30 Days to Better Preparedness, Day 10. Phone numbers/phones.

 I hope you had a good weekend.  I have caught up a bit and things are in better shape in my pantry.   I followed my own advice (haha!) and cleared out all non food.  Mostly for me this was a lot of empty jars I keep ready for jam making and so on.  I re homed all of them.  On top of this Andy filled the narrow space behind the pantry door with shelves.  I guess they would be four or five inches deep.   When my pantry was build they put in really nice thick wooden shelves but left behind the door a blank space.  Now it too has shelves!   Well,  I can't believe how much more I can fit in there now!   Also I am able to see much better what I have,  how many and what is getting low a lot better.

Today is easy.   But important!   

If you lost your phone (or it died over night)  do you know everyones phone numbers?  Or are they IN your phone!?  

This sounds simple but it is an easy thing to have all the numbers you need stored in your phone and we press names not numbers now and so they are not easily memorised.    It's a bit of a trap!

So right now without your phone as an option do you know all the numbers you need?

I keep a small book in my purse with my most often used phone numbers.   In the house I have a cupboard of emergency supplies like my lanterns and candles.  On the back of that cupboard door are all emergency numbers followed by all those of neighbours.    Beneath those are all the names,  addresses and phone numbers of everyone we know. 

Emergency numbers include (other than 000) 

Local CFS

Local hospitals.

Who to call in a power outage. 

Poisons information.

Doctors surgery.


Local bank branches.

Health Direct.  For the Australians this is 1800 02 222 and this gives you a registered nurse to talk to. 

I try to have everything clear and easy to find.  

Inside this cupboard are also CPR instructions and all sorts of other stuff.  I LOVE the use of inside cupboard doors to keep important information easy to find.  I also have emergency action plans.   When there is a crisis coming and your brain melts down you have a step by step plan to follow.   But that is a subject for another day. 

Today lets just get our numbers sorted out.  If you have ever had to find a number under the pressure of an emergency you know it is so hard.   Look them all up today, write them down,  add them to your phone too so all you have to do is press Poisons Information,  Emergency Nurse,  Electricity outage... or whatever.   

See you tomorrow! xxx


  1. Great idea Annabel. Will do this in a small notebook.


  2. I need to do this! And I would never have thought of it if you hadn't brought it up. Thank you yet again.

  3. This has been on my mind to do for a loonnnngggg time. Time to do it- today.

  4. This can be life saver. Thank you

  5. Dear Annabel, I love the shelves Andy made for you, they are really clever. Today's post is a great reminder, I did write up an address book some years ago but it needs updating. I liked your list of phone numbers to have on hand - this is really important for my teenage daughter too. Clare

  6. Thank you for helping us prepare! I've forwarded to many of my friends. Is there a way to
    sign up for your blog? I do a search for it each day. Thanks. Margie

  7. So many things that we plan for here are reality for those hit by Hurricane Ida here in the USA. Thousands will be without power, water and phones for weeks.

  8. Hi Annabel,
    Such an important one. I'm still a hard copy type of person, so I actually do have this finished.
    I have an address book I keep in my home desk and I have a list of important phone numbers inside the door of one of my kitchen cabinets. also CPR instructions as well. It's been in that cabinet always because my kitchen landline phone used to be right below it. Blessings, Laura

  9. This is Brilliant. I don’t know any # but my husband’s. Doing this right now.

  10. Hi, I had to look up how to download iPhone contacts to excel, will do it today and print it out! I also will email the excel file to myself and save it in my saved mail so in case our house burns down I will also have a backup electronic copy ;)
    Your comment about key phone numbers like doctors, hospital and neighbors is a huge point that I hadn’t thought of…and yes, under stress, something as simple as remembering the neighbor phone number is hard! I will add that to my list as well ;)

  11. Very simple - why haven't I done this before? Thank you for the reminder! I think we have become so used to having information instsantly available online, that we are losing the ability to learn things by heart. And there are so many more numbers to remember!
    Linda in NZ

  12. Love those shelves. Just perfect for storage purposes and you can see absolutely everything!!!

    I have many of those numbers programmed into my cell phone, but I see a few I should add. Thank you.

    God bless.

  13. I thought of this some time back and almost immediately forgot - oy! Thank you for the reminder.

  14. I'm adding this to my to-do list for the day. Thank you!

    Have you ever done a post with pictures of your pantry? Just this little glimpse makes me want to see more.

  15. Annabel thank you and I so agree this is very important to have all our phone numbers listed for all types of things.

    I will be adopting your little book in the handbag trick with all our important phone numbers on them.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)


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