Feather your Nest Friday, 25th September, 2020.

 We have had a good week!  Rain and more rain has given us our little lake out the front again.  In the morning I look out the kitchen window to check on "my lake" haha! 

Chloe's friends put on a baby shower for her.  It was just beautiful and a credit to them.  


I picked the gum branches for the vases from the driveway as Mum and I headed to the party.  I thought this was so fitting as we picked all the flowers from the farm for Chloe's wedding.  

The girls had all the gifts wrapped beautifully and I thought I would share this with you as natural (and free) elements are stylish parcel additions and who needs the store!? 

What a beautiful day!   It was such a celebration!
Some of the ways I feathered our nest this week included:

The chooks are laying like crazy.  Yesterday I got 24 eggs plus 2 duck eggs.

With eggs and lemons on hand I decided some of these needed to be used up.  Yesterday I made a big batch of Lemon Butter and I also bottled up some lemon juice to freeze.

I had a trip to the city for boring things like the dentist.  However, while there I tried to make the most of it and had a long list. 

In the garden there is mint growing so I came home with a lovely big bunch plus some bits with root systems to pot up.

My plan is to make Mint Jelly with a recipe Lesley gave me (over on The Tuesday Afternoon Club)

I did a stock up at Aldi, although the store was looking sad and depleted.

I got some seedlings to boost along my spring garden.

Of course,  I went op shopping (thrift shopping) and found some beautiful baby boy story books.
And...  a find.  Kind of wow moment find!   For $1 a reel I found French, Italian and Swiss vintage ribbons.... 

I couldn't believe it!   I used to do a lot of ribbon embroidery.  These would have been a dream then.   I think I will be getting back to it.   They are just gorgeous.

At home I potted up my bits of mint.  

I worked more on my pantry.   I have a domino effect going on... the cottage is ready to furnish and I can clear my spare room of pots, pans, crockery and all the stuff I have been saving up for the cottage kitchen. Yay!   This means I can Spring clean that room and I am setting up under the bed trays for a lot of my jar supplies.   A bed skirt over the top and no one can see!    So this makes my pantry better.
When you start moving things there seems no end to it.  If anyone was tracking me I would look like a maniac walking back and forth, back and forth and around and round endlessly!  
Anyway, as I do this I am Spring cleaning and organising.  I realised if I had shelves put in a couple of cupboards I could create so much more storage space.  You know when you use the bottom of a cupboard but there is nothing but air up higher?   So shelves are going in.   I need to organise all my fabrics as well....  

Next... it seems like a good time to go through the present cupboard.   The same applies in there. If I had more shelves and a better system it would be less of an avalanche and more organised.  So Andy is cutting me out some shelves and I am going through boxes and turning them into storage I can label. 

I have really felt to get ahead for Christmas. That includes gifts and food.  I woke up thinking this over a week ago.  And now I am hearing of issues with the turkey supply... and one of the largest food retailers warned of "supply chain and increased customer demand over the Christmas period."  They never seem to normally admit this so I am listening.    So I am hoping to have all these things put away soon.   

I hope you had a good week too.  How did you build up your home, get ahead... add to your pantry or garden?  You might still be preserving your harvest, or Spring planting... since we are from all over the world it could be either!   xxx


  1. Chloe's shower decor and presents were just beautiful! I like what you are doing to the blog, too (not that I didn't like it before!).

    Here are my frugal accomplishments for the week--

    * Still harvesting tomatoes and zukes! But they are slowing down.
    * Winco had Gala apples for .48 lb. I bought a 20 lb. box. Let the applesauce begin!
    * Bulk spices are back at Winco! I bought enough basil to fill a spice bottle for .44! I also bought Bob's Red Mill enriched farina (Cream of Wheat) for way less than the price of the stuff in a box.
    * I mended a pinhole in one of DD's knit tops.
    * I have a thing for woolen blankets. I washed a couple of them in cold water and draped them across the clothes horse and patio furniture to dry. (My homeowners' association does not permit clotheslines). I also mended one of the blankets.
    * I didn't have much luck finding a fitted sheet to replace one that was too thin to mend, despite going to several thrift stores. Later I discovered a forgotten bottom sheet among my linens!
    * The windshield washer pump quit on our 15-year-old pickup truck. The no-name-brand pump "that might not fit" was $105 plus installation (my husband does not repair cars). The Nissan pump assembly includes the reservoir and was $214 from the dealer...but they couldn't get it until Monday at the earliest, and I plan to drive the truck to Portland on Monday to help my friend with all of the stuff that has to be done to their house before her husband can come home from the hospital/rehab. The shade tree mechanics here won't be surprised, but I found the pump and reservoir assembly at a wrecking yard for $39...would have been even less if I'd pull the part myself. (Uh, no...forgot my tools, LOL.). I picked it up at the wrecking yard and delivered it to the repair shop. Saving: $175, works fine and it's done!

    * Hap, the nutcase dog, gets 1/2 tablet of Trazadone every day so we can stand living with him. (He is a sweet and loving little guy, but riddled with anxiety). I used to take Trazadone when I was on antidepressants. I had an almost-full bottle here. I asked the vet if I could give it to Hap and she said sure, there is no difference. The quantity of tablets in my Rx is probably worth $50-$60 vs. buying the same amount from the vet (vet charges more).
    * Near frugal disaster averted--I was able to get free samples of my daughter's medication from her doc when I misplaced a full bottle (still haven't located it--found the Trazadone when I was searching). To have it filled again would have cost about $550, since insurance doesn't replace lost meds. Bonus: I have been trying to get 30 days ahead on all of our medications. When I find the lost bottle--AND I WILL--I will be 30 days ahead, and at no cost to anyone!

    Guess that's it--pretty good week! Looking forward to reading what all of the other Bluebirds are up to.

    1. Dear Maxine, My windshield washer container thingy has had a leak so never any water in it when I need it! We got a secondhand salvaged "new" one too! I also love woollen blankets and they come up so soft and beautiful. I love a clothes airer/dryer too. My daughter has a huge one. It is wonderful and big enough for sheets and blankets. You had a good week and many savings! Have a lovely weekend Maxine, with love Annabel.xxx

  2. Love the new look! Did you know you can hot water bath lemon juice for shelf-stable storage? A great way to free up freezer space if you need it. I put it in 250ml jars and process. That's enough to make cordial, dressings, lemon tea etc. for the week for us. So I open a jar, and just keep it in the fridge.
    I went to our local Aldi today (4.8km from home - just within the 5km zone) and boy was it bare. Shelves were well spaced out and everything was in odd spots. Most of the special buys area was holding regular groceries. I know a lot of the special buys were cancelled for Victorian stores, I'm guessing they need to fill the gaps with something. Couldn't get frozen berries at all. Many things have gone up in price, even since my last visit 8 weeks ago. I picked up what I could to add to the pantry. This week I've also canned chicken and beef mince, dehydrated silverbeet and cabbage, made strawberry jam and raisin bread. Did a search for alternative canning jars and lids, I rang Oz Farmer and was told they don't expect to be able to source Ball jars and lids for at least 12 months. So out to the shed I went and dragged in the boxes of jars and bottles, lids, rings and clips to see what's what. Hopefully there will be enough for the next couple of months, and in the meantime I'll keep looking and searching. Lots on marketplace, but out of zone. Ebay - boy some people have over-inflated sense of values! Can't wait for the summer garage sales, I'm sure there will be lots up for sale from folk who have realised you actually need to put some effort into preserving :) Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Cath, Thank you! I want to try the water bath for the juices and also make cordial. I just need to learn more as I wasnt sure about the kind of lids I can use.
      The special buys area in Mt Gambier and Hawthorn Aldi were both pretty empty. So there must be supply issues I reckon. I ordered a large item a while ago and the company keeps emailing me to say sorry for another delay but nothing is moving at Sydney port. One delay after another. There is a lot held up. The canning jars shortage is something Im hearing from everyone. You would think the companies would increase production but apparently not. I must check the Fowlers site and see if they are sold out... We might also have to go to more dehydrating. You had a very productive week! I feel like some raisin bread now! With love, Annabel.xxx

  3. I love the decorations for the baby shower! The brown paper and greenery would also look delightful for Christmas. Guess what Annabel, we finally paid off our mortgage last week! I am so happy about this and it frees up money to get some jobs done around the house. I cant wait to see your cottage when it's finished xx

    1. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! What an achievement!

    2. Mel, CONGRATULATIONS! That is so good! What an achievement! Yes this will change the budget so much! Thank you... I am nearly there on the cottage and kind of on schedule as it was my 2020 project and goal. And it is almost done! In spite of everything 2020! With love Annabel.xxx

    3. Thanks Annabel and Lily!

  4. Your vintage ribbon was such a great find and the photos of the decorations for the baby shower were really lovely Annabel. Things have been a bit unsettled for me this week and I am hoping for a better week next week. I did bake my first blueberry loaf using the blueberries I picked off our blueberry bush, and later in the week baked a coconut loaf. I completed a menu plan for the fortnight and did the grocery shopping. Also we placed an order for some locally produced beef and that should be delivered in a week or so - which reminds me I had better see to my freezer storage before then. I hope you and all the Bluebirds have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Sherri, I am sorry it wasnt the best week. I hope the new week is much better. We all have those weeks for sure. The blueberries sound beautiful! I planted tow bushes... doubting they could do well here. But so far they are growing well and looking quite promising! Stocking up on the beef is a good idea. Also good to support local! Have a much easier new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  5. Your week has been amazing. Those ribbons are so beautiful. A brilliant find. We are still picking a few little bits and pieces from the garden. I must put in some more seeds and see if I can supplement our food with a few pits and bobs at home.

    The baby shower looks absolutely perfectly wonderful. I love brown paper packages and those are intriguing.

    I love the new blog. Well done you.

    1. Dear Suzan, Thank you! I find a few herbs, the ones you tend to use a lot, are really good to grow even in a pot. I am always out snipping herbs with my scissors. These alone save money and add so much freshness and goodness to meals. Also tomatoes... I get on well with cherry tomatoes... they just keep on producing and grow in the garden or a pot happily. Thank you for your nice comment about the blog! With love Annabel.xxx

  6. I love the new look!
    The decor for the shower is just lovely and so creative - really love the bunting.
    I am very envious of your ribbon find - I look forward to reading what you have done with them.

    I completely understand what you say about one thing leading to another - it's been that kind of week here! I decided to switch my pantry and linen cupboards - and both had to be cleaned first. That then lead to changes in my kitchen. Now I have a dining table full of odds and ends that I still have to deal with! I'm hoping to finish everything within the next two days and that will include dusting and vacuuming and washing some floors. Once that is all done I intend doing a bit of Autumn decorating.
    Infection rates are rising again here so I'm going to try and cut back going into the office from 3 mornings to 2 and I am trying to finish off restocking in case we go back into lockdown. Paper towels are in short supply for some reason and I noticed that in the past few days certain items have gone back to a limit of 1 or 2 per person. I suspect that they want to nip any panic buying in the bud so we don't see the empty shelves like in the Spring.
    I have a few Christmas presents bought - although I'm not sure about when I might see people so may have to get more creative!
    So glad to hear that you got some rainfall - I hope that it bodes well for a much safer Summer for Australia this year.

    1. Dear Margie, I hope you conquered the dining room table. Mine is in the same state. I conquered one area but then moved on to another. I see no end in sight!
      I felt so lucky with the ribbons. They are so lovely.
      I am working on Christmas and got everything out of the present cupboard. I have quite a few gifts and made a list of who I still need things for. I want to get a ham and some turkey in the freezer too.
      If you can go to the office less then that is probably a good idea. And the re stocking. Demand for everyone will go up over the holidays I would expect. I am not sure if Thanksgiving is celebrated there or only USA? But either way consumer demand is higher so I am thinking it is possible for more restrictions on purchases etc.
      Have a great new week! With love Annabel.xxx

  7. Dear Annabel and Bluebirds :) I love your new blog. I love your blog- it is such highlight of my week. I love those ribbons- what a find. Chloe's friends did a wonderful job on the baby shower, it is beautiful, very fitting for Chloe. I remember the wedding photos you posted were really pretty like this. How exciting that there is a baby coming soon. Baby will be great friends with his/her cousins. I'm writing lists for Christmas, lists for things around the house, lists for clothing needs etc. Then I can make sure it is all planned. I would love to do some more rearranging. I started with the pantry this week and tidied it all up and saw what was running low. There is a corner cupboard that would be great with some extra shelves that would hold jars- great tip, thank you. Thank you for everything you do- you are such a ray of sunshine in this world.

    1. Dear Lily,
      Thank you so much. Yes the wedding, the baby shower and the pregnancy photos all show Chloe's style and kind of fit her so well. Well I am on the lists too. And today I am going through my present cupboard. I have been making and collecting stuff since January.. but now I have probably forgotten half of what is in there! I have found, in each area I have tackled, that re arranging and organising gained me space, knowledge of what needs using up now, knowledge of what I have and what I really need to stock up on... so it is really worthwhile. I have grouped things together better so at a glance I can see how many I have of things. Well it has helped. And it is amazing what shelves in "air space" of cupboards do! If you have a handyman around the corner cupboard shelves could be really good.
      Thank you for your kind comment Lily! (love your name so much) Annabel.xxx

  8. The lace bunting decoration on the baby shower is lovely, so pretty and delicate; and I love the wrappings around the gifts.
    I've been focusing on using our allotment produce this week and have made jars of 5 veg pasta sauce, apple chutney and red tomato chutney. Supermarket shelves are once again showing evidence of panic buying here in Manchester, and I'm so grateful for all of the advice that you, and other bloggers have given over the past months about the need for deepening our pantries.
    I think it's equally important not to waste what you have as well, and am surprising myself by the enjoyment I get from creating meals that use up the tiniest amounts of leftover food.
    Best wishes to you, and to everyone who reads your blog.

    1. Dear Lesley,
      Your pasta sauce and chutney would be beautiful. It would be a busy time when you are using what you are growing in the allotment. So good! I am hearing about the buying limits. I am so glad you are ahead. Many people thought ok we are all back to normal. No we are not. Every day here I am hearing and seeing evidence of all kinds of supply chain issues... much due to covid and consequences i.e. ports running at reduced rates, factories at reduced rates and also some farmers unable to harvest due to no staff and various shut downs and restrictions. So logically we are going to see more buying restrictions and actual items not there at all. But we can be prepared! I love the use it up mindset with meals. It forces us to be quite creative!! But we can really save and stretch what we have... this is a good thing to practice! With much love Annabel.xxx

  9. Annabel, A fresh look for a new blog, it is wonderful.
    You did excellent at the Op Shop finding the vintage ribbon, real ribbon is so hard to find.
    I love your lemon butter and lemon juice. Some wonderful meals ahead with those ready to pull out and use.
    Chloe's shower looks so feminine and beautiful, the girls did a wonderful job of decorating.

    I have had sort of an upside down week, things I planned didn't get done while others did. We finally have the right drainage on one side of out house, one to go but that will need to wait till Spring here. It is to late in the season to transplant any plants or bushes here.
    I was blessed with a good stock up trip to the grocery store, only paying $53 for $109 worth of merchandise. My pantries were happy as they are sort of low on stock.
    We have made sure we eat all we have in frig, no leftovers not used. I told husband I was going to make baked custard and he said he had 2 bananas I can put into the custard to make banana custard for him. It will fill more cups so more dessert at no extra cost.
    We have been fortunate in finding marked down meats and bakery items at the store but noticing a lot of items on shelves are spread out to make it look like there is more than there really is. The produce in our stores has also dropped in quality, not just one store but many. We are trying our best to stretch what we purchase.

    Love and Hugs to you and our Bluebirds here, may all be able to continue to feather their nests and build their pantries.

    1. Dear Rubies,
      It is good you are sorting out the drainage issues. Things like these are a bit of a pain but important to do.
      Good stocking up too! And good use of the bananas!
      Thank you re the blog and Chloe's baby shower. It is so nice to celebrate something and just enjoy.
      I notice the exact same thing... items "artistically" spread around so pretty empty shelves look better. But we notice! I have seen a lot of this! Imagine how it will be as consumers buy more for Christmas and in your case Thanksgiving too!
      Hope early I say! With much love, Annabel.xxx

  10. The new look is very nice and I love the picture of your property at the top. Chloe's friends did a wonderful job on the shower! Those ribbons are amazing. What a find! My husband just added some extra shelving to one of my pantries and it is such a help. It is kind of fun to organize the pantry! We have more work to do in the coming weeks.

    We went to Sam's Club yesterday and they seemed to have low stock on many things and also no bread flour. But, we have been looking for cans of diced tomatoes and they did have those so we were happy to get those stocked back up. I had intended to look at shelving units and completely forget. I want to get more of our storage upstairs and away from windows since we have a bunch in our garage that is easily seen. We completely cleaned out and organized the one pantry where the shelving was added and it is so much easier to see everything now. We made a stop at our discount grocery while we were near it early in the week and found premium chocolate chips for $1 a bag and Ghirardelli brownie mixes with walnuts for only 75 cents. We bought all six of the brownie mixes they had and are well stocked for easy treats now. We baked a chocolate cake and froze most of it in containers of two for later. I met with a friend who is knowledgeable about essential oils and we exchanged ideas and some oils. Two heads are often better than one and it is so good to learn. Our new little granddaughter who tried so hard to be born early at 20 weeks is still hanging on and and at 31 weeks we are all breathing easier and even starting to think about buying little pink things for her. I think she will have a mind of her own!

    One of our son's gave us a talking to about social media and told us to just stay off of it until our elections are over. He is right that it has been a real source of stress. The best thing we can do is pray and so we are.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Dear Lana, The extra shelves make such a difference! I am amazed how much more space I have! You would feel the same! Everyone is mentioning low stock! I kind of agree to move things into unseen locations. You did well on the chocolate chips and mixes. They will be good to have over the holidays. I am so glad the baby is still hanging on and waiting... I also breathe a sign of relief... i.e. with Chloe's baby... we are there now that if anything happened the baby could be born and would probably be ok at this point. We got this far... So I hope your Granddaughter is born safe and well when she is ready!
      I am praying too Lana. With much love Annabel.xxx

  11. Dear Annabel,
    What a wonderful surprise to see the new format this morning. Chloe's friends did a fantastic job on the shower decor. Quite a find on the French ribbon
    This past week we defrosted our big freezer, took inventory and rearranged making more room . Made strawberry jam, 2dozenEnglish muffins and 2 dozen gluten free and egg and dairy free apple fritters, as well as two loaves of raisin bread. Made more food from food with leftovers.. Repurposed a bookshelf for food storage, made goats milk soap using Himalayan salt and grapefruit essential oil in one batch and wildflower honey in another. Our garden continues to flourish even though we've had temperatures that produced frost a couple of times this week. I'm already planning next year's.
    Wishing a good weekend and week ahead to everyone. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie,
      You had a busy week! And you got so much done! Jam and muffins... raisin bread... all beautiful and they go together! A bookshelf can be wonderful for lining up jars and storage. The goats milk soap would be lovely. What a nice week. I hope we both have a good new week too. With love Annabel.xxx

  12. Hi Annabelle, Love reading your posts and seeing your animals. The animals sure do grow up fast. Will enjoy your new blog but glad we can still read the old ones for ideas. Still no gluten free spaghetti at Aldis this week. We have been having lovely weather the past few days so have been taking time to sit out in the courtyard in the swing for a bit in late afternoon. Nancy

    1. Dear Nancy,
      It is harder when we need Gf items or for people who need diet specific things for sure. I probably need to put more GF pasta away as I know I have a ton of regular for everyone else!
      Sitting outside is just the best! Sitting in the swing would be beautiful. We need these beautiful moments! Have a good new week. With love Annabel.xxx

  13. I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time (got here from Jenny's blog Elefantz) and am also following the Tuesday Morning group on FB. Thank you for such lovely places to go! I live in the US and of course it's getting on fall here. My husband is a semi-retired forest pathologist and got a call from a friend to come look at his ailing tamarack trees. He was able to help his friend and was gifted with four huge boxes of peaches in thanks (his friend also has a fruit orchard). What a gift! I shared two boxes with my daughter and between us we canned 21 quarts, froze twenty-two containers of various sizes, made two peach pies (yum!!), and had more for Dutch babies and just plain old good eating.

    1. And I left out twenty jars of jam!!

    2. Dear Chris, I am a follower of Jenny's too. We really need lovely things to read and uplift us and jenny never fails to encourage. Well the peaches were a fantastic gift in return for the help with the trees. And you made the absolute most of them too! I love this. Peaches are my favourite fruit. I hope you have another very good week! With love Annabel.xxx

  14. Annabel how lovely of Chloe's friends to put on a baby shower for her and the gifts look divine packaged in natural brown paper and readily available lovely greenery and other items :) .

    Good to hear you are making great progress with the cottage renovations and furnishing it too and can now clean out your spare room and organise other areas in the home as well. Your lemon butter looks lovely and those rolls of ribbons an absolute bargain price for $1 a roll.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $133.33 in savings last week :) .

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - Made a double batch of chocolate chip muffins and a batch of brownies using our markdown eggs we purchased saving $35.94 over buying them in the supermarkets.

    In the gardens -
    - Harvested the last of the snow peas now that it is warming up and saved the remaining pods for seeds for next year to plant.

    Internet listings -
    - Listed 24 items on a free listing promotion on eBay saving $39.60 on usual listing prices.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 3 dozen cage free eggs on markdown for $1.60 a doz saving $10.20 on usual prices.
    - Picked up a free veggie burger sample as a supermarket tester saving $3.25 over purchasing it.
    - Bought DH's paracetamol tablets on a bulk script saving $44.34 over buying the boxes separately . Also noted that standard OTC paracetamol has about doubled in price here to over $4 a box when it was $1.89 previously for us to purchase.

    Financial -
    - Banked more money into our 6 month living expenses emergency account bringing us to 54.17 % of the way there :) .

    Have a great week ahead everyone.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Dear Lorna,
      It is a big price rise in the paracetamol! Many times OTC drugs sold out and some prescription things were limited (like Ventolin) earlier in the year. I saw these regular tablets sold out in our supermarket. So I wonder if prices have risen with demand or some costs increased? Anyway purchasing in bulk really was a big saving to you.
      Now you are over half way there to your next goal! Already!
      So good to add to your eBay store with free listings. And the choc chip muffins sound yum!
      A good and productive week. We had more rain over the weekend and I am planting my first seedlings. So the week is off and running! Have a good week Lorna! With love Annabel.xxx

  15. They have started to ration items in the UK supermarkets as some are panic buying again.
    It is all but a year since I lost my dear Dad and with lockdown and everything that is going on I seemed to get myself "lost". I have finally decided to try to calm my mind and thinking, and with winter on the horizon I am holding off any major home changes until much later, but use this precious time to work out what I want and need.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. Dear Beverly,
      I am so sorry about your Dad. I can understand you feeling lost. It is all too much at one time and I get kind of brain fog. Like my mind is going in too many directions at one time and it is very hard to focus. I was talking about this with someone who lost their Mum. She had a really traumatic experience. Yet she knew she had to some how re focus and go on with urgent things that need doing. But it is really hard. Your Dad, and mine, would want us taking care of ourselves and doing what is wise and needed. Increased consumer demand up till Christmas might mean it is not just panic buying but some genuine supply chain and goods shortages. We are having issues with things stuck in containers at ports just sitting there. So be encouraged and I hope you have a very good new week. With love Annabel.xxx

  16. What a lovely week you had! The new site is very pretty:)

    We split a lot of wood, some for our use and some to sell. This was from the trees that were knocked down in the bad storm we had back in the spring so it helped to clean up the property.

    My husband and I patched several pair of his work jeans to get a couple more months’ use out of them.

    I refilled many of the homemade cleaners including laundry detergent. I really prefer doing this over buying more at the store.

    We harvested a few vegetables from the fall garden and hope to get some cold frames up so we can get a few more weeks out of it.

    More on my blog at https://cottageonblackberrylane.com/2020/09/26/frugal-fun-homemaking-for-september-26-2020/

    1. Dear Jenny,
      You have a beautiful blog! Every storm that comes through we end up with trees or branches down. This supplies us with plenty to spare too. Cut wood is a valuable thing for ourselves, it can be sold or given or bartered... it is good!
      I like patched jeans! One of the famous brands is selling jeans now with green dye in them to look like grass stains. haha! This saves people from actually doing the work that normally would give you grass stains. I thought this was pretty funny!
      I use miracle spray as you do. It is wonderful! Thank you for your kind. comment! With love Annabel.xxx

    2. Annabel, thank you for the kind comment about my blog! I got the Miracle Spray from you and instantly fell in love with it :) Now I share it with everyone and even make it up and give it to friends and family! lol We just got 2 tons of the wood sold within a couple of hours of posting it for sale so now the hard work of loading, delivering and unloading and the satisfaction of putting that $ into savings. God is good!


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