Feather your Nest Friday, 9th July, 2021.

Today is just beautiful.  The farm is so green and it is a glorious sunny day.  We know rain is coming so to me this is perfect.  The sun does me good and I see the baby goats are outside sun baking.  The chickens are sun baking, also the calf.  I am guessing down in the paddock the lambs are soaking it up too.   This week the fourth lamb arrived!  At last!  

Some of the ways we built up the home were:

I embroidered several baby items to put in my gift cupboard.

I made some sewing themed fabric bags.   Some of my Christmas gifts are going to be sewing notions, laces, ribbons and so on.  

We worked outside each fine day.  Andy started to make a goat play centre from stuff lying around the farm.  This was a big success.   The goats are in a big old fenced in tennis court.  It is perfect for them as a regular fence does nothing to contain them!   This is a huge space so we can add on to the climbing/obstacle course as we find things.   So far we have tyres and planks to connect them. 

They love it.   I can't wait to add to this more next week! 

Out the front of the house we have a deck and a big old table.   Back in the day I imagine the people who lived here sat back and watched tennis.   

We sit on the deck and watch goats play. 

If the weather is ok I love to eat outside.  I have always believed having a table and chairs somewhere outside is as good as an extra room.  Better!   Even a tiny balcony is so nice if you can have a chair to sit in the sun and enjoy some fresh air.   Anyway now we can see what the goats are up to.  I should have called them Raphael and Roger. 

I made some scones and shared with Mum.

We finished the chicken run!  It was so much fun to see the chickens go through the door and start to explore in there.

The way it was built there is a step to go over to get though the gate.  The ducks needed help so I put a box on each side to make a step up.   In no time there were in there having a great time.

I open the door in the morning and close it again later in the afternoon.  When the grass gets low I will leave the door shut until it grows up a bit and repeat the cycle.    We have been doing a lot of things to keep the cost of feed down and also reduce our dependance on store bought animal feed.   So this was another step.   Now all the chickens are able to free range to some extent.

My essential oils came out and I made myself a facial serum and some for a friend.  I make a rose serum that just soaks in like nothing else and smells gorgeous.  Expensive to buy, cheap to make!   While I was at it I added essential oils to some bubble bath to make it relaxing and good for bedtime.  

Our sheep were able to graduate to a bigger paddock.  I opened the gate and they all followed me.  When they saw the grass in the new paddock they ran past me and did leaps and bounds.   So they were happy! 

So beautiful!   The world is a really crappy place if you turn the TV on.   If you turn it off it's amazing how good things are.  I don't mean to be uninformed or not watchful.  Our news is mainly not factual anyway but rather a sort of social engineering project.   Not everyone is on a farm but if you have a garden, animals, any kind of handiwork, right there you have a formula for a lot of joy.    If I get a case of the myseries I go sit outside and talk to the dog.  Or sit with the goats or go feed the sheep or cows..  they are all so beautiful.

I found an old colander.  Finally I realised what to do with it.  Some of the succulents I saved the other week and soaked in water are looking good now.  I potted some up into the colander as an outside table centrepiece.  I like it!

My zero dollars and zero cents masterpiece! 

Some of the fruit tree cuttings I took are sprouting.  I expected leaves and hopefully roots.  Some of them are growing figs!!  

Well, I guess they are fig trees!  It just seems so funny to have sticks growing figs! 

I have Harper and Scarlett coming to stay tomorrow so I made a tray of Apricot Balls as a treat to have ready.

Two major investments this week.   A pole chainsaw.  This will help us prune up the big old fruit trees we have plus many other jobs.   If we can prune them we can put nets over them.  Last year the birds got most of the fruit and as much as I love birds I want my orchard.  The time to prune them is now.   Also three fruit trees to add to the orchard, two apricots and a peach.  I might see if I can still add a couple more next week.   

This morning I was thinking about busy mornings.  I am more a night owl than an early bird.  But getting the handmaidens all working gets the day going.   I was in the kitchen wiping benches down as the dishwasher and washing machine were humming along.   We have great handmaidens we have to get them working though!  

I hope you had a good week with opportunities to add to your pantry, garden, preparedness,  maybe gift cupboard!   It all counts!  Food doesn't have to be fancy to be delicious and decor doesn't have to be new to be warm and welcoming!  Most of us are here and alive today because our Grandparents and Great Grandparents (and beyond) put up food and supplies for hard times.   Now I am the Grandmother and it's my job.  Somehow looking well to the ways of our households is a great joy.  Small things are worth celebrating so share with us your progress!xxx


  1. Dear Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirds!!

    This post is a bunch of smiles! These stories are treasures, Annabel! Thank you!!!

    My life contains many smiles, too! My Vicky Challenge, commenced one and a half years ago, is a success! It has paid all of my bills, and I am travelling steadily with my own part-time business! I began with window cleaning, and have found myself doing other cleaning (I use your ‘miracle cleaner’ for health reasons, and clients are pleased!!); gardening; and florist assistant work!! I also work with elderly people, and they give me interesting jobs like painting a door; cutting firewood; doing fencing for a cat; and more!! Haha!!

    Just last week, I came home with a multi-function whipper snipper that Dad found for me! Now, I was wondering how many girls would be happy to have something like this?! ..... Having read your post, Annabel, I can only laugh again! This whipper snipper has extension poles with hedge trimmer and little chainsaw fittings! Haha! We seem rather alike! Haha!!

    A nice discovery for me is a portable camping shower which, powered by gas and a twelve volt battery, provides instant hot water in four seconds!

    Making business investments also means going more basic with things at home! Over winter, I have been turning old fabrics into char cloth, and lighting the fire (which I have also been cooking on!) with that and a steel and flint!! I have a successful choko vine growing, and am learning that the leaves make a very tasteful and nutritious vegetable that pairs well with satisfying bush pasta made from freshly ground chook wheat! Basics is better, I say! Haha!!

    I am fully content when my life is wholly in the Hands of our Great Shepherd!

    His light shines in the darkness!


    1. Dear Rachel, i love the sound of your work. You do so much for others. That portable shower sounds amazing, how handy, I have never heard of that before. The multi function whipper snipper sounds great to prune trees too. I have always wanted to grow a choko. Lots of love, Lily

    2. Dear Rachel, Floral assistant work sounds so good! And the good clean smell of miracle cleaner is such an added bonus with it. Someone said to me it smells like health! Your elderly clients would love you. You have great kindness and your ability to take on these odd jobs is very handy for them!
      Oh my goodness the whipper snipper is like one I saw! They showed me one which does other things with different fittings... but it cost more hence I got the pole saw. So from this I would say you have a very expensive tool there!
      The portable shower is an asset!
      Rachel your business has grown and you sound so happy. A joy to hear! With love Annabel.xxx

    3. I'm sure the tool is expensive, but if you happen to need all of the tools, it may be the cheapest way to obtain them. When my son bought a house and needed a roof ladder, I advised him to buy a Little Giant articulated ladder because it would at least save the cost of a stepladder. Plus, it does more and is less to store! He went me one better--he bought one with wheels!

    4. Thank you, Lily! You are beautiful!

      Thank you, Annabel! You are beautiful, too!

    5. Thank you, ‘mikmax’!! I love that your son bought the ladder with wheels!! Haha!!

      Actually, my Dad found my contraption at a garage sale! It is a copy of a major brand, and, yes, there is so much greenery to trim that I can use all the attachments!!

  2. What a lovely post! Lots of good cheer and happiness came through, thank you for posting ;). And I love the idea of the goat playground, wonderful photos!

    1. Thank you so much! We need to keep our minds on the good things. The goat playground has entertained us as much as the goats! xxx

  3. I wondered if you’d share your face serum recipe, please?

    1. Yes, it is simple and very good. Main ingredient is emu oil. To that I add rose essential oil. A good one. Essential oils are only any good if they are the good stuff. To 50 mls I would aadd about 10 drops of rose, a few of lavender, rose geranium and a couple of sandal wood. It smells heavenly and soaks in like anything! xxx

    2. Thank you! I think I’ll try it with rose hip seed oil as the base.

  4. Your (goat) kids are cuties! I can just see them frolicking around on their new jungle gym!

    This post was so uplifting...thank you for reminding us over and over again that life is beautiful...no matter what the news says!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      I keep an eye on Canadian news. Some of our own is past ridiculous wording on are they joking? Other is scary and horrific. Much is evil and lies. But God is in control. They are not the boss of Him! Amen! So out in your glorious garden you would experience what I do.... seeing beauty beyond imagination and fresh air, sunshine and hitting the mattress at night tired! And your knitting etc too. It makes for happiness and contentment! Thanks so much Jen, with love Annabel.xxx

  5. Yes! Keep that TV off! We had to watch news reports with Hurricane Elsa in our area but the TV is off again until it is required again. I could feel my heart just sinking every day that we had to listen to the manipulation and untrue reporting. We eat outside almost every day in the summer. Our entertainment is a birdhouse nearby that we keep watch on. Mama Bluebird has been really busy. Just two weeks ago the babies flew the nest and now she is sitting on eggs again. That little bird has more energy than any human I know.

    This week we have been doing a lot of deep cleaning chores such as washing down exterior doors that often get forgotten and a thorough cleaning of the screen porch. We made two batches of strawberry jam and water bath canned it and stocked the freezer with our favorite muffins. Three of our five children will be visiting over the next month including our kids from Germany so we are trying to get ahead and be prepared.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the goat show!

    1. How lovely to be having three of your children visiting, how wonderful. What lovely and special times ahead! Lots of love, Lily

    2. Dear Lana,
      I think of this... a lie has a short life, the truth lives on forever! Before we turned off I was at the point of wanting to throw a shoe at the tv. So angry!
      How beautiful to have Bluebirds! You are blessed I think to witness all of this! Who needs TV this is better!
      I need to deep clean my washing machine. I might put that on my next list. The jam sounds lovely. It will be so good to have three of your children home and especially for the family who have been in Germany!!! I know how it was so hard when they could not come at Christmas. I pray this is a wonderful time seeing them and the Grand children.
      Many thanks Lana, with love Annabel.xxx


    3. "a lie has a short life, the truth lives on forever!" I love this, Annabel - thank you💖Mary

  6. It does seem funny to see tiny figs growing from the branches...what about leaves? LOL! We went to an Asian Fusion place a month or so ago cuz the Mister was craving food out of my wheelhouse of expertise ;). His pho soup had a large sprig of Thai mint with it - too large to just leave there. So, I brought it home, stuck it in water, prayed over it, placed in in some good light and that baby has sprouted roots and leaves! I'm so tickled. Mike even commented on it.
    Yay, all the lambs have finally come!! I so love your little kids - they are just like little children, playing and having fun. Wow, imagine having a lawn tennis court off your deck/veranda...back in the day. Must have been "posh"...I'd much prefer watching the goats playing, too ;)
    Love your old re-purposed colander with the rescued succulents...looks like it's always been there.
    Mmmm, Apricot Balls - I can tastes them (almost)....been ages since I've had one. How is Lucy doing, speaking of the girls coming for a visit?
    I noticed the duck looking thru the fencing like "what's out there?"...so sweet of you to put a box down for them so they could go in/out, too. I know everybody says this, but your chooks are so gorgeous. And the Wyandotte and it's mate are perfectly co-ordinated, doncha think? ;)
    No news is good news these days ;)... and somehow, we manage to know all we need to anyway.
    As Rachel said, His light shines in the darkness and He is on His throne! Thank God we know He is in complete control of us and our circumstances.
    Mike trims/prunes our tall palm trees in the back yard; a few months back he bought an electric pruner for that job and said it made the job like butter as opposed to sawing back and forth up 30 feet high or so.
    We've been going thru and giving away so much stuff we've stored up in the rafters for years. It feels so good and clean! We're planning to leave Commifornia when Mike retires by the end of this year...so, working ahead to make the job easier when the time comes.
    That's about it for now, my friend. May God bless you, yours and all the Bluebirds and our families.

    1. Dear Mary, Well I admire you on that mint! five stars for that its brilliant!
      Mum thinks I should remove the figs but I dont have the heart to!
      If you would keep praying for Lucy. It has been a rocky road. I have the girls here now so she can rest a little bit.
      Yes I saw this rooster and thought ok he is a match made in heaven fo that hen! I am the chicken match maker!
      The tennis court was a pretty bad mess. But the fencing was very good and solid. So yay! I knew sometime it would be good for animals! It just took me a while.
      Yes! It only takes a tiny bit of light to shine on darkness to make a huge difference. Evil cannot tolerate light!
      We havent used the saw yet but I am hoping it is like this... such a difference to this job!
      How exciting about your move! Everything you are doing now will be a help. How exciting! With much love Annabel.xxx

  7. Dear Annabel,
    Reading about your week is always enjoyable. This week has been full of clearing our brush, weeds, and saplings from the bottom of the property to allow for an additional garden. it's been very hot, so the work was difficult and I'm only about a third of the way finished. Your little goat playground is wonderful. Love the photo of the lamb looking over the whole pasture. I can imagine how much joy it is to see them. you are absolutely right, I always feel better cuddling pets, working in the sunshine plating flowers and vegetables, baking something delicious, or crafting something beautiful. Blessings, Laura

    1. Dear Laura,
      It sounds like you have a big job but you will have so much more garden! A very good project. It is hard in the heat. I am not fond of heat and it knocks you out! I cant wait to hear your progress! With love, Annabel.xxx

  8. Hello Annabel, you are so correct with your observation that being glued to the TV just blinds one to the beauty of our natural world. I sometimes wonder if that is part of 'their' plan, to make us worry, be frightened, and miss out on God's creation.
    I can imagine all the tasty bugs your chooks are discovering! Happy hens!!

    1. Dear Joy,
      I heard someone say actual reality is still better than virtual reality! That is true too. I love the internet for info and communication but like tv and like anywhere there are good and bad places! But our real life work and life out in the sunshine and garden have to be the bigger part. People even have vitamin D deficiency from being inside so much!
      Oh yes... the chooks are crazy mad over any bug, worm etc. Chicken delights! With love Annabel.xxx

  9. Dear Annabel,
    Well, your farm is sure thriving! And it sounds like other Bluebirds, like Rachel, are thriving in general.
    While Andy and Annabel moved to the country 3 years ago, my large family moved to the city. We live in an older neighborhood and couldn't be happier with most of our neighbors. God put us here to be a light in a sad place. And we are seeing how our wholesome, loving family can have a great effect! We were blessed by a friend with a number of hostas and ferns to put in our very front flower bed. She even prayed that they would be a blessing to our neighbors as we get allot of foot-traffic on the side-walk next to the bed. Already working on getting the plants into place made us available to cheer our over-worked mailman. As I was writing this, a neighbor stopped in to visit with my 13 yr. old daughter and her rabbits. And my younger 2 kids were running fresh-baked cookies to a friend. This is a dark world. I love how Jesus asks us to be a light in it.
    Blessings to all!

    1. Dear Leslie,
      There are other Bluebirds in the city and kind of like a homestead in the city! I also had a homestead in the city before we came here. Yes you must be a blessing wherever you are!
      How beautiful to be given such great plants for the garden. It is lovely getting to know the neighbours and striking up friendships! With love Annabel.xxx

  10. Hi Annabel & All reading

    What a beautiful post you have for us to read this week accompanied by such wonderful photos of the animals, with a snippet into your amazing farm life.

    Your goats seem to be enjoying the play gym and such a simple idea. All your animals seem so content and happy.

    This week saw the last week of the school holidays and this kept us rather busy. We started last weekend by doing a bit of a cook up for school lunch items and will continue with this tomorrow. Easy to have items in the freezer and DD11 just takes out what she wants for lunch as she does not eat sandwiches unless she is at home. We went sewing 2 days and finished our bags that we started to make the first week of holidays and that was wonderful for DD11 to be able to finish a project. At home we continued to do a bit more sewing and now we are up to hand stitching 6 Christmas placemats that we have made for the Chaplain at school. We also did some experimenting with a foot soak and lip balm out of our "Make & Play" book as we are thinking of making these for the girls in her class as Christmas gifts but not sure as yet. We will sew some gift bags once we have decided on what to make...we may even decide to sew something for them We have also watched movies, done jigsaw puzzles and done some diamond dotz. So a big week for us.

    We have family coming to visit us on Wednesday for a few days so this will see DD11 have a few days off towards the end of the week. We are planning a few day trips around the region which will be wonderful and DP even has a few days off.

    A beautiful day here as most are but very cold at night.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week and that you enjoy the girls visit, so much fun to be had I am sure.

    Take Care
    Aly xxx

    1. Aly you sound like such a wonderful mother. I love, love, love the sound of the school holidays with your daughter. What a wonderful time you have been having together. Lots of love, Lily

    2. Dear Aly,
      I love how you make the most of the school holidays! The sewing and cooking your re doing with DD are beautiful. I love how she picks her lunches out too. I love the diamond dotz! I need to figure out what would be the minimum age there.
      Enjoy your family visit and day trips. Sounds wonderful! With love Annabel.xxx

    3. Thank you Lily for your kind words. This has made my day. I was sad to send her to school today.

      Aly xxx

    4. Annabel

      Regarding the diamond dotz you can pick up small ones that I think would be suitable to Harper's age.
      I was getting sandwiches home un eaten all the time so we went through the cookbook and made a few suitable items for her lunch. Now no more returned lunches

      Aly xxx

  11. Annabel, it's always a pleasure to see your beautiful animals so happy and healthy! I hope by now you are having fun with Harper and Scarlet. I'm looking forward to the 24th when I will be with all my family again. It will be a special time, a belated reception for my granddaughter's wedding that took place in December due to co-vid.

    My little bantam hen has gotten broody again and is now sitting on 12 eggs which is about more than she can handle but she is trying. She didn't care for me marking the eggs today and gave me a good solid peck!

    It is still raining here which is unusual for July. I have quit worrying about keeping the weeds under control. I drove by several garden plots that are normally pristine and lush-growing and every one is now a big weed patch so I don't feel so bad. The rainy days have given me a chance to get things done inside such as rotating and rearranging things in the pantries and cleaning. I was fortunate to find half gallon canning jars at Walmart this week so I have those to fill and seal. My Food Saver is not my friend as it's never worked properly so I'm going to try using Greg's brake bleeder hoping it will vacuum and seal the jars. Has anyone tried that method?

    One thing I'll pass on as it might be a reminder to some: When I attempted to make vinegar from all my peach peelings (and the last batch of apple scraps) instead of using distilled water I used our tap water which is chlorinated. Ugh. The whole batch failed and even though we filter our water and let it set to dissipate the chlorine I'm sure that was the problem. What was I thinking?

    There isn't a lot of storage for linens in our house so I plan to store our extra quilts and blankets on top of the wardrobe. I got that idea from a magazine. Always looking for bare spots to maximize storage. Have a lovely weekend, Bluebirds.

    1. Dear Pam,
      Yes the girls are here! Asleep now and Im in bed with a hot pack! What does that tell you! haha!
      I hope your bantams hatch! 12 is hopefully ok! They are so good, little bantams.
      I have heard about using the brake bleeder. I have watched that on you tube. I think Heidi on Rain Country has one. I vac seal my jars with a canister method and a hand pump.
      Oh that is a shame re the peach vinegar. On top of my wardrobes I have big baskets. They look nice up there and they hold so much!! It is a great space! Any cupboard that isn't to the ceiling has baskets on top. A great hiding spot too! With love Annabel.xxx

    2. PaminTexas, I use the brake bleeder. It’s awesome! No issues at all. You’ll be looking for more things to jar up, it’s so much fun!

    3. Uh oh. Sounds like you overdid it if you are on a hot pack. Hope you get better fast so you
      can carry on as usual! We have important work to do, don't we? Guess what. I have baskets and yes I will be using some on top of things. Even a smaller one I have will work for heating pads, etc. Thanks for the great idea! Love back to you!

  12. Annabel I so agree it is nice to be out in the sunshine and look at the beautiful animals and scenery around us :) . We have a lot of fairy wrens and one little female flies through our back patio area and sits and chirps to us as we whistle to her and she is such a delight and there are a few others flying through too. There is also a male that plonks itself just out of the reach of our cat and chirps to her and as soon as the cat looks like she will do something it flies up on the star jasmine bush or the clothes line.

    The chickens look so happy with their grassed area and the goats looks chuffed with their new obstacle course. I was going to warn you about the goats as they are little escape artists :) . Your apricot balls for the children look wonderful as does your heart shaped scones. Pole chainsaws are just so handy as are pole hedge trimmers.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $419.67 in savings last week :) .

    In the kitchen -
    - Made 3 loaves of wholemeal white bread in the bread maker saving $10.47 over buying them.
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    In the home -
    - I washed all the $3.60 clothing we had purchased and we hung them on the clothes line to dry on sunny days.
    - Started washing all my winter puffer jackets to freshen them up when I had room in the washing loads while we had plenty of water in the rainwater tanks. It rained the day after and the rainwater tanks are full again :) .
    - DH started ironing all of the new cotton and linen clothing so we can store some as well as use some now to replace other clothing that is worn out.

    Prepping and maintenance investments -
    - Bought a camping rv solar panel to charge the mobile, laptops and lawnmower battery if needed on the Dick Smith site saving $31 over buying it elsewhere.
    - Bought another drip irrigation timer from Dick Smith online saving another around $20 over buying them elsewhere.
    - We had the two front shockies and bumpers replaced on DH's AWD and saved $90 by paying for it in cash. There was a few more parts that needed replacing than we thought so an original $840 job turned into $1000 but that is what an emergency fund is for and most of the money came from spare money in other categories of the budget so very little had to be used from the emergency fund.

    Purchases -
    - I bought a grocery e-gift card through RACQ saving 3% or $2.10 on usual prices.
    - Saved $6.50 on usual prices by buying bath cleansing puffs on special for 0.35c ea from BigW. Previously we bought bath sponges which are more expensive and don't last long but DH liked these better so a big saving here.
    - On half price specials at WW I purchased 8 x old gold chocolate blocks and 2 x 60 pk echinacia, ace and zinc tablets and used $20 off rewards $ I had to save $60.50 on usual prices.
    - I found a long sleeved mens cotton shirt that I can use for gardening on half price special saving $8.00 on usual prices at Target.
    - The save of the week had to be finding brand new 20 of each thermal long sleeved tops for $2.10 ea and long thermal pants for $2.35 ea for myself saving a huge $174 on usual prices. These will replace my well worn ones and give me some for storage and later use too.

    In the gardens -
    - I weeded two garden beds and put corn stalks in a pile to shred with the palm frond shredder for mulch or compost in the gardens.
    - DH finished cutting all the larger logs and sorted the small branches, ready to stack right size logs and half cut rounds in piles ready to stack or split into smaller pieces with the log splitter.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :) .

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Dear Lorna, I just love Wrens. Also I love Grey Fantails! So friendly and like fairies. I have seen Fairy Wrens, we mainly have the Superb Blue. Mum has a lot. They are used to her and friendly. I think the camping solar panel is a REALLY good investment. The timer is a good thing too. Im thinking how money could be saved in many ways with the use of a timer.
      You have done so well with the clothing and now the thermals. Watching out and buying ahead is really good. Usually nothing is on special if you wait and are desperate and have to buy something. Being ahead with clothes is really the same as with the pantry. Shoes also. I try and stay ahead with boots.
      Your husband has been working hard too. I like how he can go from an iron to a log splitter! All of this stacked wood is so good. We have so much to cut and stack... the trees down from that storm will give us years of wood! At least cleaning it up serves more than one purpose! Great deals and very productive at your place! With love, Annabel.xxx

  13. Dear Annabel, I love seeing your animals and photos of your farm. It looks so calming and peaceful. Your animals look very happy! They are lucky to have you. I love the sound of the goats play yard, I think the grandkids might enjoy it too! haha How lovely that you have the girls coming to stay. This is really special. How lovely for you all. I am excited for you all. I love that you made them treats for when they come to stay. I am sad it is end of the holidays. Luckily I stopped watching the news, a quick 5 minute update at the end of the day on my phone was done instead and this helped tremendously. This saved time and wasted emotions and worry. My mood improved ten fold and I achieved a lot more. I baked, gardened and made some jam. I cuddled the children and read books. I miss my big one already! Being outside is lovely. Lots of love, Lily

    1. Dear Lily,
      Today I have the Grand kids and the goat kids playing together. Harper and Scarlett thought it was funny that they were all kids.
      You are making a good point! I was thinking about the negative impact of what I think it s the misleading media but the time!! Oh my goodness TV takes so much time from people. I like your list of beautiful things to do with your time instead! I hope you can have more of all these good things! With love Annabel.xxx

  14. I forgot to say that I will write Lucy's name in my daily planner so I remember to pray for her🙏🏻💕

  15. Dear Annabel,
    I have missed reading about your week, as I do not get much time online these days besides a few snippets here and there! You are such a light. I agree wholeheartedly about the TV. Getting it out of our living room has completely changed the atmosphere of our home for the better.
    I love your goat pen and that you have added to your chickens. I did read your post on cutting down on feed and so I have started being more diligent about saving my scraps and letting the girls free-range. Feed has gotten so expensive here and no one wants to buy my eggs! People in our community either have chickens or relatives with chickens, which is wonderful for their sake to not have to rely on the store. As for the fire station, there is a captain with chickens who brings eggs and gives them away for free so we cannot compete with that! We have actually sold quite a few chickens as we are simply overrun with eggs, but now we have a manageable amount that we are happy with.
    John had his 4th birthday this week. We had family over for a small party and Colton cooked burgers outside. John wants to be a construction worker so I made him a chocolate cake that I topped with small construction vehicles and candy pieces. He was thrilled! Some .99 cent packages of streamers and balloons made for some frugal decorations.
    James has started crawling and there is no stopping him now! He is such a happy baby and it will not be long before he catches up with John. He is 7 months and wearing 12 month size clothes lol.
    We have had a lot of rain this past week, which is wonderful and uncharacteristic for this time of year. Everything is so green.
    I hope all the Bluebirds are well.
    With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, Thank you for your comment and letter! I am so happy to hear how you got that TV out of the living area. And how one change like this can make such a difference!
      I am wondering if Colton could take eggs to the city with him as city people are mad keen on free range country eggs. Maybe try a market or health food type shop or cafe. They might jump on the chance! Yes feed has gone up everywhere it seems. You might even find a shop that would buy the eggs and save you the scraps!
      I cant believe John is 4 already! It is so gorgeous he is into construction! I know your cake would have been beautiful. Ill check and see if you posted a pic on Insta.
      James will keep you running now! It is good to hear he is doing so well!
      I know you must be so busy but it is a good busy! With love Annabel.xxx

    2. Hi Kelsey! Your story is still beautiful to read!! May the Almighty bless you and keep you!!

  16. Goats are so cute, and they are sure an active bunch! They are like children, wanting to climb and jump on everything. Tires and barrels and dirt mounds and such are a necessity for both LOL. I have an old aluminum steamer part that looks like a colander - I may just paint the outside and plant some succulents in it. What a great idea!

    1. Dear Kathy, A steamer is a great planter! Im looking at lots of things as good planters now. We are on the look out for anything the goats can climb on. Also wherever I go I watch for succulents to get cuttings from! Have a very good weekend. Very wet here! With love Annabel.xxx

  17. Annabel,
    I agree with you about spending time outdoors. My husband took me out into the forest yesterday and it was quiet and peaceful and we were able to pick wild berries. So nice to get away from all the dark media. Things are getting crazier by the day where I live in the Pacific Northwest of United States. Now, we have a shortage of ice- no bags of ice at any of the stores. Nobody is able to explain the shortage just one day, you can no longer purchase ice. Many people use it this time of year for camping trips and things. A couple stores have some but there is a limit of 2 bags. My freezer is full so I don't have room to store ice by making it myself. Just something to think about. I love the photos of the animals especially the one of the little lamb.
    Take Care to all Bluebirds.

    1. Nature is so beautiful and being outside in fresh air is like good medicine. The forest would be a beautiful place to go. How interesting about the ice! Good your freezer is full, should the power go out it will stay solid a pretty long time! xxx

  18. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    My, I am very late indeed this week, but Annabel I just wanted to tell you how lovely the animals, your porch, and cooking are! The embroidery and gardening is also wonderful. I love reading about it all, getting ideas, and seeing those happy healthy animals.

    It has been a hectic few weeks (!) here; we are all ok now but had some illness (not COVID) and other unexpected happenings. For savings, we used health insurance for doctor visits and prescriptions, our veterinarian gave us a surprise discount, all meals/work lunches from home, and we added a few items to our pantry. Monday, the roofer is coming to inspect for damage after a hailstorm - honestly just glad that we have good homeowners' insurance and no window damage.

    I did manage to do a cooking day on Saturday (bread, brownies, country ribs and veg in the crockpot, oats for the freezer) and work in the garden a bit. We have tomatoes nearly ripe, loads of squash and cucumber blossoms, and oh my goodness a wee watermelon! The new soil put in this spring seems to be helping. The raspberry bushes are also putting out blooms and berry buds, very late this year, but they are there. Being out in the garden is very cheering and relaxing.

    I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

    1. Dear Kathy,
      Thank you! I hope you are feeling much better. A hailstorm can be very damaging. I hope your roof is ok.
      All the tomatoes will give you so many options! I hope the watermelon grows to maturity too! How cute to have a baby one!
      Many people are saying things seem a whole month later than usual... so your berry buds are late too!
      Have a good weekend, I hope you are on the mend. With love, Annabel.xxx


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