Feather your Nest Friday, 2nd April, 2021.

 We made it to April!  I survived April fools Day unscathed.  Andy is home from hospital and doing well! 

Now I am so ready for a "normal" week.   I do not have a lot to report other than getting through the week one step at a time.   If I could offer anything of help it would be that my diary with each day mapped out, looking at each day and what I needed to do that day made me feel organised.   Then repeat.   Truly to "do the next thing."   

Somewhere in the middle I had a couple of days at home.   They were pretty busy with animals and garden watering as we've had a last hoorah of warm days.

I have often mentioned how Eddie and Scout play.  It is not easy to capture photos but they didn't see me and I took a few.

Scout never gives up on the idea of Eddie playing ball.  And she still gives Eddie one of her blankets to sit on every morning.  It amazes me.  I would love to know what they think! 

Mum called over and I made her Gluten Free Scones.   They always look whiter than normal scones due to the whiter flour.   But they are beautiful.  I send her home with them to freeze.

I had a basket of apples that really needed using quickly so I got them into a big stock pot and made up apple puree.   The chickens and Eddie got the peels and cores from this lot.

Before I headed back to get Andy I made a Banana cake for the girls.   I stayed with Lucy's family over night since they live only 20 minutes from the hospital.   This was lovely.  I got a whole evening with them all and could read to Harper and Scarlett and do the baths.  Sidney is crawling around and he is just the most beautiful little boy. 

Harper declared the cake was "the best cake she has ever had."   Then she kept eating and stopped and said "Nan Nan Bel this really is the best cake ever.  It must have been the eggs."    This is sweet because when the girls have been here I say we have to go and collect the eggs then we can make a cake.    If I am there I say how my hens laid the beautiful eggs then I did some cooking.   

Later I cut the cake up into slices to go into Lucy's freezer.   Harpers school lunch box was washed and ready to re load.  It is one with little compartments.  So I carefully cut two pieces of cake and sat them into  two compartments.   Then we added dried pawpaw to another.   So the lunch box was partially made up.

In my days at home I also made up a big pot of spaghetti sauce and added several grated zucchini.  It made such a lot.   I sat some in the fridge knowing after the trip home from hospital we would be tired and that would be dinner.  I took both the girls a big container full.   I think they would get a couple of meals by the time you added pasta or whatever.

When I am cooking now I save all the egg shells.  When the jar fills I smash them down and keep going.  I think my zucchinis needed calcium this season so I am going to add these to the zucchini patch.  

I am really tired today.   Last night Andy had a scare and I had to take him to the hospital.  I was able to take him to our nearest town half an hour away.    Everything was ok.   I was driving home at about 9pm and I hit a Kangaroo.   At night there are deer, Kangaroos and Wombats as the main risks.  The roo was already dead on the road which is some consolation as I don't feel so bad.  My car has damage.  But we made it home.  By the time I got into bed I was so grateful to be home!   As I was saying, bring on some normal days! 

I hope you have a truly Blessed Easter.  Let's have a break and be grateful and consider. I love you all for your notes and prayers. xxx


  1. Oh Annabel what a week! I hope Andy continues to improve and there are no more scares or kangaroos. Please take time to rest and let yourself recover. Happy Easter.

    1. Dear Penny,
      Thank you! Im aiming to have a quiet Easter! I hope you have a beautiful Easter and bit of a break too. We have the last of the warm days I think. Good for some sewing! With love Annabel.xxx

  2. Dearest Annabel
    I was just thinking of you and saw your new post up :)
    It is so funny to see your dog & goat enjoying a friendship together. So glad to hear you got to spend time with your girls and Sidney. I love Harpers comment- their chatter at that age is such a joy (and the cake does look pretty good).
    I am glad to hear Andy is on the mend (my husband had his own visit to the doctors this week- he dropped a concrete block on his foot! ).
    I hope and pray that you get some well earned rest this coming week.
    God Bless & much love
    Heidi xxxx

    1. Dear Heidi,
      Now that the girls are 4 and almost 6 the conversation is pretty good. They take everything in!
      I hope your husbands foot is not broken? Dropping a concrete block on your foot is a pretty good way to get a break or fracture. I hope he is ok. Im thinking there is going to be some very bad bruising. Have a lovely Easter Heidi, with love Annabel.xxx

  3. So glad you are safe and Andy is home. Hopefully you can rest and settle back. Xx

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Have a beautiful Easter and long weekend! Love Annabel.xxx

  4. My goodness what a week you had. I am glad you are home, Andy is home and hopefully you can get a little rest.
    Love the animal pictures. Your grand daughter sounds so smart and sweet!!
    Sorry for the car damage.
    Take care and get some rest. HUGS

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      Thank you! The kids take in the information at this age. They have a dairy farm next to them and they drive past a cheese factory to get to school. It is a great dairy area. So Im telling them about how milk and cheese are made. They both love cheese!
      I hope you have a very good Easter Cheryl, with love Annabel.xxx

  5. Miss Anabelle it warmed my heart so
    Much to see the adorable pictures of scout and Eddie. Humans could learn a lot from those two.
    I love your blog! It is so refreshing to the soul.
    Wishing you a blessed good Friday.

    1. Dear Savannah,
      Thank you! When my cows were little I had them and Eddie and lambs... they were all young and all would snuggle up in a little hut together at night. It was adorable. I used to sneak down with a torch to look! They were happy as anything all in bed.
      Thank you very much for your kind comment! Have a very beautiful Easter. With love Annabel.xxx

  6. I have a saying on my kitchen wall, which is “Age quod agis”, Latin for “ Do what you are doing”! It reminds me to stay on track and just do one thing after another until they are done. You get so many things achieved each week, and always with a joyful heart and a gift for someone in your basket, you are amazing! I am so thankful for you both that Andy is doing ok, and that neither of you were hurt in the car when you hit the kangaroo. Have a wonderful, peaceful Easter.

    1. Dear Gill, Yes that is a good saying. Often we can just not know what to do next! Just keep going and go on. Thank you so much. You are a person who is always baking, creating and bringing joy so this is a great compliment thank you. Have a beautiful Easter with your family Gill, With love Annabel.xxx

  7. Happy Easter. Rest and recover and I hope Andy continues to improve
    Janine Colac

    1. Dear Janine, Thank you! Wishing you a very lovey Easter also. With love Annabel.xxx

  8. Oh heavens, what a week! Try to take some time this weekend to recharge. Glad Andy is doing okay, and that you hade a lovely time with the kids. And I loved your pics! What a drag about the car damage, but I'm glad you're okay. Hang in there!! Best wishes!!

    1. Dear Jill, Thanks, I am trying to have a slow weekend! I also feel car damage is ok, we are safe and we got home! Thank you so much. Have a beautiful Easter. With love Annabel.xxx

  9. Do the next thing is always the key and keeps me going, too. Through it all God is good and He cares for us even when we can hardly go on. You always do such lovely posts for us even when you are having such a time of it and we appreciate you! Grandchildren have a way of putting bandages on our hearts though, don't they? I hope you can have a restful Easter weekend!

    My Mom has had her ups and downs. She is still in the rehab facility and they want us to move her to a nursing home but we choose to believe that she will get better in the long run. Daily we put her in Gods hands and trust Him for her healing.

    Our daughter in law sent a video of our three year old grandson playing soccer on a team of all three year olds. It is so funny as they are all standing together in a pack and the Moms are watching and shouting directions and when they hear the directions they act. Our grandson is wearing orange shoes so we can pick him out in the crowd.

  10. Dear Annabel

    I am glad to hear that Andy is okay...what a night, though, with a rush trip to the hospital and then hitting the roo! I am glad you are both okay. Your animals are a hoot, and the girls are so cute.

    It's Good Friday here, and I am making hot cross buns, which will go into the freezer until Easter morning for breakfast. I like to make extra and hand them out to neighbors and friends, so will do some of that tomorrow, and some at church on Easter.

    I hope you get a chance to sit and catch your breath...have a nice hot bath and do some crocheting/resting after that! A blessed Easter to you and all your family!!

    xx Jen in NS

  11. Hi Annabel, I am glad Andy is home & he recovers well,i love your photos of the dog & goat playing ball so cute ,i hope you are ok after the kangaroo incident same thing happened to John & I comming home late from J playing a gig a few years back it was so scary & johns car was a right off they just come out of nowhere.I have a few days off work,yesterday I bought a carpet cleaner and rug for the lounge at a garage sale that was on the Wednesday but I collected them yesterday the carpet cleaner works a treat and all the carpet areas look so clean & smell fresh my dad was in tbe hospital also with high blood pressure but is out now & doing fine.
    take care & rest xx

  12. So thankful to hear Andy is home and improving. That is an answer to prayer! Yikes, hopefully the car repairs will be easy and low cost. ((((Hugs)))

  13. I hope your husband continues to heal and you both get some rest. Hospitals are not very restful, are they? My husband was also in the hospital for knee surgery and I’m thankful he is home and was can sleep when we want with no medical staff interrupting us.
    Your grandchildren sound precious ❤️

  14. Annabel I am so glad Andy is home and doing well even though you had an additional scare. Even though you were not home much due to circumstances you still got a lot done with lovely sauce and cake making as well as looking after the animals. Glad you also got to spend time with your Mum and give her some of your lovely scones :) .

    We had lots of lovely rain so much so that half the town was flooded in on the lower part and we could not get out of our village either for a few days as all the roads in and out were under water. Bonuses are we have full rainwater tanks and lovely cushy green grass all around the property which is nice to see after last years severe drought.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $367.98 in savings last week :) .

    Service to others -
    - DH and I mowed a friends lawn as a favour due to him falling off a roof at work and injuring himself quite badly. Pleased he is on the mend slowly but it will take some time.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked 5 loaves of wholemeal white bread in our bread making machine saving $17.45 on buying the bread locally.
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    In the gardens -
    - Filled in holes that formed from heavy rain from our trees being removed last year with more dirt we had at home to level them.

    Earnings -
    - Earned $140 from a gardening job that DH and I did.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 2 x pkts of shapes and 5 deodorants of half price specials saving $18.20 on usual prices.
    - Purchased 21 tins of lychees that were cheaper at Coles than Woolworths saving 0.85c per tin or $17.85 on the usual prices we pay.
    - Finally our self propelled push lawnmowers came in stock but a higher priced model that we were able to get for the price of the cheaper ones we wanted by negotiating prices saving $300 on the usual prices.
    - Saved on fuel by using our 4c off rewards and using an RACQ wish gift card for a further 3% off saving in total $14.48 on usual prices.

    Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna) .

  15. I am glad to hear everyone is recovering and that you are home.

    We had lovely warmer spring weather this week and frost these past two days. As peach trees just bloomed and it is strawberry season here I am wondering how much damage we shall see. Weather can't be helped but it is one more reminder (as in fire and flood) that it pays to have a supply of things on hand to offset the years when costs will rise due to such things.

    Our big project has been to reclaim a cemetery near our home that was abandoned. My son purchased the property a couple of years ago but it was so overgrown with trees and briars and such that were well over my head. This year his big purchase was a tractor so he bush hogged in front of the cemetery and a path from my yard to it. John and I have been working at it a few hours a day each week and now have the interior cleared. It can be maintained with mowing now until autumn when there will be fewer snakes, less poison to deal with, etc.

  16. Dear Annabel, what a tough week you have had. I am glad that Andy is doing ok. I am sorry that you hit the kangaroo, but am so glad that you are both ok. How lovely that you got a night with Lucy and her family. That would have been lovely. I bet they are so cute. Sidney would be a sweetheart and it would be lovely to just chat with the girls. I love the animal pictures. Great idea about the egg shells. I am so thankful my husband is home and everyone is off school and work. It means we can go at a bit more of a relaxed pace and i might get a sleep in! I found some second hand uniform shirts, for $3 each instead of $35-40 and a pj set for $1. I did so,e gardening today, just weeding/ cutting back, but it does feel so good for the soul. Love, Lily

  17. Sorry to hear about your tough week, Annabel. We call those "Jonah weeks." :) Glad to hear Andy is home resting and healing. How blessed you must feel to not only have the Lord as your strength, but to have such a support group around you! Wow, and you still were able to accomplish so much on the home-front.

    So glad so many Bluebirds had great savings and looked well to the ways of their households. I'm thankful to be in the company of you all (when I can).
    It is planting time here in Ohio. So getting root crops in the ground and seeds started indoors.
    Finally purchased Jes' book (from Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth) on making the most of fruit scraps. So lovely! If you don't have it, get one! I'm slowly copying it out and adding pages to a binder.


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