing someone else to go against their personal faith and beliefs is evil. Control, power and greed are ALL the evil ones care about. God is in control and He will crush them in the end.
    Meanwhile, we, as warriors for our family and homes, can stay busy and steadfast in our pursuit to prepare. Thank you, Annabel, for this series.
    The more strikes that last to crippling, the more power those that value freedom will gain. In the U.S., truckers are coordinating with nurses to strike. Those two areas are vital and when they cease almost all functioning ceases with them. Doctors need nurses. Hospitals need nurses. Almost every global product to purchase or use requires truckers. Without truckers the shelves will be empty, there will be no petrol and supplies will not arrive.
    Love and hugs to all Bluebirds.

  13. Happy day 6! I have learned how to turn off the electric and water, so I can check this one as done ;). I also can now say I have 12 meals in my freezer! Woohoo! Finished the last batch this morning. What a great feeling. Thank you

  14. Thank you Annabel for the reminder and good to know indeed for all family members :).

    I know where to find the mains switch in the power box to turn it off as well as the where and how to turn off the water main to the home too. We had to repair leaks in the yard tap pipes when we had water guzzling from the ground and numerous other leaks when we moved in too which was a crash course in where the water main was :) .

    It is a worry about the truckies going on strike and fortunately I am in front with items for the pantry having done a bit of an advanced shop recently but will pick up anything else we need shortly too.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  15. Toll truckies here are going on strike over pay disputes as the cost of transportation is going up but not their pays. A lady I know ask a truckie the other day since he does long hours and heavy lifting what he made an hour. She said she was nearly on the floor with the rude awakening of his pay and told him if there was employment opportunity at her business she would let him know as she pays her staff more and they get added benefits of freedom to do other things when they are not busy. It is such a disgrace the way they are treated.

    Yes I am in QLD and I do get the government side of things with the borders but I agree that the truckies need to come in and deliver. These people go through a lot to keep our country running as does the mining sector. Funnily enough after the post last Friday regarding talk of doing Christmas shop early I read this in the news a day or so later

    Aly xxx


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